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The Restoration and the world and its beauty are restored. If everyone would put aside their differences and remember the wonders that God created for us and the laws and wisdom to learn what is safe and what will harm more and us: We might truly eliminate hate and wars and the mean.

Thank you God for giving us all that you have and thank you Sheila Deeth for writing this book to remind us of how lucky we are. A Bible Book of Numbers: Book Two by Sheila Deeth This is special book of numbers that starts with the number zero and works its way up infinity. Just how this happens you will learn by reading this great book. Starting with Zero our author reminds us before there was God there was nothing?

Instead of her usual lesson learned created questions that children might want answered after reading the short explanation about the number or chapter heading and its meaning. The number one reminds us that there is one God and there will always be only one and that he is everywhere and in everything. Two people to look after his garden but since they broke it cannot live there anymore. Questions children might ask as to why this happened and more follow this.

The explanation as to why and how God made the world in 6 days and rests of the seventh are followed by questions that remind us that even though he is resting on the seventh day the author lets us know he is always watching over us. But, my favorite two numbers were 11 and 12, which brings people together and explains the love God has for Jewish people and for those who believe in Jesus. I love the way the author describes why God had special people to help mend the world in one day and how it helped bring everyone together.

But, the biggest number and the one that goes on and on forever is the last one Infinity, which tells how much God, loves us and he will forever. Thank you Sheila we all love this book and you for writing it.

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A Bible Book of Colors: By Sheila Deeth What a great way to teach children colors and the understanding at the same time. How we came to have darkness and how God created light and the rain and wet gray earth. Each page teaches the meaning behind a color and the significance that color plays in the creation of our world and its meaning. God lived with the people in the light until they disobeyed him and had to once again live in the dark.

This tells the reader that the colors are gift from God and you need to earn them and listen and obey him to have the light. But, when God restored the colors after sending in a flood to do away with the darkness, he created the most beautiful of all sights: I love rainbows and the colors are so perfect: Red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, and purple. A rainbow to remind us that he loves us. But, when she tells how he gave the priests medallions and twelve precious jewels and their descriptions how brilliant of the author to explain the meanings behind these precious gifts and more.

God lived in the middle of his temple and gave his people light but those on the outside lived in darkness and were not part of his temple. So God created made a world that will be his city and his temple with streets lined of God and the walls filled with all of the precious stones and jewels that he has created.

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This amazing book teaches not only the meaning of the creation but colors and living in the light of God forever. By Sheila Deeth It starts with how the planets and the earth came to be and the questions of a child as to why the fruit of a tree was forbidden. It continues with the story of Noah and how Joseph was sold and how he was welcomed home. The importance of the ten commandments, the slaying of Goliath and David crowned as King of Israel and the plight of Daniel help enlighten the reader and help them learn more about the book of Genesis and the eventual birth of the Christ child by Mary in Bethlehem as her husband Joseph brings her there creating a new light in our world.

Reading about the destruction of the Temple and the questions asked by the children of the grandfather and his complaints help make the story more enjoyable for children to love and read. Stories tell what finally happens to the child and his fate. The thirty- first story of the last day of December as this book is also a calendar of 31 days of events that helped create our world using the December Calendar days. I love the ending where God says that he is not a symbol and wants to be called by his name.

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    How amazing that would be!

    Imagine the same children listening and asking questions as they hear the stories for the first time in the Book of Genesis told in a unique and exciting manner. Imagine your child or your Sunday School Bible class asking questions and wanting to hear and learn more. Read Genesis People by Sheila Deeth and your child will not only listen but also want to hear more and more.

    Imagine your child wanting to read these stories over and over again. For any child that has trouble reading the Bible and any parent who wants to stimulate an interest in learning about the book of Genesis this book is perfect. Each story is written in the form of a fairytale explaining and telling about some famous and not so famous people in the first book of the Bible. Reading about how the serpent tricked Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit and blaming it on Eve was one way to foster a discussion as to why bad things happen and why we have to hunt or buy our food.

    Reading about Rachel and Leah the two sisters who married the same man and the problems it caused and how it hurt their relationship and the downfall of Cain and Abel reminded the reader that arguments happen in families today and relationships between brothers and brothers and sisters and sisters are precious and yet fragile.

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    Each of the short stories teaches a lesson in values, morals and believing in one God. I loved the story of the Tower Builders and how the town wanted to build a tower up to heaven and all of the trouble that caused in the village and among the people. Every story teaches a different lesson in life. Every story can be read separately or in groups when speaking about the same person. These are great for Sunday School discussions with both adults and children.

    These stories are great for children in schools that teach religion and want the students to write a response of their own or perhaps a letter to the person in that story telling what they think they should have done instead of what they did if it was not the right thing or followed their trust in God. The story of Lot was my favorite. Not listening to what God said cost Sarah her life.

    Thanksgiving! From Eden to Eternity in 100 words a day

    Many of these stories had the people moving from place to place because God told them to. Many had to deal with being a second wife, or not the most important child in the family. Potiphar had to learn just how greedy his wife was and that she really did not love him, just his wealth. There are so many issues that are written about in each of these great stories that relate to the world not just during the creation but today as well.

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    The best part of each story was the ending where the author restates the purpose of the story by thanking God for what they learned and what he did for them to keep them safe and more. But, first we had to learn to be friends. We learned friends value each other. They listen to each other and care for each other. Thank you God for choosing us and letting us know that you love us. Thank you Sheila for writing these amazing stories that are not only informative, fun to read but also inspiring. Feb 22, Ann Keller rated it it was amazing Shelves: Highlighted by wonderful color illustrations, Sheila Deeth has captured verses from the Bible and given them new life.

    Every page teaches us a lesson, asks us to question and correct our ways, and finally leads us to follow the good road. Jan 05, Sarah Honenberger rated it it was amazing. Loved the idea of words a day, and author uses each one to evoke lasting images. Makes a great gift. Kathleen marked it as to-read Aug 13, Shelly marked it as to-read Dec 23, Tracey marked it as to-read Jun 08, Ben marked it as to-read Mar 02, Bookgoodies Network marked it as to-read Apr 07,