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  1. A Catalan Diplomat, Theologian and Preacher at the Council of Constance : Master Felip de Malla!
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Pots fer cerques i navegar des del mateix lloc, i organitzar les pestanyes com vulguis. No cal ser un expert en seguretat per navegar per Internet.


En aquest document, aquestes condicions s'anomenaran "Condicions universals". Totes aquestes condicions reben el nom de "Condicions addicionals" en aquest document. Si no les accepteu, no podreu utilitzar els Serveis. B utilitzeu els Serveis.

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En ocasions, aquestes empreses us prestaran els Serveis en nom de Google. Sagrera train station works hit by fresh delay: Supreme Court rules against Spain over failure to meet refugee quota Cristina Mas The court has ruled in favour of Stop Mare Nostrum, which advocates safer ways to welcome refugees. Barcelona, Madrid Bar Associations: Catalan political prisoners should be moved to Catalonia ARA Madrid The presidents of both associations claim that a transfer would afford the Catalan leaders a better chance to defend themselves.

German court snubs rebellion charges against Puigdemont, once again ARA Barcelona The Spanish authorities claimed that Puigdemont posed a greater flight risk. Badalona judge forces bridegroom to remove a badge calling for freedom for political prisoners ARA Barcelona The judge refused to conduct the ceremony until she complied.


Council of Europe admonishes Spain for ignoring recommendations to guarantee judicial independence CNA Brussels Spain has failed to implement measures the organization has been calling for since Does anyone know where we are? Now, what the heck is this?

The downfall Esther Vera Editor-in-chief Once again in history, Spain is split between the forces of reaction and the forces of change. Barcelona is mighty Esther Vera The local elections in the Catalan capital have drawn a good deal of unexpected candidates. What is the 'momentum'?

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  • Who protects us from the judges? You never get used to it.

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    Political prisoners in Spain: Cuixart and self-control Esther Vera. One more blow to Spanish justice: Freedom, justice and democracy. The problem is not the Statute, but the State ARA Barcelona Catalans have learned that there is no point in negotiating a Statute, because it will not be honored. A letter to the judges of the 1-O trial Maria Sisternas Tusell Architect and consultant Resolving major issues without a multilateral debate goes against the European ideal.

    After Franco, what next?

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    Against ghosts Esther Vera. A temporary lull Esther Vera Above all, it is the trial against the political prisoners that will bring on the heat. They are not exceptions, they are the norm Xavier Antich Philosopher and professor at Universitat de Girona The battle for Catalan independence cannot ignore the battle for our rights and liberties. Manuel Valls warns of the dangers of nationalism while standing next to Albert Rivera Antoni Bassas Manuel Valls knows that every avenue is closed to him back in France.

    Transfer and freedom It bears repeating: Between the symbols and the future Esther Vera Torra is an early 20th century intellectual who will have to act as an explorer.

    A crack in the wall Toni Soler Journalist The footage breaks the invisibility forced upon political leaders under unfair punishment. President Torra and the viability of the Republic The Republic will have to be citizen-lead and pluralistic: Aquest sol ser el motiu principal. Partiment o joc partit. Arnaut Daniel fou el gran mestre d'aquest estil. Per suposat, hem de tenir en compte que alguns -molts?

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    Vescomte de Girona i Urgell. El rei Alfons Va anar-se a coronar a Roma; i quan tornava, va morir a Polmon, al burg de sant Dalmaci. I son fill fou fet rei, Alfons, que fou pare del rei Pere, el qual fou pare del rei Jaume.