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I divorced and moved out of state and lost track of my IRA. I've tried several attempts over the years to locate by SS number, state of Maryland unclaimed funds, etc. Is there any way to track the IRAs given I have no records of the contribution.

How to Find Unclaimed Money (and Unclaimed Property)

My ex-husband kept all financial records at the time of the divorce. Was this through an employer or an individual insurance agent? They should be able to provide some information. My grandmother had two savings account for myself and my daughter. After she passed away, my brother was executor of her will and didn't close those particular accounts out. I had forgotten about them. I have tried to track them down but the bank has evidently been sold a number of times.

I have made numerous calls to California, but have been unable to find any information about these accounts. Is there any central place I can go to see if they are still there, or if she had closed them out? Try the state unclaimed property site where your accounts were.

If the bank closed completely, you can check with the FDIC.

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You can search bank "genealogy" by going to the National Information Center , and clicking on the "Institution Search" tab. If there was only a modest amount and the bank charged fees, the fees may have eaten up the balance. I am now in Ohio and they did have my correct address from Santa Barbara. All I have to do is sign the letter and promise to pay them 10 percent of any monies I get as their fee and they will send me the official claim form with instructions.

Is there a need to use such a company or is something I can research on my own? And, how do I make sure they would not try and charge me other fees if I did use them? Check the California Unclaimed Property site yourself. If it's not there, call them and ask them to search too and also ask them about the finder. You can also check your county and state tax office to see if it is an overpayment. Those listings don't usually appear on the unclaimed property site. The other option is the clerk of the court if you had any legal claims.

I am wondering how I can find out if my mother had life insurance with her company. She passed away in , prior to that she told me she was getting life insurance through her job and I believe a pension plan as well. When she passed away I called her job and the company changed names several times and I never found anything out.

I am her beneficiary on her house and I am in the process of selling it now and moving so I would love to find out. For the pension, check the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. I would ask to speak to the benefits administrator at the company she worked for. If that person can't answer who was providing life insurance policies at the time your mom worked there, ask to speak to the next person up.

The information has to be there somewhere, possibly on an old pay stub if they have a record of it. How do I research for annuities that my ex-husband had in my name? I found some lost money but the state said that his children would have to file. He has no children and I was taking care of him before he died, so I was still a part of his life.

If he named you as the beneficiary, no one else matters. Other than that, if he has no other blood relatives, then you may be eligible. My father bought U. My father is now deceased, but is it possible for my now year-old son to locate and collect on those bonds? Go to the U. My mother died when I was years-old, and I know she had CDs and several bank accounts. I am wondering how I can find out if the money was ever claimed. She was not married at the time and I think it may have gone to the state.

I don't have her social security number or anything like that. She was living in Texas at the time. Search the Texas unclaimed property site under her maiden name. I saved money in a k 20 years ago and never rolled it over. Now the company that administers the funds has changed hands three times. None of the companies say they have the money, in fact they say they haven't heard of me. What can I do? My mother bought some U. I cannot find the paperwork that shows these were purchased. What can I do to locate these bonds? Is there a central location where I can find the bonds? They may have been bought in a couple of states.

Go to the US Treasury. I have been married three times, so basically I need to search under four different names — is that correct? How do I begin my search?

Also, why aren't other states as interested in getting people their money back as Virginia? You can search under as many names as you want! States keep the interest that they earn on the unclaimed property money. Some borrow from it. I found my deceased step-father on the missing money site. I am unsure if I am actually entitled to claim it. He had no other children and my mother is also deceased. It asks for a copy of his death certificate and I am also unsure of how to obtain that. If he has no other blood relatives, i.

How to Find Unclaimed Money (and Unclaimed Property)

I would call the state first and check your status. You can get a copy of the death certificate by going to the Department of Vital Statistics in the state in which he died. There will be a charge to get it. My aunt, who resided in another state, told me she had an insurance policy on which I was named the beneficiary. She said the policy was purchased through an association to which she belonged.

