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A Holly Martin Mystery Sep 01, Only 1 left in stock more on the way. Twilight Is Not Good for Maidens: A Holly Martin Mystery May 25, And on the Surface Die: A Holly Martin Mystery: Northern Winters Are Murder: Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Only 3 left in stock - order soon.

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Opera singer Philippa Beary, along with her feisty city- councillor father and her detective-inspector brother, faces operatic crises, political controversies, catastrophes at the skating rink, and disasters at the Christmas pantomime. These nine intriguing stories will challenge mystery lovers everywhere.

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George Meech, The Mating of Mata. Mata is a sweet blonde girl-next-door type with a not-so-ordinary career: Her unwavering loyalty to her woman friends is matched only by her weakness for the wrong sort of man on the wrong side of the law. But softhearted though she is, Mata will only take so much. When any man goes too far and abuses her or one of her friends, she drops him dead…literally. Her ingenuity always keeps her one step ahead of the police, and in the final twist, she unites with her real love at last.

Michael Rose, The Tsunami File: A Frank Delaney Thriller. Frank Delaney, investigative journalist and sometime spy, is on assignment in Phuket, Thailand, in the aftermath of the tsunami that killed thousands of people, foreigners and locals alike. Disaster victim identification teams from police forces across the globe have descended on this idyllic holiday location to carry out their gruesome work.

Delaney discovers that, against all logic, someone is trying to prevent identification of one of the bodies lying in makeshift beachside morgues. Gwen Southin, Death in a Family Way: A Margaret Spencer Mystery. This is the first in the Margaret Spencer mystery series. Margaret Spencer, who at 50 years of age abandons home and hearth for a Girl Friday job in Nat Southby's detective agency.

Before she's been on the job a week, she discovers a dead man and then acquires his cat, Emily. After that, there's no turning back, and as her boss takes on the case of a missing teenaged girl, Margaret herself falls into the clutches of a murderer and becomes involved in a wild boat chase on the high seas.

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Gwen Southin, Death on a Short Leash: The third book of the series is set in in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Margaret Spencer and her boss, Nat Southby, agree to look into the disappearance of a veterinarian's assistant whose body turns up in a cranberry bog in Richmond. They soon discover that the victim had a double life and there seems to be an endless list of suspects that leads to the investigation of a corrupt nursing home, a phony religious sect, and the puppy mill that links them all together.

Gwen Southin, In the Shadow of Death: The second book in the series finds Margaret Spencer, now separated from her husband, Harry, living alone in Kitsilano and happy in her job as assistant to detective Nat Southby. Maggie, fed up with her husband harassing her to return to her upper middle-class life, decides to head north for a week on a dude ranch.

As she travels to Williams Lake, through Squamish, Whistler, and Lillooet, Maggie ventures ever deeper into a new mystery. Peopled with intriguing characters and a healthy dose of betrayal, arrogance, violence, and suspense, this story is set against the bucolic but ultimately frightening splendour of the Cariboo district. In this provocative mystery thriller, racial tension between a white community and a nearby Aboriginal village results in a series of violent murders that could upset the balance of power.

If you missed any back issues of Cool Canadian Crime , you can find them at: The books listed in Cool Canadian Crime can usually be found at — or ordered online from — our Crime Writers of Canada member bookstores: Gordon Aalborg, Dining with Devils. On a Tasmanian grazing property, a gundog judge dies in an incident seen but not understood by police sergeant Charlie Banes and Canadian author Teague Kendall. Then Kendall goes missing. Aided by a cranky old bushman and his even-crankier Jack Russell terrier, Charlie also has help from the ubiquitous Tasmanian Devils — world-class scavengers with their own ideas about appropriate table manners.

Lou Allin, Man Corn Murders. In a remote cave, they discover the body of a missing university student. A tragic accident or did her fascination with the controversial theory about cannibalism among the ancient Anasazi and Fremont tribes lead to her doom? As Terry uncovers more clues, she must take her chances in the dazzling but dangerous confines of a slot canyon where death lurks upstream. Anthony Bidulka, Aloha, Candy Hearts: A Russell Quant Mystery. From Pacific to Prairie, a teasing treasure hunt turns into a frightening game of cat and mouse.

