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Knowing the relationship between love and spirituality will help you avoid the common pitfalls of finding love. Guidance will help you understand how to find love that is both true and spiritually nourishing. Don't be concerned that this means a spiritually nourishing relationship requires a celibate way of life! The relationship between love and spirituality doesn't write sex out of the picture; it heightens it to such a degree for both partners, that pure ecstasy is the natural result.

Learning how to delve into this part of your relationship will have a major impact on your union. Figuring out the atmosphere between you as a couple and knowing if you're are on the same wavelength will be invaluable to you and your partner. Direction in determining your connection, by comparing the astrological charts also known as birth or natal charts of you and your partner, is just one way you can find the power within your relationship.

These charts are drawn from your birth dates and important dates within your bond. Were you two destined to be together?

What lessons do you both need to learn to grow in this relationship? Counseling will help you gain a deeper understanding of connection to each other. If the mark of Uranus, the planet of uncertainty, is in either of your charts, it would indicate one of you needs to learn a lesson from this relationship and once you've learned it, you might move onto another relationship. Once your charts are drawn up, they might be integrated using the techniques of comparison or synastry.

You'll be able to see which astrological aspects you share, which will conclude if you have common goals and beliefs. This will also show if there are areas of conflict. Aspects which indicate spiritual connections include the planet Neptune and the zodiac sign Pisces — knowing that Neptune can mean deception a careful investigation will probably need to take place.

If the planet Pluto is involved, there could be a deep karmic tie between you and your significant other and help in understanding if this karmic bond is beneficial to you or hurtful to you is very important. A psychic is well aware of the deep responsibility of giving advice on such a delicate matter. Your words have power.

Finding Spiritual Love | Spiritual Dialogues

In your own profile, be specific about who you are and what you want. I imagine you are a spiritual person, if you have read to number 7. That will weed out the people who don't know what to do with that. And draw you closer to those who connect with it. Talk to God, or whatever you name her, daily. You are invited to have conversations with the divine source each day as a way to center yourself.

First surrender what makes your heart heavy i. So it doesn't show up on your first dates and you are more present to the moment. Your beauty is shaped by your energy, your thoughts and your rest. I am the most myself on dates when I have not worked a hour work week. I am the most centered when I've done yoga and prayed on the day of the date. I am allowing Light to move through my body, I am more open, and I am a better listener. Dating someone, whether it's a first date or you've been with a person for years, requires you let go of expectations.

Whenever I think a date will be perfect, I soon remember my sense of humor. Because when I have built up an experience in my mind, the person may cancel or be nothing like what I thought. You don't owe a person you've never met, or someone you've only been on a few dates with, the same time and respect that you give your old friends or old lovers. Before or after the date, you can end it at any time. If you choose not to meet again or only meet once or twice, it doesn't need explanation.

Silence is sometimes a clear gift to another person. Call a mentor or friend. There will be times when someone disappoints you or disappears. You want to ask, "What did I do wrong? So call someone who will not judge you and laugh about it. Don't reach out to the other person if you have already contacted them once or twice. Dating is not about persistence.

The Relationship Between Love and Spirituality

It's about letting go. People are drawn to confidence, not neediness.

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Be gentle with yourself when there are no answers. Some experiences are mysteries. A few dates cannot divulge the history that someone brings to the relationship. We look for a special someone to give us love and return us to a state where we feel supported and safe. This can work great…. But does the honeymoon last?

3. “Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.”

Does human love fulfill and mend our hearts? Or is there a love beyond human love that is more fulfilling, a spiritual and unconditional love that underlies our lives? If so, how do we access it? Love is the motivation behind many of our dreams, actions and thoughts. People move across the country, quit jobs, stay in unhealthy situations, all because they want love and they think their actions will increase it. Yet we often have a lot of rules and ideas about love that stop us from feeling love for ourselves and others.

What rules or requirements do you have around love? Fill in the blank with a few statements: One way to expand your capacity for real love in your life is to look at your inner rules honestly.


See which ones work and see which ones place limits on your capacity to give or receive love. See the rules for what they really are: Our rules around love are well-intentioned, but they are usually stifling. Divine love has no bounds and conditions; human love is filled with bounds and conditions. We want others to love us as we are, but we usually put so many conditions on what love is in the first place. We have to step out from the rules and move into Spiritual love.

Love, without any rules, conditions, limitations or neediness is spiritual love, in the way I use it here. It gets mixed up with a lot of nonsense!

Thoughts About Spirituality

Spiritual Love on the other hand is pure and unveiled. It is always present, regardless of whether or not we are in a relationship.

It is in your own heart. Take a deep breath…. Watching good meditation videos will help. You go for the source of it and you realize its source can never be outside you, that it MUST BE revealed from within. This may sound strange, but part of you knows how to find and access love in your heart. Part of you knows intuitively what these next sentences means: You travel nowhere to get more spiritual love.