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Common phrases include "Tink's knickers! As this drastically affects pixies' ability to live in an urban environment, we have the unusual case of profanity which means exactly what it says: Though the religion in question is actually a sect of Christianity, the Church of Humanity Unchained, from Honor Harrington 's adopted planet Grayson, evolved a doctrine that was in many ways a reaction to their Death World. The phrase "Sweet Tester" is quite common.

Her grandmother explains after the whipping that Jesus is "the way, the truth and the life", and no one takes the Lord's name in vain under her roof. In Iron Dawn , residents of ancient Tyre naturally use Caananite deities in their curses "Baal's bloody balls! Most aren't shy about using words like "fucking" in everyday speech, because their pagan culture isn't as prudish about sex as our own Christian-influenced era. Tew is also the Cantonese term for copulate. Essentially, you're cursing, "Great Fuck! In Kane characters swear by the different gods or demons.

Murphy is also a popular choice, as is Finagle. According to the author, this was an actual medieval curse. Le Guin 's The Left Hand of Darkness takes a brief divergence to discuss a small cult started around an insane Seer called Meshe, which excuses various characters to spout "Meshe's milk!

Both of which remind us that Meshe, although referred to as "he", is really a hermaphrodite like everyone else on the planet except Genly Ai, who comes from Earth. The Legend of Drizzt: Drizzt Do'Urden, after resolving that the Spider Queen Lolth is a demon in god's clothing and not knowing or really caring about any of the other deities, snarls "May a true god damn you all! Drizzt's friends, meanwhile, have battle cries of their own. Wulfgar, a child of a northern barbarian tribe, shouts "Tempus!

Another character in the same world, a priest, often murmurs "Oh my dear Deneir" in shock. In Lawrence Watt-Evans The Legends of Ethshar series, theurgy is a legitimate school of magic where you invoke a specific deity out of about 30 to hopefully do something for you. People naturally exclaim 'Gods! The Lensman series has folk swearing by alien gods, notably the apparently metallic Klono: Curses range from "By the Red Faith!

The current Levar is an year-old girl. There's even a god of casual swearing by name of Ghologhosh, but, alas, no one actually swears by him. The title character of Life of Pi , who puzzles the Indian community he grows up in by practicing Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam at the same time, appeals to "Jesus, Mary, Mohammed, and Vishnu! When a tiger climbs into his lifeboat. The Malazan Book of the Fallen series utilizes this trope, usually by invoking the name of a particular deity alongside a term that is incongruous with them.

As an example, a common curse among Malazans is "Hood's breath", Hood being the King of High House Death and thus having no breath to speak of. Variations on "Hood's balls" is another common curse, eg. In the comic scifi novel Mallworld , people regularly swear by "the Pope's tits", evidently just so the author can toss the incongruity of a female Pope in on top of all the other weirdness. More earthy ones say "Balls" or Marcus's favourite "Cobnuts".

Variations include using specific gods, usually relevant to the situation i. Lightly subverted in Robert Holdstock's book Mythago Wood. Guiwenneth is a mythological Celtic figure, given life in mid-twentieth century England. At one point she swears, "by the god Cernunnos", but the narrator soon realizes that she's merely imitating English curses for fun. When she really wants to swear, she does so in her own language, and doesn't bring gods into it at all. Certain Lynn Flewelling books have myriad variations on this — for example, "Bilairy's balls!

To catalogue the rest would probably take a wiki of its own. Jez and Hugh tend to say it a lot, leading to Morgead figuring out that Jez is a Daylighter. The twist comes when the Dead Serious villain Nihel shows up, heavily implying the Norse gods are real in some fashion , and Nuklear Man came from their society. Characters in the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire frequently swear by "Oberon's balls", "Maeve's tits", and something to do with Titania, these being the three deities the Fair Folk are all descended from. Leads to funny, as the Luidaeg, who is actually the offspring of Oberon and Maeve, will swear by "Dad's balls" and "Mom's tits".

One Nation Under Jupiter: Quite often, usually by Pollux. While it's not used in the series proper, many tributes to the Oz books including Wicked and Emerald City Confidential have characters swearing by Lurline a fairy queen whom fanon has apparently upgraded to goddess status. Twice in The Pentagon War , Lt. Colonel Doe says "Plague's poison!

