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I buy this collection of books for my 13yr daughter. She is not a big reader but when it comes to these books she can't seem to get enough. She can read an entire book over a weekend and then begs to go to the book store to get the next book in the series. Reed Brennan has had nothing but endless drama the minute she entered Easton Academy.

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She had finally left her dysfunctional family in boring Pennsylvanian suburbia and was getting ready for higher learning and a normal social life. The Billings Girls are the most beautiful, enigmatic and popular girls at the academy, and Reed had wanted to be part of their circle at all cost. She could not have imagined all of the stuff that has transpired since then.

Her boyfriend Thomas, who wooed her the second she set foot into the school, was a drug dealer and a drunk. Then he turned out dead. His roommate, the adorable Josh, has a thing for Reed, but has some issues of his own. Now he's suspected of murdering Thomas. Reed knows that he did not murder his former roommate, and the only two people who can prove it -- the school's secretary and Thomas's brother, Blake -- are not willing to go to the police. But there are other things that don't make sense.

What are the Billings girls hiding? Why is Taylor gone? Christmas is fast approaching, but things seem bleak from where Reed is standing. There are many twists in Confessions, the fourth installment in the Private series. Many of the clues that lead to the flooring ending of this book go back to the first installment, which leaves me thinking just how well-structured this story is.

I don't want to write any spoilers, but this will make you think back to the previous installments and say, "Ah, so that is why such and such person behaved that way! Reed is a great heroine; she actually stands up to Noelle and the others in this installment, but she is still a little too dependent upon them, which annoys me. Noelle is a control freak and a spoiled little biatch who thinks the world revolves around her, but sometimes she does something so surprising that your opinion of her, once decided, wavers a bit.

I've begun to really like Natasha and Cheyenne, a small character from Invitation Only, is surprisingly nice in this book. Constance isn't in this book a lot though, which disappointed me. It's nice that Reed has a "normal" friend at Easton. Anyway, fans of this series will love the twists and turns in this installment. I for one can't wait to read Inner Circle. Based on the turns of events in the story, I have a feeling that Reed's position at the Billings Hall is about to change in more ways than one.

The one disappointment, like the other Private books, is that it ended too quickly for me. I read it in one day, and it could have ended much sooner. I wish I could read a book in one single sitting, but I do have other things to do! I have no idea how the number one reviewer on this web site is able to read three books or more in one single day like she says on her profile. I wish I could do that.


Chance would be a fine thing. Get to Know Us. The first half was slow and kind of pointless. It was that uneventful. I am excited to see where the plot will go from here now that the loose ends have all been tied up. Feb 13, Janelle Dazzlepants rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I'm not sure whether to love or hate this book. On one hand it's far more exciting than any of the previous books in the series, but I just don't feel the author wrapped up the murder mystery very well.

Although the first two books in the series bored me to tears and the murder mystery theme wasn't heavily promoted, I was really anxious to find out who the killer was. Then I found out and I was nothing short of disappointed. I figured the Billings Girls were involved somehow, even if they weren' I'm not sure whether to love or hate this book.

I figured the Billings Girls were involved somehow, even if they weren't directly responsible, so I was excited when the author revealed how they'd kidnapped and humiliated Thomas. Then the author revealed that they weren't responsible for murdering him, so I was even more intrigued. Then Ariana came out of nowhere and claimed she'd been dating Thomas in secret, and had gone temporarily insane and killed him that same night.

I was left thinking "okay, what the fuck just happened? I like the author to drop clues along the way that get me speculating, interspersed with red herrings to temporarily throw me off the scent. I like the author to make their big reveal at the end and tie up all the loose ends in one fell swoop, answering most of my questions. I say 'most' because I invariably have questions about obscure and trivial things the author mentioned one time. My point is, I like clues that lead up to a gradual reveal, and an answer or killer that makes sense.

I don't like deus ex machina endings. I don't like it when a character comes out of left field with a very convenient explanation. Considering how much sense Ariana made as the killer, it might as well have been aliens or God who killed Thomas. I just don't understand. Ariana and Thomas are rarely mentioned in the same sentence, and there's just nothing that alludes to them dating or even being friends.

All the Billings Girls supposedly hated him, and I don't recall Ariana feeling particularly strongly on the issue. She didn't strongly defend him nor did she vilify him, but from what I recall she just appeared to passively dislike him.

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The author was probably intending for Ariana to fly under the radar, but I think she did this too well. I think it would've made more sense if Ariana had expressed strong feelings about Thomas at some point, whether they be negative or positive. During the rooftop showdown Noelle claimed that Ariana didn't hide her relationship with Thomas very well, even using his initials as the folder name for her love poems. But is this the only thing that tipped Noelle off?

Ariana is a very vague character, and I think the author should've used this to her advantage.

She could've dropped some seemingly innocuous yet very important clues, and passed it off as Ariana just being vague and glassy-eyed. I feel like the author tried to throw in red herrings by accusing Josh and Blake, but these attempts were weak at best. The Pretty Little Liars books are an entirely different format to the Private series, but I think Brian could learn a thing or two. Blake and Josh's lack of alibi should've been convincing enough to have me think they were responsible, but it just felt like something was missing.

Whether it be a lack of foreshadowing, a lack of clues, or this new suspicion coming about a bit too quickly, I just never got there. I never believed wholeheartedly that either one was the killer. I think it would've helped significantly if Josh or Blake had even been mentioned in Private and Invitation Only. Blake is completely non-existent until the funeral in Untouchable, and Josh might as well be invisible for all of Private. I've mentioned in a previous review that all I can remember of Josh in Private is him saying that Thomas wouldn't be at breakfast - I couldn't even remember that he was Thomas' roommate!

I'm of the opinion that if you're trying to get the reader to accuse a character, have said character be ingrained in the story prior to doing so. I also think the author could have tied up Taylor's story a lot better. There was so much potential there! She disappears off campus, hints that the Billings Girls are lying, and then her email accounts and phone numbers are mysteriously deleted or changed. Then the author wraps it up by saying Taylor's parents pulled her out of school and cut all contact because they felt Easton was a "bad influence".

It seems like the author never bothered to write an outline for the series, made it up as she went along, and then decided she couldn't be arsed to complete Taylor's storyline. As much as I don't like how the author tied up the ending, I did like the process getting there. If you bothered to read Private and Invitation Only, you'll know that these books can be fucking boring. We have two suspects, a kidnapping, a mysteriously absent student and an epic showdown on the roof of the school.

I may not have loved the ending, but I loved that showdown on the roof. And I may not like Ariana as the killer, but I loved the way she revealed everything. The way it was hinted that she'd lifted Reed's mobile phone from her jacket, and how she knew Reed would have to go up to the roof to use Natasha's phone instead. The way Ariana seemed a little more infuriated and emotional than the other girls beforehand, and the way she planned to cover up Reed's murder as a suicide.

She may not have made sense as the killer, but in that moment she was the perfect killer. I also love that the author bothered to explain what would happen to the Billings Girls afterwards. Too often and I'm looking at you Sara Shepard! They don't have to suffer the consequences because they're dead, or it's implied that they're going on to wreak havoc in a new town. That's not the case here. Ariana is arrested and will stand trial for murder, while Kiran, Taylor and Noelle will stand trial for a number of other offences, like accessories after the fact.

The author infers that the girls will probably get away with a slap on the wrist, but the point is that they're apprehended in the first place. They will end up in some sort of detention centre and be processed through the legal system, even if they don't get the punishment they deserve. It was a very refreshing end to the drama and certainly something I didn't expect. If you look at Confessions as just a book in the Private series, it's the best thus far. But if you look at Confessions as a definitive answer to an exciting murder mystery, it falls flat.

The reveal of the killer's identity is very disappointing and makes little to no sense, but the journey there and back is an exciting one. If you want closure and all your questions answered, you won't find it here. But as with all the other Private books, it's an entertaining read and a fun way to kill a few hours. Considering how early the author has tied up her murder mystery, I'm interested to check out the storylines for the rest of the series! This book was another easy entertaining read and it is a conclusion of sorts to some of the bigger threads in the series so far which was both good because getting answers is always good even if you don't like the answers but also kind of takes away some of the motivation to read on in the series.

A lot happened in this book especially given it is only pages and that kept me turning pages at the rate of knots. As per usual Reed made a number of poor choices and annoyed me for a good portion This book was another easy entertaining read and it is a conclusion of sorts to some of the bigger threads in the series so far which was both good because getting answers is always good even if you don't like the answers but also kind of takes away some of the motivation to read on in the series.

