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Ask to be shown through dreams, or in signs that are clear to you, what you most need to know. Place the stone beside your bed or under your pillow before you go to sleep.

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Do this for up to one week from the full moon, and then journal whatever you are shown. The full moon is also a great energy for recharging any of your crystals and stones. This double moon has become known in recent times as a Blue Moon. Our next Blue Moons will be in January and March of This full moon is particularly significant. Energetically, this Blue Moon shuts the door on the past. Especially the energies pre It illuminates the truth in our lives. The truth we know in our heart of hearts. The things we need to let go of. The things we need to walk away from.

I know, these last few years since have been crazy too. Lots of distress for many.


Things that seem to have pulled us off our paths or slowed us down. And yet, all of those things were necessary. The pain was necessary. It is a powerful time for leaving relationships or jobs. We can leave disappointments behind. What do you want? I mean, what do you really want? This Blue Moon is also supportive of calling in love relationships, soul mates, life path work, all the big picture stuff. Are you brave enough, and bold enough to say YES to what you want, and leave the rest behind? This Blue Moon will affect you whether you choose to work with it consciously or not.

You may feel restless, find sleep difficult, or really be buffeted by your moods. One crystal needs to buried, to signify the release of what you are giving up or ending. This will be known as your Release Stone. The other stone will be kept as a touchstone and meditation tool.

This stone will be known as your Anchoring Stone. Set aside a minimum of ten minutes for this ritual, although you may take an hour or more if you want to go deep into this energy of shift and release. This can be done at any time after midday on July 31 through to midday on August 1. I prefer to do my ritual at night, when the moon is high in the sky, but it will be effective for this 24 hour window.

The one on the left is a clear quartz point with silver rutile. The one on the right is a rainforest jasper. These stones are about 3cm or 1. Choose what feels right to you. Even a stone from the garden or beach is fine. Sit somewhere quiet with your paper and your stones.

Light your candle, and then take the Release Stone in your hands. Close your eyes and offer up a prayer of intention, that you now be shown what is holding you back, and what needs to be let go, no matter how painful. This list could be about the past, relationships, memories, actions, behaviours, attitudes, jobs or life circumstances. Then sign your name. Hold the paper in one hand and the stone in the other, close your eyes and offer up a prayer that the energetic burden of the contents of this list be transferred to the stone.

Let the stone become heavy in your hand and then put it down on top of the paper. Close your eyes and offer up a prayer of intention, that you are now ready to draw into your life flow, love, health, success or whatever your specific dreams are for a brighter future. Look up to the sky and acknowledge the moon and her energy. Place both the lists on the ground with the stones on top of them. Start by picking up the Release Stone and the Release list.

Hold the stone, and set fire to the list, allowing it to burn to ash. As you do this say the words I willingly release all that no longer serves me. Then place the Release Stone on the earth. As you do this say the words I willingly anchor these new energies and possibilities in my life. Take the Anchoring Stone and keep it by your bed, or in your pocket.

Trust that change will happen. Be open to changes in your mood, your actions, your thoughts and feelings. Honour impulses to create, to action, to start, to end, to do. You may notice radical positive change over the next few months. PS — This ritual will still work even if it is cloudy or raining and the moon is obscured. She will still be casting her energies over us. Stand or lie near a window for your burning ritual, and use a potplant to harbour your crystals and then to bury your release stone.

I love a full moon. Many lyme sufferers find an acute ramping up of their symptoms in the day or two before a full moon. Last night was a hell night for me. At the edge of sleep I woke up to that horrid wide-awake place. After which there was pain so bad that sleep, if I could have found it, was out of the question anyway. Or plan to be awake anyway and have a good book to read, a meditation to do, or some other welcome distraction. They used to be a regular thing. The moon was beautiful last night, and the air, after all our recent rain, was sweet and cool and earth-scented.

To watch the transit of moon and stars across the dark bowl of the sky was a decent consolation prize. Image by Josephine Wall. It was probably one of my first memories of psychic phenomena, and it is seared into my memory as clear as the night it happened. My sister and I were tucked up in the little bedroom we shared in our childhood home. It was late enough that our suburban street was all asleep, and a soft summer breeze moved the gauzy curtains slightly. I was four years old, and my sister was two and a half. Moonlight flooded our room. I was awake because my sister was fretful, tossing and turning with a fever.