She is a fervent believer in what Human-Centauri stands for, after all. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Done since it's, well, y'know Either that, or " di immortales ", which is the same, but Latin. Zeus knows how many more. Even Zeus doesn't know. Percy plays with this in Percy Jackson's Greek Gods. When he's narrating the stories about the Olympians, he has them say things like "Holy me! Nico di Angelo has his own particular variation, he tends to use "Styx! Some other writers have had their characters Shout-Out Piper by invoking Ghu as well. And in his Alternate History Paratime series, some of the atheists of Home Time Line have adopted the gods of other lines for purposes of venting their emotions.

Tortha Karf began, alphabetically, to blaspheme every god he had ever heard of. He had only gotten as far as a Fourth Level deity named Allah when a red light began flashing You want to call on the god appropriate to the occasion. After all, your god would probably be Miras, light and arrows and all that sort of thing, whereas my god is a god of balance and, of course, preservation of Thieves There are also "Great Neptune's beard!

In the Crispin's first scene in Sailing to Sarantium , he screams at an apprentice in a rather colorful manner involving Heladikos' the in-universe equivalent of Christ penis and buttocks. Other characters use 'Jad' as their equivalent of the Abrahamic God in ways such as "by holy Jad". At least one book set in ancient Rome by Steven Saylor had the exclamation "Numa's balls! In Seeker Bears , bears use exclamations such as "Spirits! In Seraphina characters swear by their Saints.

Daan in a pan! Oaths are usually sworn to or by "the old gods and the new" the new gods being the Seven and the old being the animistic gods of the North or "in sight of gods and men. The Star Trek Novel Verse has many: The Betazoid "Great Fire! The Tellarite "By Kera and Phinda! The inhabitants of Yakaba are good, Kolk'r-fearing people.

The Selenean "Spines of the Mothers! Choblik "By the Grace of the Great Builders" overlaps with Thank The Maker, given that Choblik are cyborgs who were non-sapient until the Builders installed their implants. The Koas worship The Architect of Time. The Trill "Maker of All Things! The sacred Ferengi prayer "this is my final offer!

In Fiona Patton's Tales of the Branion Realm series, many characters worship a fire god, and use expressions such as "scorch it," or "that blazing bastard. Jonathan asks Vivian to "give your word of honour on the god Mao or Kennedy or Koran, or whatever you worship". Vivian, who comes from and therefore has no idea who Mao or Kennedy are, responds with "I give you my Bible oath.

First Truth and its sequels have "Ashes! Curses range from "red hell! David Weber 's The War Gods: Many characters use indirect references to the Gods such as "By The Harp" being a reference to the goddess of music , but the main characters tend to use the name of the god they follow as a battle cry. Many characters in the series also refer to the evil gods when cursing: This is more the equivalent of using "the Devil! Many novels have phrases such as "Golden Throne! And then there's the very enthusiastic Khornate variation: Skulls for the Skull Throne! Which has led to an entertaining Slaaneshi mutation: One from the Ciaphas Cain books is "Emperor's bowels!

The warp is often substituted for hell. In the setting, the warp is hell. The Eldar are not shown enough for these to become commonplace, but they probably do swear by Khaine, or Asuryan, or Isha, or one of their many other deities. Orks will often invoke Gork, Mork, or both. Tau will sometimes invoke the Ethereals or the Greater Good. Cats in Warrior Cats do not believe in deities, however they do have afterlives and do worship their ancestors.

StarClan is the Clan equivalent of heaven. Phrases such as "Dear StarClan! Elaine Cunningham once wrote "One of my personal goals with the Waterdeep novel is come up with innovative curses that don't sound silly or stilted. The rabbits in Watership Down often swear by their sun god Frith, occasionally using constructions such as "Frith in a pond! People who worship Noden often invoke him or curse by the Hagfishes, his Psychopomps. Iseult often swears by the Moon Mother. Part of the arc words of the Shulamite from the Song of Songs is "by the gazelles or the does of the field" that she wants the daughters of Jerusalem to swear by.

Wings of Fire has dragons saying things like "Dear moons". David shows Hephaestus how to make a wheelchair. When next seen, he caims "By Poseidon's moldy beard, it works! I've always found it funny when gods say "Oh my God. G'Quan and Valen later became important in the plot, though the Great Maker has yet to show up. Humans who join the Rangers also use "in Valen's name".

Minbari Profanity Is Better. Among Babylon 5 fans, "Great Maker" is a nickname for J. Battlestar Galactica has "godsdammit" and "Oh my gods! Also in the mini-series as-yet-unrevealed Cylon agents would talk about God in the singular without the other characters thinking it was strange.

There's an "Oh my God, they're Cylons! Monotheism existed in the Colonies so it is normal that some human characters utter it or possibly that particular character has a particular devotion to a particular deity—starship pilots would pray to Poseidon before battle, for example. We just don't know how common it was by the time of the holocaust in Caprica , its sheer existence is borderline offensive. The cases in the Miniseries were probably more the result of the human belief system not being fully shaped by the writers yet. In the British TV — and later stageshows — series Bottom , Richie tends to use the devil's genitals as swear terms.

And Xander let out at least one "Merciful Zeus! Whenever something goes quite wrong on Dirty Jobs , Mike Rowe often takes the producer's name in vain: Zhaan says "By the Goddess! For example, in one episode Jon Snow says "Seven Hells! When Robbie Ray is asked to predict the winner of a DDR contest between his mother and the Queen of England, he clasps his hands, looks skyward, and says "please, Lord, let it be the Queen! Jesus Will Ferrell as their manager talks about discovering them in a bar and blurting "Oh my Dad!

Blood and Sand has graced us with phrases such as "Jupiter's cock! Deep Space Nine , which prominently features the religious Bajorans, frequently had "Walk with the Prophets. Wonder Woman's "Suffering Sappho! Such as "Jennifer Love Hewitt! What's going on here. In an episode of Supergirl , Queen Rhea of Daxam Mon-El's mother comes down to Earth, dressed as a human businesswoman and tries to convince Lena to help her develop a teleportation device she supposedly invented.

Lena becomes suspicious, when Rhea exclaims "Thank the gods! To her credit, Rhea doesn't deny it, realizing her blunder at dinner. Justified that he's making a promise, announcing his judgement, or providing commands to his people. At the time, Christians were unsure whether an unbaptized person could go to Heaven, no matter how faithful they were. The legend goes that when she was thrown in the sea, Jesus appeared over her and said, "I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of Me, and of the Holy Spirit.

Oh. My. Gods. Series by Tera Lynn Childs

The New Class , McGonagall mutters "by all the gods in all the heavens" under her breath at the childrens' antics, which makes Shannon wonder if wizards even have gods. Subverted in one of the radio episodes, where Zaphod exclaims of "Holy Zarquon's singing fish," and Ford asks for an explanation of the phrase: There's no ground, Ford!

We're miles up in the air! Did you say fish? It's just an expression! Holy Zarquon's singing fish! It must be a highly specialized expression then. Not handy in general usage. Eldar will invoke their gods, sometimes even the dead ones. Orks will invoke Gork, Mork, or both. And that's all before the myriad followers of Chaos.

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This is better covered in the 40K sub-entry in Literature above. Norscans in the far north tend to invoke the Chaos Gods in the same way, but as they are Vikings, their curses and exclamations take on a very Nordic flavour, and often will they swear by 'Khorne's blood! Let me die with a sword in my hand! The Masquerade 's vampires, when they aren't using other curses, will often use the name of Caine, the First Vampire, in their curses, such as "Caine's blood! More than a few of these are curses, such as "Sweet barleybrew! Hercules, Castor, and Pollux were such common objects of swearing that in the plays of Plautus and Terence probably following colloquial usage invocations of them appear throughout dialogue in the semi-degenerated forms "mehercle", "edepol", and "ecastor".

Whether or not you actually have a taboo against swearing by "God," creative curses are good for characterization: Lampshaded in the ancient Greek Clouds by Aristophanes. A man who has been put into financial difficulty by horseracing suddenly breaks his introspection to ask his son if he loves him. While that world is monotheistic, it actually has a goddess , and wouldn't sound right. It still would have made a nice in-joke, considering the game's artwork was done by Kosuke Fujishima. Kratos in God of War Series is heard whispering "By the gods When he's not just screaming "ARES!

