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X I wish that they will stop arguing. I wish this car would go faster. Wishes about the past. We use wish with the Past Perfect when we have. Regrets about the past: I wish I hadn't taken your advice. I wish she could have come. If only can be more emphatic than I wish. The verb forms after if only are the same as the patterns with wish: If only I had more money! If only I was going on holiday with you!

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If only you were here. If only the sun would come out! If only you could be here! If only I 'd listened to you! If only he could have explained!

Complete these sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Some sentences require a negation and u se the contractions in the negative form.

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Games All our sites. Twitter Share English exercise "I wish, if only" created by felin with The test builder Click here to see the current stats of this English test Please log in to save your progress. Bruce wishes he have more money so he could buy a new sweater.

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I wish I be taller so that I could be in the basketball team. I wish you stop watching television while I am talking to you.

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