As per usual Reed made a number of poor choices and annoyed me for a good portion of the book but she also started to show a little backbone which was good. I will read on in the series even if it just to see where it will go from here. Aug 25, Shae Petersen rated it really liked it. Wow another great cliff hanger! I wang to know what Noelle needs to confess to the police! Jan 13, Neongreenandpink rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I recently read this book, Confessions, by Kate Brian. This book was good, but there was some things I didn't like about it.

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  • In Confessions,the main character, Reed Brennan, came from a small town with little money in the family to Easton Academy. Easton Academy is school for the kids of the rich and famous. She finds out about one of the most exclusive dorms in Easton, called Billings. The Billings girls get everything, and are the most popular in the school. Reed instantly wants in.

    As she fi I recently read this book, Confessions, by Kate Brian. As she fights to get into Billings, she meets Thomas Pearson. Thomas Pearson is one of the most popular boys in school, and later asks out Reed. Reed is super happy about this, but as they continue to go out, she finds more about this Thomas Pearson. Thomas Pearson turns out to be popular for the wrong reasons. Upset, she decides ends things with Thomas, only to find out he has been murdered. As if this wasn't enough, her new boyfriend, Josh Hollis is arrested for it.

    As the Billings girls accept her more, she becomes more suspicious of their actions, and what they may have to do with Pearson's murder. I loved this book, and would've given it five stars, if it hadn't been for the main character Reed Brennan's attitude. I understood she was grieving and confused, but she acted mean towards others and snapped at her friends for the smallest of reasons.

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    There was points when I was so annoyed with it, I almost wanted to stop reading. Although I didn't like Reed's attitude, the rest of the book was great. It was suspenseful, and was a definite page turner. It was hard to put down because once you found out more, you had to know what happened with Thomas Pearson, and how the book would end.

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    I am already looking forward to reading the next book. Apr 12, PurplyCookie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think this is the best in the Private series: Now everyone is back to worrying about the regular stuff, everyone except for Reed. She's convinced that Josh is innocent, which means the killer is still out there.

    I thought that by the way everything was summed up in a neat package of a plot with this one, that this'll be the end of the series. I don't know how Brian will be Iable to take the story much further but I guess i'll just have to find out for myself with "Inner Circle". You musn't miss the diabolical twist at the end. Made this bitch lit of a series so worth it! I must admit that I really didn't see that one coming.

    Mar 18, Noemi claudine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Reed is starting a new semester and Easton Academy and Josh has finally come back. Ariana, Noelle,and KiraN are all acting very strange. Then thehy all come back and they find that Kiran is drunk and she is showing every one these pictures and then she scrowls and they see thoma this is the most juicy book in the series.

    Series Review: Confessions of Georgia Nicholson #1-5

    Then thehy all come back and they find that Kiran is drunk and she is showing every one these pictures and then she scrowls and they see thomas tied to a stick. I think this book really reminds me of the others. Feb 09, Maddison rated it really liked it. I read this whole book today. The first half was almost pointless though, because it was all about view spoiler [Reed feeling bad about Josh. She went and chose Noelle and co. But view spoiler [Josh is way too good for her. I know that for a fact. I knew they had something to do with it, what with the acting all weird, but Ariana??

    I suppose it makes sense, the way she was always trying to distract people and keep them calm, but woah. She started it all. Finally we have view spoiler [someone standing up to Noelle: D It was so awesome to read. Pleased we got an insight into him as well. Not as keen for the next book this time around, but I'll definitely read it! May 29, Merary rated it really liked it Shelves: Josh Hollis was arrested for the murder of Thomas Pearson. Time to move on, right? Reed is convinced that Josh didn't do it. But how can she convinced everyone else? Meanwhile, Noelle has competition.

    Cheyenne Martin is willing to turn everybody against her. This was the best Private novel so far!! I didn't see that one coming!! Oct 12, Cecily Kyle rated it really liked it Shelves: I totally saw what was coming in this novel and it was good to get some answers. I am loving Kate Brian's meld of bitchy girls and murder mystery.

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    Great read and a great continuation of the series. I am looking forward to seeing where they go from here! I read the first 4 books of this series in one day I would say it is safe to assume I'm addicted to these guilty pleasures! Feb 01, Jessi rated it it was amazing. Just when you think you have everyone in Billings figured out, you get a major reality check.

    Everything changes in this book and you learn so much about the characters in it. There's a reason it's called confessions.