After my aunt died, I asked a relative who was my aunt's caretaker about the policy, and was told there was no such policy. How can I go about trying to find out if there are funds from such a policy, or if the policy might have been redeemed fraudulently? What interests did she have that she might have joined an association? Did you ever see magazines that might indicate an association publication?

Perhaps through her church? See above for my extended answer about life insurance. Could I have unclaimed Social Security checks held that were due and not claimed due to not knowing where to mail them to? For Canadians, they can check to see if they or their loved ones have any dormant accounts at the Bank of Canada: We did this for my father he died 20 years ago.

So, everyone should check to see if they have money sitting in the accounts. You are still entitled to that money, although you may be charged a fee for dormant accounts. Wow, I just found a for sure amount that is my Father In laws. Thanks this was great info. I just found a small refund for me resulting from a class action lawsuit with my phone company from eight years ago. I remember when it was filed. I did find some stuff out there for my in-laws. They move quite often, so they have claims across several states. My paternal grandfather bought land on English Bay in Vancouver, in the s, I believe.

Now that land is prime real estate and would have been worth a fortune! Makes me cry, it does.

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When searching we used all variations of our names including just first initials. Since I had married name, maiden name, and hyphenated name I checked them all including common mispellings. And, thank you for mentioning about the locators that call and try and get a big cut for notifying you. They tried this when my mother passed away. I grew up on a farm in Virginia that had electric service provided by a small rural cooperative. As far as search tips, for people to run searches, it is usually best just to do your last name and then first initial of your first name. This will give you more results, and the spelling of the first name may be different in their system.

I prefer to run the searches on the indiviudal state sites as opposed to missingmoney. Thank you for this—thanks to these resources I just found around In my earlier post, I mentioned that an old account of mine was closed and the bank kept the money. I know this sounds unlikely and wrong, but I am just going by what the bank told me when I went to try to get the money. A bit irritating, since they have my current address.

If you are managing an estate, I suggest you contact the HR department of former employers. My MIL worked as the safety deposit box clerk at a bank. They had many unpaid, unclaimed and essentially abandoned boxes, even in her very small town. Found two in my home state under my maiden name! Will print out form this evening. Never pay a fee to recover unclaimed monies! And ladies, remember to search under your maiden name, too. My first full-time job was handling unclaimed accounts for a Savings and Loan remember those?

Our family was recently contacted by Keane, regarding a sum of money left unclaimed by my deceased grandparents from the demutualization that created Principal Financial Group in Does anybody have experience with Keane, in particular claiming proceeds from a demutualization as an heir?

The CD is a lesson in making sure you find out about ALL the accounts your parents have before possible dementia sets in. My state will not tell you any information about the value, just the name of the entity where the property is from. In talking with the Probate Court, I discovered that unclaimed property from Utility Company fee rebates for a personal estate usually will be as small a few cents. Not really worth the hassle of reopening the estate, finding all the required documentation, filing forms etc.. The frustrating part is the state has a minimum waiting period of 90 days before they even begin to review a claim.

Over days later I am still waiting to learn the fate of the claim. The rest of the estate cannot be settled until the claim is completed. JD your readers should know the wheels of the unclaimed property bureaucracy grind very slowly. Just to pass the time, I clicked on the links provided and searched for all the names of folks in my family. Apparently a small place I used to work for set up some type of pension fund for the employees, and I did not know I was enrolled!

As for banks taking back the money, more than likely like others have mentioned they actually were charging an inactivity fee and the account went back to 0. On the other hand, I vigorously sought and received some of the property he had left for my brother and me. I would rather honor their memory by examining an issue from every side, then do what is honorable. And I recently found her low 6-digits of money in lost stock. We were actually contacted by the bank that was overseeing the stock. The company stock that was orginally bought in the s by my grandfather was sold and the stock was just sitting there gaining interest for many years.

My fiance is a lawyer and throughly background checked everything so we knew it was legitimate. So I do not recommend sending money to anyone that sends you a letter in the mail. So the links work also for companies, not just individuals. I would like to know which banks actually return the funds? My past experience involved signing up for an account and depositing money and then I missed a step or two, and the bank was able to have fees and gobble up my funds. This happened on a few occassions, with different banks. These days I am more organized and your articles help keep me straight up.

Thanks for this post! I found missing money not one — but two times. Several years later, I checked the missing money website again, and found money from a final paycheck that he had never received and we never knew about from a college he taught at. Thanks for a useful and informative post. I received a letter in the mail a couple months ago from the state about an account at Memphis Area Teachers Credit Union. MATCU had found and turned over a joint savings account my first! It was certainly a welcome surprise. I typed in my husbands name just now and he was owed money from a company that he worked for years ago.

I started a new web site for Canadian unclaimed money: It uses all the data from the Bank of Canada but with a much better interface for doing in-depth searches! If those unclaimed money sites are for real, how do I know which ones are legit?

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I personally would like to check and see if I or any of my family have a need to go there. Can you provide the legit sites. First of all, most but not all of the time, indivuduals who have unclaimed funds do NOT check websites to find out, or other methods that a finder has access to. Yes it is NO secret that you can claim unclaimed funds free. Give me a break. You most work for a local county or state or even goverment level.

How to Search for Your Unclaimed Money Free and Easy on Government websites

Go away you penny smart and dollar foolish individual!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the county, state or Goverment levels should do a better job of finding these individuals or heirs to get the funds back to the rightful owners…. Where do you search for those? This does not sound right. Something to remember-all states do not have all names listed online. Good to ask the state for a complete search. If you have an uncommon last name, check for that last name for relatives. Also check for businesses, clubs, religious places, charities, etc.

As for not paying people who have the ability and resources to find these account and the people entitled to them, the general attitude is that people should not be compensated for all the work they do in the research. How about considering this? One other point I would make about people getting paid to find assets and their owners was touched on by post Many of these organizations and government agencies holding unclaimed funds make one attempt to notify owners via mail and to the last known address.

They are too short on resources to do any followup searches to find owners so the funds sit unclaimed. Now for the real motivation for government agencies to not work too hard to find the owners of these funds. In many cases, after a defined time period, these funds become the property of the agency holding them.

The Utah site is now https: Such a great information to find Unclaimed property!!! I was looking for the same information from many days. My father passed away 10years ago. I looked up and found something from a Met Life Policy. Not a lot of money but it was my fathers. Here is my issue. I told my older brothers and asked then to inquire. The state is NY. Is there any way I can by myself collect this policy without them. This is absolutely not true. There is no getting around it.

Third, banks never turn the money over, they just have inactivity fees today, and will drain that account until it is empty. Lost many an account to a bank in my travels for inactivity. I want to know if we can claim now. All I know is his name was j. A finder located me in May regarding property in NV that my Dad owned.

The property was sold for taxes with an The land was in a trust, Dad as trustee, me as manager. He died in , my Mom in In the trust papers were destroyed when pipes burst in my house while I was out of town. Nevada will not release the funds to me without proof of the trust, which I cannot produce. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can claim this money. I appreciate any help you could give me. Hi Mike, Sorry for your loss and current situation.

I would certainly check any low-cost legal clinics in Nevada first and then just for fun, see if there are any real estate law professors at your largest university with a law school and pitch them on the idea of taking on your case for free. Here are the legal clinics advertised on a site that encourages Nevada lawyers to take on pro bono cases: To pre-register, call Regional Justice Center, Lewis Ave. Consultations will be offered from 2: Register by phone at or in person. For further information, visit http: Do you think the Veterans site could help me by phone consultation?

Again, thanks for helping me. Hi Mike — Thank you for clarifying.