Russell Quant is plunged into the vagaries of a shocking hometown murder and the blasphemous blackmail of one of the literary world's most esteemed writers. With the Hawaiian sand barely shaken from his hair, Russell is confronted, both professionally and personally, with the harsh consequences of indecision. Saying hello and good-bye is never easy. A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery With a general election just weeks away, Joanne Kilbourn is putting together a TV program about the election campaign of Ginny Monaghan, a controversial woman who has her eyes on the leadership of the federal Conservative Party.

Her marriage creaking under the strain of this revelation, Joanne throws herself into her work and into finding out why the dead woman threatened to blackmail her clients, an investigation that jeopardizes her marriage — and her life. Brenda Chapman, Trail of Secrets: Jennifer Bannon begins Grade 11 at Springhills High, and her life is far from settled. Trail of Secrets is a suspenseful tale of hidden motives and people who are not what they seem. Screams in the night, foul odours, and the sudden disappearance of a chambermaid have Trevor looking over his shoulder. Now he must piece together the whole story before these dark family secrets turn his dream into a nightmare.

Vicki Delany, Gold Digger: Diet club leader and mystery maven, Ellie Bernstein, wants to know why everybody didn't like Sara Lee. At the same time, Ellie is dog-sitting a diet club member's border collie as well as coping with the reaction of her cat, Jackie Robinson, to the canine guest.

Then Ellie discovers that the dog's owner has disappeared into thin air…. Duncan, The Cold Light of Mourning. The Welsh town of Llanelen is shocked when posh bride Meg Wynne Thompson goes missing on her wedding day. The last person believed to have seen her is manicurist Penny Brannigan, an expatriate Canadian. With her new friend, Victoria, Penny sets out to find the killer.

Anne Emery, Barrington Street Blues: A rich man and a poor man are found dead of gunshot wounds on Barrington Street. It's declared a murder-suicide, but Monty Collins suspects a double murder, especially after police link the gun to the death of a high-flying lawyer named Dice Campbell.

Helped by his friend, Father Brennan Burke, and hindered by his femme fatale law partner, Felicia Morgan, Monty explores the dark side of Halifax. But murder isn't the only thing on Monty's mind. Turmoil at home has him singing the blues, lashing out at his closest friends, and spending far too much time in Halifax bars.

Anne Emery, Cecilian Vespers: But he's never come up against anything like the case of Reinhold Schellenberg, world-renowned German theologian and former Vatican insider, whose blood-drenched body has been found on the altar of a church during Vespers on Saint Cecilia's day. Monty faces an international cast of suspects, including a flamboyant Sicilian priest who left the Vatican under a cloud, and a cop from East Berlin.

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  • Laughed 'Til He Died (Death on Demand, #20) by Carolyn G. Hart!
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  • The investigation takes Monty, and pal Father Brennan Burke on an odyssey to Europe in search of a motive for the grisly crime. Declan Burke fled Ireland for New York 40 years ago and has never looked back. Then he sees his own obituary in the paper.

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    • Monty Collins — lawyer, bluesman, and perpetual suitor to his estranged wife, Maura — investigates the obit with its veiled threat and its allusions to Burke's IRA past. Declan — good soldier to the end — maintains the silence of the grave. But his denial is hard to maintain when gunfire erupts at a family wedding and a body is found in a rundown Brooklyn flat. It soon becomes clear that Declan has been manipulated all along by an unseen hand.

      Forrest, The Weight of Stones. McKelvey has fingered a biker named Pierre Duguay for the murder. But is Duguay the right man or has McKelvey become blinded by his grief? Is it justice McKelvey seeks or something darker? As McKelvey closes in on Duguay, the biker finds himself at the centre of an internal dispute within the gang. The career criminal must choose between loyalty and survival as he heads towards a final and explosive showdown with the former cop with nothing left to lose….

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      Linda Hall, Shadows on the River. In Shadows on the River, heroine Ally Roarke witnessed a horrific crime when she was 14 years old. She watched her best friend murdered — and there was nothing she could do about it.

