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For each province attacking another the highest ranking leader of the attackers is chosen.

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These numbers are doubled if a HQ commanded by a Gen or FM is present in any province adjected to the province where the attack was launched or in the province itself obviously. Typically it should be possible to find a situation where you can use three provinces to attack one enemy province.

That should break most enemies. Aug 8, Messages: I'm no expert, in fact, I have yet to experience a deadlock like the one you described: In your case I'd recommend using your CAS on interdiction missions while your ground forces attack. Planes on their own - especially doing ground-attack missions - won't do much against an enemy who's dug in.

Other than that, you might try to outproduce the Jerries in order to gain superiority in numbers. The Germans attacked, took some ground, but overstretched their lines. I counterattacked, and encircled 34 divisions, and wiped them out.

They will not be able to rebuild those divisions for a while Aug 12, Messages: Sounds like a fun game. Jun 30, Messages: Have you thought about an amphibous attack along the Baltic coast? I don't know what your naval situation is like, but something along those lines could really mess the Germans up. Perhaps even a raid aimed at Berlin so they have to pull combat power away from the front as you rampage around their IC rich areas.

Of course, the units committed to that operation would have to be expendable, though if you timed it right and things broke right, you could really put the jerries in a spot.

20 Paradoxes Most Human Minds Can't Wrap Themselves Around

Oct 1, Messages: Aug 31, Messages: Orm , Oct 26, Sep 8, Messages: Scan around for a province or a couple of them where you can attack from multiple sides, 3 or 4 at least. You want at least 2 sides not crossing rivers. You are looking for plains or at most hills. Forests and mountains are no no.

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Once you pick the province where you'll make your breakthrough switch all your armor and mobile troops to the provinces around the area you'll attack. You'll need at least a couple of HQ units but it depends on the layout. The goal is to attack 1 province from 3 or 4 and from each side you'll be attacking with 24 divisions. You want ALL your armor and mobile to take part on the breakthrough. If you manage to be attacking from 4 sides you'll be attacking with 96 units, mostly hard units at least half with not stacking penalties.

Deadlock (game theory)

Do not attack with more units than your command capacity. Use your best leaders to lead the attacks. Attack from multiple sides using all your mobile forces and as many hard targets as you can. Use HQ units to maximize the number of divisions involved in the attack.


Maximize your formations with good leaders and combined arms bonus. Air support is key in breaking tough defensive lines.

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  • But don't waste them attacking dug-in units. Keep in mind the key to a solid breakthrough is concentration of forces. You are not going to be breaking any lines if you just expect to break them by being spread out and hoping to break the whole defensive line. Concentrate on one province doesn't have to be one, you can have multiple break points, but you get the idea. Kayapo , Oct 26, May 20, Messages: In situations like this, I typically just nuke two provinces on the front one province apart, then immediately drop paras on them and any province behind them, encircling whatever's in-between; then attack the units in the encircled province potentially also nuking them if I have a third nuke available.

    Makes for a nice three-province breach within hours, and also a bunch of destroyed divisions. Jun 26, Messages: You must log in or sign up to reply here. We are offering so many opportunities for you to win some dough that it'd be insane if you didn't get in on this. Please type the following code. Don't make me do this again. Sign in with Facebook.

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