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The Welcome Center Thuringia provides skilled professionals from other countries with specific immigration assistance and integration support. It is the main point of contact for skilled foreign professionals who want to work and live in Thuringia, and for companies who want to hire and integrate these specialists into their workforce. Qualified professionals from abroad can use the welcome portal to find out more information on how to live and work in Germany - and why it is worthwhile to do so.

Students and graduates receive advice concerning application documents, internship positions, and job opportunities. Please do not forget to take your application documents with you to the job fair. Every student is required to have adequate health insurance coverage at all times. Documentation for health insurance must be provided when enrolling at the University.

As a student, you have the right to statutory health insurance at the lowest rate of contribution at present appr. Health insurances from other countries and travel insurances are normally not recognised. Students must normally follow options a or b and buy health insurance in Germany. A visa authorises you to enter, but not remain, in Germany. The visa has an expiration date and may be valid for different time periods. Students who want to enrol at a German university may only do so with a student visa. You must apply for your visa at the German embassy or consulate in your home country.

The following documents must generally be submitted for an application for a visa:. The processing of a visa can take up to three months. Please allow yourself ample time for the application! Never travel with just a tourist visa as it cannot be converted into a student visa. You also would not be able to enrol at the university and would have to leave Germany after three months!

In order for you to successfully finish your stay at Erfurt University a few formalities have to be processed. Please go there during office hours.

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You only need to bring a form of identification with you passport, ID, etc. There are a variety of different student associations on the campus of the University of Erfurt. The associations cover topics such as society, politics and leisure. An overview of the different associations can be found here.

The members of the groups are looking forward to welcoming new dedicated students! The student association Anti-Racist Campus Erfurt, for instance, aims to prevent any racist action on the campus of the university. You can contribute to that by being an active member of the association. You can report incidents with racist background as well as receive professional help in case you were affected by a racist incident. Hochschulgruppe Antirassistischer Campus Erfurt Contact: All of the classroom buildings and central utilities are gradually being converted to accommodate those with disabilities as part of the modernisation and renovation programme of the university campus.

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Unfortunately, some of the buildings are still difficult to access, particularly for those in wheelchairs. However, your fellow students and the staff in the International Office are happy to help you. Detailed information can be obtained from each individual faculty, or from the university representative responsible for people with severe disabilities: The University Sports Centre USV provides students and employees with the opportunity to increase their levels of fitness with a wide range of activities, all of which are listed on the university sports centre website and in a brochure that is published at the beginning of each semester.

The Studentenzentrum Engelsburg is situated in the mediaeval part of Erfurt - the Andreasviertel. Cultural events take place in the Engelsburg on an almost daily basis and can be found in the monthly calendar of events. There are numerous theatres, cinemas, museums and leisure facilities in Erfurt. Make sure that you have the following items with you before departing your home country:.

You need general information about studying in Germany? The German Academic Exchange Service answers frequently asked questions. Available in German, English and other languages. Facts about Germany is a reference book offering all sorts of up-to-date information about Germany in general.

All aspects of modern life in Germany are covered — be it business, culture, or politics. Available in German, English and 16 other languages. General Information for Studying and Living in Erfurt. The City of Erfurt 2. Travel Arrangements to Erfurt and the University 3. Student Halls of Residence 5. Student Restaurants Mensa 6. Cost of Living 7. Formalities prior to departure Students with Disabilities Recreation and Cultural Activities Studying and Living in Germany.

The City of Erfurt. Travel Arrangements to Erfurt and the University. Erfurt is centrally located and can easily be reached by plane, train or car.

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There are regular flights to Erfurt from almost all of the larger German airports e. Erfurt Airport is situated on the outskirts of the city, approximately 10 km from the city centre, which can be reached by tram after your arrival. If you arrive via Frankfurt, there are trains from Frankfurt airport and Frankfurt Central Station "Hauptbahnhof" to Erfurt every hour.

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There is a tram stop and taxi stand immediately in front of Erfurt Central Station. The tram travels directly to the University see below. By long distance bus: Order in Germany goes so far as to include your trash. You will see special bins for all kinds of garbage and there is a specific time when you must do your recycling. Germany is an environmentally friendly country, so you should brush up on your recycling skills and learn what materials go where when you move there.

Education is well ordered in Germany. It is high quality, and most importantly, it is FREE. You will most likely not have to pay any tuition for university, or maybe just a few hundred euros per semester. The difference with U. S tuition , for example, is astounding.

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Whereas in the U. S you graduate with a mountain of debt, in Germany, you can start earning a full salary without the burden of paying back your education. This might sound strange, but it is not a myth. All stores are closed down on Saturday evening and do not open until Monday morning. Sunday is a time of rest or drinking in Germany, so anticipate it and use it well. Most foreigners when they first move to Germany forget this important fact and might end up without bread on Sunday, so be sure to go to the store on Saturday and pick up food and other things you need.

Germany is in the middle of Europe. And travelling in Europe is much cheaper than in other places, especially in the U. You can be in another country in a few hours. It gives you immense opportunities to travel even within the country as it is quite big, and outside of it too, to see different cultures. People go to Germany with the expectation of eating lots of sausage and nothing else. Germany has a wide selection of foods, from the meat to the desserts. You get a huge range of breads and other baked goods as well.

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You might not be able to find the comfort foods of your own country easily, but you will have the opportunity to try many different dishes and ingredients that will be delicious. The crown jewel of Germany is of course the beer. Everyone knows it and everyone expects it. The beer is brewed better and the selection is humongous. Germany is a huge country and each place has a distinct atmosphere and opportunities.

Living and Living Well

So here we have listed some of the best cities to live in Germany according to job opportunities. Then we will also list some of the cheapest cities in Germany. These cities are in the list since they offer immense job opportunities. Many high ranked German companies are located there and they all have vibrant infrastructure and high salary potential. These are the cheapest cities to live in Germany. If you are on a budget and expect to not be making a lot of money the first few months or years when you are in the country, it is best to move to one of the cities above.

Avoid moving to huge cities and the capital Berlin, since they are extremely expensive. In addition to the best and cheapest places to live in Germany, you most likely want to know what the living cost in Germany is. More specifically the cost of living in Germany for a family. Based on statistical data, here are 15 cities of Germany and their cost of living index.