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Now, the company which started with only 20 employees has more than in the United States alone.

Dr. Manny: Silly Bandz Bracelet Trend May Be Dangerous for Kids

How did you come up with the idea for Silly Bandz? I was at a business fair [in China] a little over three years ago. I saw a similar product that was a much smaller shaped rubber band that was created by a Japanese designer, who was developing them for a contest for office products. We had been in the silicone business for so long, and we talked about molding them larger and thicker to make them more of a fashion accessory. After some time and different molds and prototypes, we launched Silly Bandz.

What was it about the product that drew you to it? The bright colors certainly are attractive to the kids. The fact that it's so simple and unique is something that's drawn everybody to them, and I just thought it was great, because we could provide a lot of them for a low retail price. How did you market yourself in the beginning? With our custom silicone bracelet site, we already had over , existing customers that had purchased silicone bracelets from us, so we definitely knew we could market to them and get the word out through our website and database.

Dr. Manny: Silly Bandz Bracelet Trend May Be Dangerous for Kids | Fox News

Obviously it was a slow start. It took months and months to build momentum. Now it's the lb. When did you first realize the product had really taken off? Last September, at one point our servers crashed and our phone lines just couldn't keep up, and that was when I knew we were going to be onto something big.

I didn't know it was going to continue to grow to get to the magnitude that it is now, but we certainly knew we had a hit on our hands. Did you ever expect Silly Bandz to catch on with adults? I actually thought all along that adults, especially women and athletes, would attach themselves to the product, because you can't go to a basketball court or a baseball diamond without seeing athletes of all ages wearing rubber bands or some sort of silicone or woven bracelet.

We're doing a lot of private label programs for professional sports teams and charities and such, that are more appealing to the adult audience.

So that's just bringing us into a whole new demographic of the 20s and 30s fashionista crowd. Cut the tip off of the silicone and trace your design. If you're going to use color you'll have to put it in a piping bag with a cake decorating tip.

Silly Bandz – Silly Bands – Squiggles

I used clear for my ghost so I didn't have to do that. If you want to add color, simply squirt in some food coloring and mix it up with a toothpick. Use the photo below as an example.

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Also make sure your connections are solid-- if it's a thin piece of silicone the bracelet will just break and your kids will cry and you will feel terrible that you embarrassed yourself at the hardware store for nothing. Posted by Karrie at Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

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