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His presence is everywhere.

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All Christians hold this truth, but then so do many others--even Moslems! But there is more to our unity as seen in the middle sphere.

We hold to one faith as taught in the Holy Scriptures. Although we may differ in interpretations of some passages, together we "earnestly contend for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints" Jude 3. See 1 Corinthians What about one baptism? Is this "Spirit Baptism" or "water baptism?

What Does the Bible Say About One Spirit?

But water baptism certainly symbolizes what the Spirit has done in our lives. The inner sphere shows us that our unity is even deeper that the confession of "one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. He is the Head of that Body Ephesians 4: It doesn't matter whether we are Congregational or Catholic or "common Christian. Finally, only true Christians can claim the "one hope" of sharing Christ's glory forever Ephesians 1: This then is the basis of our unity in the Spirit.

It is true that non-Christians may subscribe to one God, and some confessing Christians may even profess faith and undergo baptism see Matthew 7: But we are told to "make every effort to keep or preserve the unity of the Spirit. As individual members of the one Body of Christ we do everything possible to recognize and reflect our oneness in Christ. We may differ in our views of when and how our Lord is going to return. We may differ in our concepts of church government.

We may differ in our ideas of spiritual gifts for the church today. But we are not to let these things keep us from recognizing one another as brothers and sisters in the Lord. Those things are not the ground of our unity. True, but we are to " make every effort.

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Verse 2 shows us that we begin with ourselves and then move out to others. Our natural tendency is to see ourselves as the "star" we would like to be. God sees the motives and the masks! We are to make every effort to be gentle. What does it mean to be joined to the Lord in death and resurrection?

It simply means that we are completely one with the Lord. We accept His death as our death and the joining with Him in death as the beginning of our being joined to Him. Having died with Him, we also accept His resurrection as our resurrection. If we accept this way by faith, we will experientially stand together with Him in the position of resurrection. The Lord Jesus was resurrected according to the Spirit of holiness Rom. Therefore, when we are joined to Him in resurrection, we are joined to Him in His Spirit of resurrection. This is very clear. We die to all that belongs to ourselves and live to His Spirit.

This is the meaning here.

We Are One In The Spirit

When we are joined to His death, having lost all that is sinful and natural, and joined to the Lord in resurrection life, then our spirit is joined to the Lord to be one spirit. The result of this kind of union is that we serve in newness of spirit, without any mixture. The cross is the foundation of all things.

One Spirit

The cross must work deeply on the negative, destructive side to make the believer lose everything sinful and natural. The result of this union is the capacity to serve the Lord in "newness of the spirit. This is the ascension life. The believer is joined to the Lord who is at the right hand of God. The Head and the Body have the same flowing life. After the believer is joined to the resurrected Lord, the believer must daily keep "reckoning" and "yielding. This is because the Lord is not only the Spirit but the "life-giving Spirit.

His spirit is full of life and nothing can limit this life because his spirit is closely joined to the life-giving Spirit. We need life in our spirit so that we may always have victory in our daily life.