Dwayna, Balthazar, Grenth, Lyssa, and Melandru. Which of the five depends on the situation and the character's profession. I've had it with these Balthazar-blasted drakes on this Balthazar-blasted plain! The Elder Scrolls "By the Nine! Daggerfall at least has a bag of context-appropriate oaths, as well as a syntax for plugging a random one into dialogue. Morrowind has "B'vek" mentioned in a few books , a contraction of "By Vehk" as in Vivec, one of the three Tribunal deities. A number of characters will frequently say "For the love of Azura! It may have something to do with, while Daedric worship is not looked all that kindly upon, Azura is fairly commonly seen as one of the less malevolent Daedra.

I can't believe it's you! Standing here, next to me! Similarly, Nords will also use "By Ysgramor! Ysmir is actually the Nordic aspect of Talos. As in, the name they know him by. One of the skills Pengy is notable for, is named "Oh My Bahamut! Which is rather fitting for the trope, since Bahamut is considered as the top god in the world of Granblue.

Even the ruler of Neverwinter, Lord Nasher, gets one in the second game at the start of Act 2: By every god and his mother, what a fool I was to sign anything bearing Luskan's seal. Aldanon says "Great Tyr! In West Harbor a militiaman says, "Cyric's blood! Meanwhile, Khelgar Ironfist's "swear" emote has him say, "By Tyr's right buttock! Becomes somewhat funny when you find out she's the final boss. Shows up frequently in the English version of Fire Emblem Awakening. The Sacred Stones has a few overwhelmed characters swearing "By the stones. Soldiers in Templar Battleforce will swear by their lineage, or by their ancestor Shalun.

Human and some dwarven characters in the Warcraft universe will often spout things such as "By the Light! A favorite phrase of the Dwarves is "By Muradin's beard! Orcs and trolls have the spirits. More old-fashioned trolls have the Loa, and some of the more spiritual orcs may also invoke their ancestors. The Tauren and the Night elves swear by the Earthmother and Elune, respectively. The Forsaken have elevated Sylvanas to a near god-like position among themselves, saying things like "Dark Lady watch over you", much like humans use "Light be with you".

Mass Effect Many asari swear by "the Goddess". Upon reading the codex , it is revealed that said goddess is named Athame. It also reveals that worship of said goddess is not the most popular asari religion, despite the fact that numerous asari make mention of her and none make mention of siari, the apparent dominant religion. Whether that's because siari, being based on Buddhism, has no gods to speak of or because the codex was probably written after most of the dialogue was is up to you. It is possible that "the Goddess" simply became part of common asari speech even for asari who did not worship Athame, similar to atheists who say "goddammit".

Samara's use of "the Goddess" in other contexts indicates that she likely worships Athame. The codex also states that the discovery of alien ruins on Mars had a major impact on human religions, and started a few. The Maker may be the deity of a Prothean-inspired religion.

Oh. My. Gods.

Mass Effect 2 has Thane's son Kolyat speak this phrase verbatim at one point. It's his reaction to Shepard killing his hostage. Quarians will sometimes use the word "keelah" or "keelah se'lai" in this context. In the third game, Tali explains that the closest translation is "By the homeworld I hope to see someday. Garrus will occasionally mutter, "Spirits! Invisible War , the Knights Templar faction utter curses like "Baphomet preserve me! In the forums for Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress , people will use Armok to swear.

For example "By Armok's beard! The carp aren't actually gods, but they are among the most feared animals in the game. Origins , most swears are by the Maker or Andraste "By the Maker! Andraste's ass , you'd think I'd learn some social graces. Andraste's Knickers also make an appearance. Isabela adds "Andraste's granny-panties! Varric's reaction to finding out that Meredith had the mind-warping lyrium idol forged into a sword? Inquisition adds Blackwall's "Maker's balls! More specifically, Nald'thal was named largely because the lore team wanted to be able to use "Thal's Balls" in the dialog.

Uses of phrases like "Gods be good" and "Godsdamnit" also pop up time to time. In Bound by Flame , the swearing is generally on par with modern speech, though any reference to "God" is changed to "Gods". This leads to the particularly amusing-sounding "godsdammit". Red Alert 3 occasionally say things like "This Lenin-forsaken place".