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      No one believed her when she told them what she had seen. The story opens 25 years later. Ally is a single mom with a profoundly deaf daughter whom she would do anything for. When the partner of the man who murdered her childhood friend dies, she suspects foul play. Susanna Kearsley, The Winter Sea. History has all but forgotten the spring of , when an invasion fleet of French and Scottish soldiers nearly succeeded in landing the exiled James Stewart in Scotland to reclaim his crown.

      Now, Carrie McClelland hopes to turn that story into her next bestseller. Creating a heroine named for one of her own ancestors, she starts to write. But when she discovers her novel is more fact than fiction, Carrie learns she might be dealing with ancestral memory Susanna Kearsley has written a marvellous book" - Bernard Cornwell. The truth is people disappear from our lives all the time; the fiction is our belief in the power to find them.

      James Barrie, Henri LeCaron, and more. Another instalment in the Amazing Stories series. Harry Oakes made his fortune mining in northern Ontario, then left Canada for the Bahamas to dodge taxes. His wealth and connections made him the richest baronet in the British Empire…until he was found murdered and partly burned in his bed. One of the most notorious unsolved crimes of the s!

      Recent murders have unbalanced Charlotte Adams's life and ruined her favorite footwear. The professional organizer and accidental sleuth is relieved that a killing in normally quiet Woodbridge has nothing to do with her. Charlotte agrees to help with an awkward office situation involving a stunningly messy desk. Seems fun and harmless. But when the owner of the messy desk vanishes, Charlotte is fired.

      The police are strangely tight-lipped. As Charlotte digs around to discover what's going on, she stumbles over another body and becomes a target herself. How messy is that? An Orca Soundings Novel Jojo's back, released from jail, and people are tense and afraid all over again. Some of them wonder if his friends will start showing up again. They wonder if they'll be walking down the street one day and they'll run into Jojo and Jojo will give them attitude or shove them around, just for fun.

      Laughed 'Til He Died

      Those people just wish Jojo would go away and never come back. Then there are the people who have hate in their hearts. These people wish something bad would happen to Jojo.

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      Working against a rising body count and police department politics, Fry must relentlessly pursue a murderer with an agenda no one but he can comprehend. John Moss, Grave Doubts: A Quin and Morgan Mystery. The discovery of two headless corpses dressed in colonial clothing and locked in a grisly embrace draws Detectives Miranda Quin and David Morgan of the Toronto Police Service into a Gothic mixture of sex and death that ultimately threatens their own survival. Miranda and David get caught up in a story of inspired depravity. Through revelations in such diverse locations as a Toronto demolition site, a lonely farmhouse on Georgian Bay, the crypt of a derelict church, and inside the murky depths of a shipwreck, this strange account of love, lust, and murder builds to a horrific crescendo.

      Mysterious disappearances, nefarious schemers, secret passageways, sunken boats, a castle in the Thousand Islands said to be cursed. All these challenge Graham, Neil, and Crescent in their latest adventure. Zol Szabo Medical Mystery. Zol Szabo gazes across the Niagara Escarpment, his fingers crossed.

      Ross Pennie knows how to weave real science with crackling suspense. An Inspector Banks Novel On the first warm day of the year, a few children playing in the woods shockingly find a man in a brightly coloured shirt hanging from a branch by a rope around his neck. Why would a successful set and costume designer be in such despair that he would take his own life? A Holly Martin Mystery - 1. Drunk drivers, speeders and the occasion A Belle Palmer Mystery - 5.

      Belle Palmers old high-school boyfriend rents a property on her road. Zoologist Gary Myers is studying the behaviour of elk in the wilderness. Did he fall and hit his head, or did a more sinister event occur? A Belle Palmer Mystery - 4. Northern Ontario realtor Belle Palmer is showing the lakefront mansion of a prominent businesswoman when she discovers the lady strangled in her bathtub.

      Could this third break-and-enter death reveal a serial killer at large in the Nickel Capital? Life at Copper University in Michigan's Upper Peninsula has been good for Professor of Victorian literature Maddie Temple, but the school year is about to get off to a deadly start. Maddie's first day of school is marred by the death of a student who A Belle Palmer Mystery - 3.