She had the bed closest to the window. I lay with my back to her, watching the patterns that the moonlight and the leaves of the trees made on the wall beside me. The room gradually became illuminated with a soft silvery blue light. It was different to the moonlight, but the shadows on the wall beside me became more indistinct. Suddenly a lady was in our room. She was pretty, with shiny hair caught up on her head, and a long dress with a skirt that puffed out a little, and was fitted around the waist and chest.

A very old-fashioned lady, not old like my grandmothers, but old enough to be a mummy. Gently she took my hand and led me back to my own bed. My sister settled under her watchful care, and then woke up. It worried me to hear her say that. Did she need to go to the potty?

I dreamed of a place that my imagination would ever after lead me back to when I was sick, lonely or afraid. She came to see me…. Those are the same stars, and that is the same moon, that look down upon your brothers and sisters, and which they see as they look up to them, though they are ever so far away from us, and each other. I even have a helpful letter from one of my doctors, that I must use to release myself from a program I am now unable to complete. I had to open the letter so I could fax it off to the recipient.

I do not anticipate any form of recovery in the next twelve months. This is a most regrettable situation. I can imagine the wild dogs tonight, back at my farm, full voiced as they scream their collective angst and passion and solidarity to the sky. I wish that I could join them. A primal thing pressuring the back of my throat. But the neighbours in this respectable Brisbane suburb might think it strange to see a pyjama clad, tear-streaked woman howling her pain and frustration to the heavens.

If I feel into this unvoiced howl though, if I lose myself to the pain, something comforting happens. Beyond the suffering and the infinite sadness at the loss of so much of my life to this damned thing, I find a strength. If I keep feeling into the howl I find a kinship. I belong to a kind of fellowship, its members bound through the most primal and visceral of suffering. And I know something powerful about this membership — it transforms you.

Through this journey of chronic illness and pain I have found beauty, wisdom, courage and kindness. It has opened me up to a depth in myself I would never have otherwise explored. I lay down on the couch, looking out the leaf-framed window to the silver moon above me. I feel the voices of the wild dogs. I feel the kinship of the suffering on whom this same moon shines. I will be okay. Image by Jesse Newman. Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.

On Sunday, September 30, we will enjoy another glorious Full Moon. In their place we then set the intention for replacing these energies with things better suited to our positive future growth and abundance. Full Moon Becoming Ceremony. Every Full Moon also has its own unique energies and flavour. Last month we were gifted the opportunity to clear ancestral and family beliefs and patternings. If you are wanting to become more energetically sensitive, more psychic, and open up more of your own natural spiritual gifts and talents there is something else you can do to work in with the Astral Body energies Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars right now.

For the next few days, either side of the moon, you can also try this:. This Meditation will ground you, as it opens you up to more of your own natural energetic and psychic ability. It is very comforting for people who spend most of their day indoors, or in front of a computer. I recommend that you do this meditative practice at least once, either side of the Full Moon, as well as the evening of the Full Moon on September Expect to feel different in the days to come.

Expect to be shown things in dreams, to become more perceptive and intuitive. If you want to work with energy or psychic skills, expect them to become stronger and clearer. Even if you do not want to choose a life path that is more actively spiritually and psychically connected, you will become more emotionally open, more energised, and more naturally intuitive. Thank you, for working on your own self growth. Every time we do, it lifts the energy of Mass Consciousness. It is always such a pleasure to hear that our work is appreciated; we try very hard to make the best breads and pastries we can.

FYI, the meringue is also dairy-free! And we keep experimenting with Day after day I found that Silver Moon consistently offered a quality caffeine hit ahead of my walk through nearby Hudson Riverside Park David, although I'm involved in the business, I, too, run in and grab a Lavazza coffee, every day. It perks me up! Always make a point to stop into this backers when in NYC on the upper west side. Their baked rolls, breads and desserts are excellent. Dear Jared, we're so happy you enjoy our products. We love what we make, bake and eat!


During my trip to New York i went to the bakery once for a almond croissant and coffee and ended up going there every morning for a pastry and coffee! Very cute little bakery with interesting pastries and decent coffee and a few chairs to Hey, Mark, thanks so much for liking us! In summer, we have more tables, but for the hardy folk who are willing to sit outside in cold weather, we leave a few places to park and enjoy our treats. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox.


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