This is mostly seen in the dialogue of Kiith Somtaaw units in Cataclysm: When destroyed by a non-Beast enemy Curse you back to Kharak! We regret the loss of the whole sand-cursed galaxy! The Monkey Island series has characters substitute "Blackbeard" and "Neptune" and sometimes "Poseidon" for "God" "Neptune's navel, that was a close one", "Now why in the name of Neptune's hangnails would I let you borrow this priceless artifact of a long-dead civilization?

You must take an oath now, before man and God, that you will never ever again sing in public. This leads to Sims saying things like "By the Watcher! A good example would be The Shadow of Israphel series. No, no Simon, I worship at the Church of Notch, like everyone else.

While he isn't an actual god, he is the head of the biggest Mega Corp. In Borderlands several characters will swear by "the Angel", referencing the Guardian Angel who guided the original Vault Hunters to the Vault. Glitch took place in a world that had been created by eleven giants. Because of this, the term was "Oh My Giant s! Roland thinks "ye gods! The fantasy world of the Thief series features several religious factions, chief among them the Pagans, Hammerites and Mechanists. Each of these has their own variations of the trope. For example, when surprised or shocked, Hammerites tend to invoke "By the Builder!

In Halo , the Covenant, being the religious zealots that they are, invoke the name of the Forerunners they worship, their Prophets, or the titular ringworlds. They move to a secret island where she is accepted to an exclusive academy for the descendants of Greek gods, which is run by Phoebe's new stepfather.

Phoebe doesn't really fit in, partly because she believes she's not of holy descent. Her new step-sister and others easily torment her, but Phoebe ignores them.

At the school, she quickly befriends Nicole and Troy. Phoebe makes it onto her cross country team, running is her natural talent. Soon after, she gets swept up in controversies including her, Griffin, Nicole, Troy, Stella, and her dead dad. At the very end of the book, Phoebe finds out the biggest secret of her life: Activities to do with the book: This, along with some of the other young adult romance novels, could be used in a genre or theme study in the context of book club. This book could be used to discuss genres.

While combining myth and fantasy, it also has fairy tale elements. This is also a good book for a young adult student preparing for college who is concerned about being separated from her best friends. It helps to show friendships can survive distance and changes in plans. For more of my reviews, visit sjkessel. Jun 01, Somebody rated it it was ok Shelves: I really wanted to like this book. The premise was SO different and potentially clever, but it just really failed to deliver.

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There are so many things that could've been great but were just left out. Like, all these kids are descended from different Gods and have their own cliques based on which God they're related to, but aside from a few cosmetic distinctions, the differences pretty much stop there. Despite being descended from the Gods who are known for things like lightening bolts, or contro I really wanted to like this book. Despite being descended from the Gods who are known for things like lightening bolts, or controlling the seas, or love, all the kids have exactly the same "powers", and that power is "zapping".

Most often they zap pieces of paper to each other and change the writing so that they can communicate privately, without speaking. They pass notes in class. While I was willing to go along with the mythological school idea, despite it's awful setup - Phoebe's mom goes to Greece to visit her long dead husband's family why? For example, I honestly thought that the fact that Phoebe's mom met this guy and got engaged in 6 days was going to be a big plot point, you know, like the man used his powers to seduce her in order to get his hands on her powerful daughter.

We were just supposed to believe that this woman, a therapist, would fall in love in 6 days and then force her daughter to move to another country for her senior year of high school. It's never fully explained how some kids can be 50 generations away from the God they're descended from and others, like Phoebe's dad can be a grandchild of one.

The Gods have not been seen or heard from in over a thousand years they say, but apparently they are still getting busy with the common folk and producing heirs?? How does that work? Then there is the most ridiculous and pointless love square going on. I found it really almost offensive that Phoebe would decide she is IN LOVE with a guy, Griffin,who is not only incredibly rude to her for no reason other than that she does not have any blood of the Gods in her veins, but actually physically assaults her by magically tying her shoelaces together - and causing her to fall - while she's running just so that she won't make the track team.

She makes repeated excuses for his behavior, deciding that he's a terrible person because he had a rough childhood, and she knows he's got a good heart. Even when she finds out that he was part of the most convoluted and non-sensical bet of all time if the bet is to see if Griffin can make Phoebe fall in love with him, why encourage her to try and get him to like her?? At one point she actually thinks that because he only called her the less offensive slur nothos and not a kako think mudblood or any other racial slur that he's actually a good guy.

Because the fact that he viewed her as less than, is apparently not the point, it's how he let her know she's not worthy that makes him a good guy! At the end of this book which is no surprise, you can see it coming almost from page one I was more annoyed with all of the characters than anything, which was disappointing.

The concept and set up had so much potential but it just didn't live up to it. Phoebe Castro, adalah seorang gadis yang begitu mencintai olahraga lari lintas alam. Dua tahun ia meraih juara pertama lari lintas alam dan beasiswa pun sudah dalam genggamannya. Kehidupannya yang terlihat sempurna pun harus dinodai oleh berita bahwa ibunya akan segera menikah dengan laki-laki yang bahkan tak dikenalnya. And the bad news is she gotta move to Yunani. Well, tentu saja bukan Phoebe namanya kalau tidak melakukan aksi pe http: Well, tentu saja bukan Phoebe namanya kalau tidak melakukan aksi perlawanan dulu, tapi keputusan ibunya sudah bulat dan suka atau tidak suka, mereka harus pindah.

Maka Phoebe dan kedua sahabat karibnya, Cesca dan Nola pun harus berpisah. Sesampainya Phoebe dan ibunya ke Yunani, mereka tepatnya hanya Phoebe harus dikejutkan oleh berita bahwa di Yunani terdapat pulau rahasia tempat berkumpulnya keturunan para dewa-dewi dan Phoebe harus bersekolah di Akademi yang ada disana. Not to mention, kalau di akademi tersebut hanya Phoebe seorang nothos - manusia biasa , sementara yang lainnya adalah keturunan Hades, Zeus, Hera dll. Walau mereka masih bersekolah tapi mereka memiliki kekuatan dan hampir segalanya dapat mereka lakukan, termasuk mengerjai Phoebe, si kako anak baru.

Bukan hanya Stella, saudara tirinya yang membencinya tapi juga Adara, pacar Griffin, laki-laki yang membuat Phoebe bingung akan sikapnya yang terkadang begitu manis dan menyebalkan pada saat yang sama. Heroine-heroine seperti Phoebe-lah yang saya suka. Mau ditindas kayak apa pun dia tetap bangkit dan melawan.

Gak hanya diam dan terima nasib. Sifat Phoebe yang pantang menyerah dalam segala hal dan keberaniannya dalam menghadapi orang-orang yang memusuhinya patut diacungi jempol. Walau benci tinggal berjauhan dengan sahabat-sahabatnya, tapi hal itu sedikit terobati dengan adanya perlombaan lari lintas alam yang diikuti Phoebe. Phoebe memang pelari tercepat di kotanya,tapi bagaimana bisa Phoebe berlari menyeimbangi kecepatan lari keturunan para dewa dan dewi? Jan 08, Bookaholic reads every mortal thing rated it liked it Shelves: What I want never happens. Damn, Phoebe, is Griffin really all that if he only warmed up to you after view spoiler [he found out you are the only direct descendant of a Goddess?

To be completely honest, I wouldnt mind a whole book just about them. Hel What I want never happens. Hell, I would endorse it. One last thing, how does Phoebe not have an accent problem? I dont think I'm stupid to think that the people in whatsthatplace , Greece, have flawless American accents. Why doesnt Phoebe have any problems understanding the natives and why dont the natives have problems understanding Phoebe? Aug 07, Alexa Hamilton rated it it was ok Shelves: Cute, about a teen girl who winds up on a Greek island where everyone else is the descendant of a Greek god.

The ending is entirely predictable and the writing style is distracting in its lack of transitions. Jan 11, Sara rated it liked it Shelves: Phoebe, about to be a senior in high school, has big future plans that are suddenly interrupted when her mom returns from a trip to Greece and announces she's met a guy and they're getting married immediately and then they're all moving to Greece.

Talk about a ridiculous beginning! Her mom actually lays this news on Phoebe after she wins a race at the end of a running camp good timing, no? Phoebe's new stepsister is a royal pain for no reason, but Phoebe makes other friends at school and finds herself increasingly attracted to a fellow runner. Plot contrivances aside, the story is cute. This is a quick read, and it was pretty fun. However, there were just too many things that felt forced for me to overlook - some of the writing made it seem like the author was trying too hard to make it sound like a teen was narrating, and not all of the characters were fully fleshed out for me to understand their actions or motivations.

Another complaint is that the whole catalyst of Phoebe moving to Greece was soooo ridiculous. Her mom couldn't wait to marry this stranger until after Phoebe completed her last year of high school? Their relationship didn't feel real - and her mom was supposed to be a therapist! I thought Phoebe and her stepdad had a lot better camaraderie than did she and her mom, which is too bad.

Plus, so much of the angst in the plot had to do with kids making bets or feeling like they can't share stuff with their friends; it wasn't written in a way that made me buy it all. I wish there had been more "real" emotions and actions in the book, as so much felt forced, but the book overall was still fairly cute. I'll read the next installment, but hopefully it is a better than this one.

I guess I was hoping this book had more to do with the Greek gods or even to do with Greece itself, but this felt like a standard chick lit-y teen novel that just happened to be set in Greece and in which the kids were all descendants of the gods. Jul 25, Peep Pop!

This was actually more like 2. I didn't really expect to like it, especially since I'd read Forgive My Fins and didn't like that. I thought it was ok weird cover, too. I got really annoyed during parts of this book. I thought that it was odd that Phoebe's mom would come back from a family reunion Pheobe's deceased dad - by the way, said family is never even mentioned in the rest of the book. They go to Greece and they never even see them?!? Her mom was only This was actually more like 2.

Her mom was only gone for 6 days, but she's in love and they have one month to get back to Greece to their new family. I thought that was a joke, it's not, it's love. What kind of therapist mom are you? So Phoebe was understandably cranky. She was an awesome distance runner with plans to go to USC, etc, etc. She annoyed me at times but she was a teen, and had been through a lot so it was kind of understandable. I liked her determination. Of course, I thought her infatuation with Griffin was weird but evidently she felt the same way because she questioned it herself.

I did like that Phoebe was tough. She didn't really sit back and let bullies pick on her. When she got tough in the locker room I cheered her on. Hooray for not being a push over! I think some parts of the book could have been left out. But overall it wasn't bad and I actually enjoyed the book at times.

It was fairly clean with some light kissing and evil stepsisters, beautiful bullies, blatant product placement - usual things like that. My favorite t-shirt line was Pain is weakness leaving the body Jul 29, Colleen Houck added it Shelves: I wanted to break out my running shoes and keep up with Phoebe as best as I could. She's an inspiring character and one I'd want to be friends with. Loved learning about Nike! Kindof interested in the hot stepdad! Aug 09, Cory rated it it was ok. Another fish-out-of-water teen book. This was a decent read, but the entire story relies too much on coincidence for my taste.

Aug 11, Vampire-lk rated it liked it Shelves: This novel was cute! I did skim chunks at a time not fully engaged, but a fun quick beach read!! Jan 03, Isha rated it liked it. I would rate this book a 3. I'm usually very interested in books that have a spin on Greek Mythology, so I didn't doubt I'd be interested in this book as well.

I will say there needed to be more characterization. I had so many questions throughout the book that would have helped me get to know the characters more but were never really answered What God is she from? I wish we got more about Damien and Stella and get to heart of why Stella is the way she is. Along that line, I didn't really love Valerie as a mother character. She is a therapist in the book, yet she seems clueless as to why Phoebe would be mad at her after the move and isn't honest with her.

In the end, some of this is explained but its never explained why Valerie and Damien couldn't have just gotten married later? I could totally understand why Phoebe was mad.. A random character I loved was Coach Lenny. Super random character but I liked how he encouraged Phoebe and was there for her compared to almost every other character. Lastly, There needed to be more of Justin in the beginning of the book if they were going to bring him into other parts of the book, because it just seemed really random. Overall, I really enjoyed the book, I just finished it wanting more from the characters.

I wanted to know more about them and who they are. I know there is a sequel so maybe that would help? I'm an Amazon Affiliate. If you're interested in buying Oh. I'll make a small commission! Oct 19, Liralen rated it liked it Shelves: