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I was feeding Rosie with the vibe, and she ran with it. I go on YouTube. I look for lies, and I look for the truth. When you examine facial expressions — politicians, commentators — you can replay the clip and see the lines in their faces. I would show Rosie what I wanted to say, and she would sit there quietly writing away.

Then she put a guide vocal on one of the tracks that blew me away. It was exactly what I was going to say.

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It sounds like we actually spent some time on the album, but it came together very quickly. The construction of the songs was about two weeks, maybe less. The rest was all messing around with other things. The core of the album was done in about three or four days. It inadvertently came out. When did you first see Hendrix perform? It was probably one of the first shows he did [in London].

Did you get to know Hendrix well? As well as you could in the fleeting moments. What an education, having him come in with his guitar.

About Town: Sunshine Coast

One night he played mine. I ended up playing bass. I got tired of getting sick. With all those changes in climate [on tour], my throat was in havoc. It was the sore throat from hell. And the tonsils kept getting ulcerated. I had them out in L. Also, we were being crushed into this ridiculous package show. Jimmy had just joined, so it was a bit of a blow when I left.

with Scott Sidler

I went back to L. I got a telegram from the U. Did you have any idea what you wanted to do next, as a solo artist? Have you tried to reunite that band?

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Rod did want to do it another time. But I think he just wanted to do a quick album on a weekend. I wanted to do a meaningful move forward in blues-rock. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I Wanted Sunshine But Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Sideways by Jenn Ruben. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page.

I Wanted Sunshine But Ran.

I Wanted Sunshine But Ran . . . Sideways by Jenn Ruben

Sideways it was amazing 5. AmeriCorps Memoir about a college girl who starts her first real "job" in California. But it's no ordinary position, it's volunteering with AmeriCorps for minimum wage and she has no idea what's about to happen. Was it worth moving from Michigan to meet her new online boyfriend? Will she be using her college education as a mentor for low-income high school students or will AmeriCorps Memoir about a college girl who starts her first real "job" in California. Will she be using her college education as a mentor for low-income high school students or will she end up with a weird roommate who plays video games naked in the living room?

Suddenly, Jenn realizes what it means to be a real woman and she goes through unexpected twists and turns! Nothing can stand in her way, especially with her parents believing she has a job in Hollywood as a Movie Producer! Paperback , pages. Jay slept late and I used the extra time to make Irish oatmeal and mix Wally a bottle of half-formula-half-breast-milk. And right now both boys are napping downstairs in the family room. I turned up the heat to 74 degrees, hoping to stultify them into sleeping past 4pm. After that, maybe a trip to Target to buy Jay some additional pairs of training underwear turns out that 3 pairs is not even close to enough , and then dinner, maybe a story or two, and lights out.

I love how simple life becomes during long stretches at home as a dad. Except for missing Caroline, I think I could go on like this for a long time. Yesterday afternoon at 4: Wally and I went into the room where Jay was napping. He reached up, groggy in the dim late-afternoon light, and petted his brother on the head. But his motives are suspect. After he performs any kind deed towards his brother he looks right at me or Caroline for affirmation.

Aesops Fables

Yesterday was also the fourth day in a row that Jay has taken a two-hour nap. The run of good napping comes on the heels of a month in which Jay napped fewer than a handful of times, and it coincides with a decision I made over the weekend and wrote about on Monday to let Jay do naptime beside me on the guest bed.

She said the differences in their personalities even at this young age were all the evidence she needed that kids are who they are from birth. Caroline and I do, too, having had the chance to compare Jay and Wally over the first six months of their lives. Jay has always been spirited, a little defiant, somewhat volatile, prone to frustration, intent on doing things his own way.

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Wally is even-keeled, adaptable, relentlessly cheery, pragmatic, poised. In short, the kind of kid I can barely fathom as a product of my own genetic material. So kudos to Caroline.

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Personality seems to be innate, but the recent run of good napping is a reminder to me that behavior is very modifiable. On Friday night a little after 6: He cried for five minutes, flopped over onto his belly, sniffled into his snug fitting crib sheet, and went to sleep.

1. Does Creativity Scare Us?

That night Caroline and I turned off our bedroom light and settled against each other forehead to chin, the way we used to before Wally wedged his way into our lives. The second major sleep event took place on Saturday afternoon. Jay and I were lying together on the bed in the guest room when naptime rolled around. I was tired and not very excited about the thought of cajoling him upstairs to his room for a nap so I made a different proposal: Jay, who loves novelty, readily accepted.

I turned over and closed my eyes while he played quietly with his cars beside me on the bed. Every now and again I would hear him stop and settle into sleeping position, only to fidget, sit up, and begin playing again. What I loved about it was two things: First, the independence and responsibility Jay had shown to play quietly in the room and put himself to sleep; and second, that Jay being responsible had made it possible to share the experience of napping together, our heads resting only inches apart on the same pillow as we dozed through the afternoon.

Sleep training deprives me and Caroline and Wally of one kind of intimacy but my hope is that the independence and sense-of-self Wally gains as a result will open up a new kind of intimacy between us: