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Give students an opportunity to enjoy creating random organic forms with color and transparency similar to actual glass. Crazy Quilt Texture Boards.

From Late Antiquity to the Fifteenth Century

Students will enjoy exploring the wide variety of textures they can create with acrylic modeling paste on a rigid surface. Kandinski is called the first totally abstract artist. Free flowing water color and line suggests but does not define images. The Native American tribes of the plains tanned and prepared buffalo hides, then painted them with symbols and story-telling pictures that told their tribal history and honored the spirits.

The stenciled hand print and aboriginal style drawings help children to relate to the man from the Australian Aboriginal Culture, while helping them to understand the use of line in art. Solving the Art Puzzle. With an emphasis on emphasis, the elements of art and principles of design become a puzzle to be solved.

Easily create a distinctive iron-on patch using a linoleum block, paint and ink pencils. Make a patch to unite members of a club, such as art or archery club, or just make a visual representation of a personal passion. Making multiples is easy and the color can be changed for each patch using Derwent Inktense pencils with water and fabric medium. Make your Mark with a Handmade Brush! Create a customized mark-making brush for ink sketching or painting. Use a brush ferrule to attach sticks, bamboo pieces or upcycled plastic pen cases to make beautiful brushes.

Working with wet plaster is a fun and spontaneous act. When small batches of plaster are combined with textural elements and pigments, fresh and unique works of art are the result! Using brightly colored felts, paint applied by squeezing rather than brushing, and folding of the fabric to repeat pattern, a vibrant and very individual statement is made on a functional and useful piece of artwork — the book cover.

Maritime Miniature in Oils. A first oil painting is an adventure. With a small format and simplified imagery, it becomes a trip worth taking!

Glass Design

Learn about the history of maritime painting and create a small ocean or seafaring scene in oils. A quick drying medium speeds up the process. Then "frame" the painting right on the canvas! Lichtenstein Pop Art Resist.

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Create a graphic and colorful resist with a nod to Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein! Start with smooth manga paper and then mix black paint with gloss medium to make a shiny resist. Apply the resist with a brush and texture plates. When dry, apply vivid color using Blick Liquid Watercolors.

The art of embroidery makes a great accent for a painting done on cloth! Using washes of black and gray acrylic paint on a traditional stitchery cloth results in a striking painting. But, when a pop of color is added with embroidery, it truly stands out! Inspired by the painting and sculpture of Edgar Degas, this lesson allows students to explore proportion and describe movement using a flat, paper doll-type figure that can be manipulated when wet and is rigid when dry.

Considered a lost art for many centuries, encaustic painting is enjoying a resurgence because of modern techniques, tools and materials. Interesting dimensions and contrasts between the metal and translucent wax occur when cooled. A whimsical makeover for discarded dishes! Inexpensive, diverse and unmatched pieces from thrift stores, garage sales, etc. Pieces of unprimed canvas are layered and glued to the surface, then painted with Blick Matte Acrylic color. EZ Encaustic uses only small amounts of soft decorating wax that may be softened by hand or by using low temperature heat.

Also included are instructions for a Painterly Encaustic process, using melted wax. Fine craft artists today are exploring texture and color in all mediums. The fabric beads in this project encourage experimental use of materials to enhance and enrich traditional techniques.

Linoleum Art Press Tools. Create simple tools that can be pressed into clay, used for embossing, texture rubbing or printmaking. Junkanoo is a festival that takes place in the Bahamas. It is a tradition that traces its roots back to the 16th century. Music, dancing and elaborate costumes are all part of Junkanoo.

This lesson introduces students to a fun and whimsical cultural event by allowing them to design their own headress - an important part of the festivities! Little Black Poetry Book. The molten-metal texture on the cover provides a rich presentation for the personal treasures that will be written inside. The black pages are a dramatic background for words rendered in metallic marker, gel pen, opaque colored pencils or opaque ink. The natural translucent quality of silk paired with transparent paints rivals the glow of stained glass when held up to the sun. This is an easy way to teach introductory silk paintin.

The ancient Japanese tradition of textile painting known as Shibori entails many techniques and processes including the gathering, wrapping and binding methods that we call "tie-dye" today. This 2-part lesson involves painting and draping stiffened fabric to create a sculptural piece. A painted book in the style of Robert Indiana.

This lesson plan challenges students to choose eight ideas that can be stated with one simple word, then assemble them into a painted book. Part Salvidor Dali and part "Shrinky Dinks," this project compels students to reach beyond a traditional, flat painting and feeds their natural hunger for artistic experimentation.

Through the study of Impressionist painters and their works students will select their own color palette and design an impressionistic scene reminiscent of those painted in the mid s. Found objects, cutouts, photos and a variety of materials are assembled in a sculptural, three-dimensional collage centered around a personal theme. A drawing becomes a painting, then flips back to a drawing again as students use variety to explore surfaces, media and techniques. Dimensional collage using wire mesh and acrylic gel medium.

Develop color, texture and design with paint, photocopies, images, music, text, colorful papers and many different objects inside the transaprent gel. Once dry, the form can be easily manipulated into a bowl. Maki-e translates "sprinkle pictures" — the beautiful art of Japanese lacquerware. To achieve a similar look, cut and glue painted papers to a surface and sprinkle with metallic powdered pigments.

Blick Exclusive Artist Grid Canvas makes it easier to place objects from a photograph and plot landscapes, still lifes and portraits. Create Hawaiian-inspired shirts with brightly-colored flowers, leaves, and fish by printing them using fabric paints. The right tools are essential to a Chinese brush painter. Students will create their own brush holders and ink pots from glazed and fired clay, then learn the basic brush strokes for branches, bamboo leaves. This lesson will attract students to the abstract as they create their own hanging kinetic sculptures from lightweight polyester material.

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Using torn paper instead of direct painting requires them to visually divide the gray areas into separate shapes and define each shape individually. This project will allow for exploring facial proportion, practice working in transparent watercolors and produce a self-expressive portrait. Glass Painting with Pebeo. Fan Club for Artists. This project is a unique, fun lesson in establishing a hero and developing an Artists' Hall of Fame.

Simple beginners' project using 5 colors of paint and 2 types of stencils: Gift Ideas Gift Cards. Wish Lists Blick U. Note — you need to have JavaScript enabled to use various content features on this page and Flash installed to view our videos. Poured Polar Aurora To mimic the colorful ribbons of light viewed in a polar aurora, tempera paint can be poured out onto a surface and manipulated by the force of gravity into unique glow-in-the dark patterns.

Tempera Paint Pours Simple classroom tempera paint can be poured out onto a surface and manipulated by the force of gravity into unique marbelized patterns. Dot, Dot, Dimension Yayoi Kusama is obsessed with dots and has been using them since her role as an avant-garde artist in s counterculture.

Tagli Cut Canvas A 3-D cut canvas pops when combined with rolled or folded paper shapes. A Drone's Eye View A whole new perspective on the landscape! Abstract Pressed Landscape Easily teach the concept of a horizon line while making a beautiful symmetrical pressed landscape. Little Graffiti Village Explore urban renewal and build a glowing, colorful miniature community!

Mocha Diffusion on Paper Use inks and alcohol to create interactive diffused patterns on paper. Masterful Mishima Creating intricate drawings on clay is easy with the help of a little wax. Art in the Shadows The stark contrast and the half-hidden mystery of a sihouette is a natural attraction for students. Brusho Batik Make a distinctive batik masterpiece on paper using ink crystals and simple resist.

Old is New Make a small scale sculpture tied to the history of found objects as art. Wearable Sculpture Start with a mask form and end up with an organic mixed media headpiece! Face Book Make an up-close-and-personal sketchbook or journal cover by creating a "face book" out of a cast and painted high relief face. Totem Sculpture Stack Use animal symbolism to create a personal, stackable totem sculpture. Second-Line Parasol The "second line" refers to the people that fall in behind a parade, dancing to the music, waving banners and twirling parasols.

Spirit Trees Legends are plentiful about connections between humans and trees — what will your special tree reveal about you? Stick-Start Abstractions A beginner's approach to abstract painting, inspired by the works of Wassily Kandinksy. Blow up a Butterfly Create an O'Keeffe-like butterfly wing in close detail using Plike plastic-like paper. Bowled Over by Picasso Picasso viewed the ceramic vessels he painted on as a type of canvas that curved.

Beastly Bobblehead Create a whimsical patterned Bobble Head! Black Velvet Mystery Painting Applying oil pastels to black rayon fabric makes a striking composition, but when students add UV paint and a black light, the finished paintings really glow.

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Shibori Kimono Experiment with Japanese paper-dyeing techniques using traditional rice papers, then share papers to create simple origami kimonos. Shoe Shrine Make a sculptural shrine from an outgrown or second-hand shoe!

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Creative Quill Pens For over years, the quill was the principle writing tool in the Western world. Flower Garden Tiles Easily make flower tiles by carving clay, filling with plaster, and finishing with liquid watercolors. Easy-Outline Botanical Illustration Prints Although photography and modern printing processes have replaced the need for cataloguing plant life with detailed drawn and painted illustrations, botanical illustration is still a beloved art.

My Daruma A traditional Japanese weighted toy, Daruma always return to an upright position. Sole Pendants In this project, students explore the beauty of texture found in a surprising place Tibetan Wishing Banner Tibetan wish or prayer flags traditionally are used to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom. WonderFoam Collagraph Prints WonderFoam is familiar to almost everyone who has ever presented a craft project to children — but, if you'd like to move beyond the "foamies" to a real art technique, incorporate WonderFoam into printmaking!

Impressionistic Marker Painting You won't believe what these markers can do! Monotype Hoop-La Functioning as both a painting and a print, a Monotype is unique and irreproducible. Illuminated Initials The practice of illumination — decoration of pages with ornate lettering, luminous color and precious metals, was developed during the middle ages when literacy was rare and books were even more so.

Stencil a Painting Stencils and repeated patterns have been used in painting as long ago as 9, years, when early humans placed their hands against cave walls and outlined them in charcoal or paint. Watercolor Texture Casts Molding, casting, sculpting, painting and monoprinting — this simple project pulls all of these together into one low-relief sculpture that demonstrates the elements of texture and color.

Itajime Decorative Paper Itajime Shibori is a technique for folding, clamping and dyeing paper or fabric resulting in beautiful designs — very similar to tie-dye. Festival Flowers The easiest way to make colorful, three-dimensional paper flowers! K — 8 10 — 12 Special Education. Two projects incorporating Mirror Board Artists through the ages have used reflective surfaces to define and alter perspective, create symmetry and "bend" reality.

Painted Story Quilt Quilt-making spans multiple centuries and cultures. Persian and Navajo Rug Bookmarks This lesson plan explains two diverse and beautiful style of textiles: Burlap Pastel Painting This easily constructed project offers an exploration of texture, line and color — key elements of design. Color Twist Game This game puts a new "twist" on an old favorite, and provides an enjoyable way for students to learn color-mixing. Paper Clay Leaves Learn leaf anatomy by recreating the patterns and structure of the original. Reverse Pastel Painting Where standard painting builds an image from the background forward, a reverse painting is created in a backward fashion — foreground first — with each phase applied so the background finishes the painting.

Insoluble Paintings Based on the scientific concepts of insolubility and density, this technique seals water-based paint and mineral oil inside a laminating pouch. Filipino Parol In the Philippines, during the Festival of Lights, parol puh-roll , or star-shaped lanterns, symbolize the victory of light over darkness as well as hope and goodwill. Huichol Clay Painting This lesson plan uses intensely colorful, easy-to-use Model Magic air-dry clay in place of yarn to create paintings similar to the art of the Huichol tribe.

Three Prisms Math and science create visual forms and establish structure. Towers and Turrets This lesson plan gives students the opportunity to learn about the concept of architecture, particularly towers and turrets. Transparent Banner Paintings Painting on a transparent medium not only allows the interaction of light within the painted surface, it also projects colorful cast light and shadow onto walls, floors and surrounding objects.

Gouache and Wood-Burned Designs Discover wood burning craft techniques and the traditional paint medium of gouache. Bling Bling Mosaics The new metallic paints are beautiful. Braille Paintings Explore the beauty of Braille. Easy Fabric Batik with Glue Explore the beauty of fabric batik without the danger of hot wax or dyes.

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How to work in stained glass, Anita and Seymour Isenberg. I can draw, George Carlson. Mastering the art of oils, acrylics and gouache: Painted crafts, Better homes and gardens ; [editor, Sara Jane Treinen]. Tell me a story: