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Personally, I found this novel was lacking something. To begin with, I was really enjoying this novel and the story of Alice, her mysterious husband, and the book of fairytales. I did feel the chapters were a little all over the place but that was all part of the parcel and I was excited to see where the story was going next.

Unfortunately, after a while, the story became a little bit lacklustre and I found my interest in the book slipping. The story was wide open, clear for you to see what was happening and what was going to happen next. It just felt that with each chapter the story was skipping important parts of the development. In the end, I feel like I read a half-finished novel. The scenery and characters were well developed but the story left me wanting more. Review originally published at Nudge. The only problem is, as the narrative often reminds us, she doesn't know which fairytale it is The tale of The Book Collector is a familiar one, reminiscent of both the aforementioned fairytales and the classics of gothic romance.

Violet quickly marries Archie, gives birth to his son Felix, and l Review originally published at Nudge. Violet quickly marries Archie, gives birth to his son Felix, and lives contentedly, if somewhat emptily, as a wife and mother. But her life unravels when she experiences a terrifying hallucination, thinking she sees insects crawling under Felix's skin, and Archie swiftly dispatches her to the local asylum. When she returns, her baby is in the arms of a beautiful nanny named Clara, and her relationship with Archie seems irrevocably altered. That's not all, though: Slowly but surely, The Book Collector piles mystery on mystery.

Who is the woman in the photograph Archie hides in amongst his papers? Why does he keep a book of fairytales that theme again locked in his safe? Most of all, how are the fates of the butchered girls tied to Violet's situation? But The Book Collector is not to be mistaken for one of those controversial, twisted retellings; in fact, it's curious how little it does to subvert the traditional narrative. Violet questions her situation, but rarely thinks of breaking free, and is convinced of Archie's superior intellect and the legitimacy of his power over her. Equally, no reader is likely to be surprised by the identity of the killer.

Thompson's modifications are more subtle: These touches seem deliberately designed to disconcert the reader, making everything about Violet's world seem a little off-kilter. This is a perfect book to inspire discussion and debate. It instantly calls to mind a plethora of influences and comparisons: Personally I found Violet too cold to inspire any sympathy, but Thompson's straightforward, no-frills style feels refreshing - a welcome contrast to the usual ornate lushness of gothic prose.

The Book Collector is an elegant reworking of an overworked genre, handled with grace and restraint. I received an advance review copy of The Book Collector from Nudge. I wasn't paid for this review and I was under no obligation to be anything other than honest about what I thought of the book. A delightfully creepy novella that's reminiscent of du Maurier's Rebecca , and which does a terrific job of exploring gender roles in fairy tales. The writing at times is a bit simplistic and the plot rather predictable, but for the gothic and sinister atmosphere I really enjoyed reading this.

Loved this little book. Loved everything about it. So exquisitely written, so wonderfully well put together, so perfect. The main character, Violet, whilst I didn't actually like her too much, I was able to sympathise, and at times, empathize with her. Whilst now I think of Archie and Clara as being something akin to monstrous, throughout the reading of this novel, I felt that they were both rather bland characters, presumably deliberately written that way. I certainly think that was how the autho Loved this little book. I certainly think that was how the author wanted the reader to feel.

The sense of menace built throughout, but actually the book felt like a slower read, although I needed to keep reading. I slowed my pace of reading at times, because I wanted to be with this book for as long as possible.

New PDF release: La niñera (Pandora) (Spanish Edition)

The prose was simply written, with short sentences and easy language, so it flowed so easily when I was reading. Easily one my favourites of the year. I enjoyed reading it but the genre still isn't quite for me. However, for fans of weird fairy tales, or gothic thrillers this is certainly a good choice. I liked it more the second time around: I'm honestly surprised to see that no one on Goodreads has rated this book less than three stars, because I thought it was The writing felt almost amateuristic surprisingly, because this is by no means Thompsons first novel , the characters were paper-thin and the plot was predictable from start to finish.

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I enjoyed the creepy atmosphere and the fairytale references, but I feel like it could have been so much more in the hands of a different author. I doubt I would have finished th I'm honestly surprised to see that no one on Goodreads has rated this book less than three stars, because I thought it was I doubt I would have finished the book had it not been so short. The combination of its short length with too many plot elements to cover made the book feel rushed and the story sort of squeezed together. I figured things out way too early and we all know that in my case, that is not a good thing.

On the other hand, I love the ideas behind it, especially the concept of reality as something slippery and often elusive; I can see why some readers have compared it to Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper.

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Mar 27, Repix rated it it was ok. Un libro que recuerda mucho a El tapiz amarillo de Charlotte Perkins Gilman y, por lo tanto, muy interesante. Brain Images Dan Lloyd. Fiscal Sponsor Utah Film Center. Neurologist Oliver Sacks, MD. Institute for Music and Neurologic Function Dr.

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Musicians for World Harmony Samite Mulando. And all these people who helped out in ways to numerous to count! And of course our Kickstarter Supporters. Empathy, the sharing of the pain and the joy of another human being is the core power of Documentary Film-making. When I saw the movie "Alive Inside. The nurses started peeking their heads into the room to see what was going on.

When the song ended, Delia turned to Jeff, her husband, gave him a little shove on the arm, and told him what a funny guy he was. Truly, it was a miracle. For a moment, she was there with us. I had a glimpse of my sister back. Jeff had a moment of her knowing him, again and actually teasing him. It truly was a magical day in the midst of this long, hard journey.

We want to give this to others. He died a week later. In the last years, he had it for 10 years and he was lucky enough to have one-on-one excellent care, and me, being an elder abuse lawyer helped, but you can? The last year he was really out of it and music was so powerful for him. My sister can sing well and play, and she? Fiddler on the Roof? It was the most animated he was; he? Well, he was pretty much like my father as well for about 35 years because I was not close with my dad and Sandy and I have been together all these years and his dad was such a huge part of our lives and I loved him, loved him, loved him!

I was terribly sad, the Alzheimer? I felt like part of my purpose with him was to midwife him through his death and like? Hi Alice, how are you today?? We just had an incredible connection all our lives but really those last 40 days, and 40 days is a very significant number, like in the Bible Moses goes off for 40 days, and Jesus? He came, he was faltering, he had Alzheimer?

Your granddaughter is doing this, and you can go. And you know, within a week, he really started to falter and I told Sandy,? You have to go over and release your dad.? So he did that too, and we put him. He came here, he wasn? A couple of weeks into it, he went onto hospice, one day, the next day they said,? The next day he was dead. He died in our arms. He died within 12 hours to the day, 11 years, of his mother? It was all synchronized, it was something that was really making that happen. With the music, on his deathbed, this is an hour or two before he died, I?

It was so beautiful. We held him and we released him. It was so incredibly beautiful. We just held him and when he was leaving we were just like,? Go Harold, go, you go!?

It was just incredible. The music was very important because that was a way to communicate with him. Take Me Out to the Ballgame? I felt like my role in his last days was just, somehow or other, I was a conduit to him into another space that was peaceful and comfortable. But, my mom is at home and we take turns taking care of my mother. I go back 2 or 3 times a year, and my sisters and I, we set up a joint account for her to help pay for her care, and she?

What happened is, because she? Unfortunately my nephew had programmed my iPod with 5 Kris Kristopherson albums. Now, I have nothing against him, I used to really like the old Kris, but my mother started listening to this, and she sat there for about an hour and a half. She thought it was the most wonderful thing in the world, and she learned how to turn the iPod and that?

But my mother learned how to do it. So, my daughter and I were talking about what we could get my mother for Christmas that would really make a difference and of course, after watching the movie, I thought,? I got her her own iPod and programmed it with the music she likes. My mother has very eclectic taste in music.

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My mother loves jazz, she loves blues, her brother, my uncle Jimmy, was a jazz trumpeter in New Orleans and Arkansas and all that. They raised 7 kids, she? Even when she was going blind, you never heard my mother feel sorry for herself or anything like that. This is my grandmother. Her name is Maria Velasquez. She is everything to me. I never had a babysitter. She took care of me.

I was her first grandchild. At the time when I was born, she was working in a nursing home and my parents said,? Hey, would you rather watch your granddaughter every day?? She taught me to speak Spanish and makes really good food. I also got my sarcastic sense of humor from her as well. I was actually born shortly after a long marriage that she had had and she was having a void in her life. When I was born, she suddenly had a new thing to focus her attention on. I was so close to her that at night I would cry and my parents would have to call her and have me talk to her and she would say,?

OK, stop crying, go to sleep,?

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Pio pio pio, dicen los pollitos,? A coyote with a pumpkin head is going to eat you if you don? My dad passed away this past September to Alzheimer's at the age of I learned about this program prior to his passing and made it my goal to bring it to Springhill Senior Living Community. My dad lived here and I work here.

The program is named after my father, Dwayne D. Trautman Music and Memory Program. We have been sharing the film Alive Inside throughout the community. Really helps share the power behind music and how it can help people who suffer from cognitive impairment. Music was so important to my Mom on so many levels. It was how I helped her to remember her new address when she moved in with me.


One of the fondest memories I have is when Mom's former recreational therapist Martha, came to visit her while she was on hospice. Martha brought along her guitar and played for my Mom and some of the other residents of the nursing home. Martha was sharing a story about the two Mary's who would patiently wait for their daughters to pick them up at the end of the day. They would end the day with sing along Sound of Music.

Out of nowhere my Mom who had been pretty much out of it began to sing Edelweiss. Talk about the power of music! This is me with my grandma, Marcella. I love her dearly and was so inspired by Alive Inside. I love music and would love to see Grandma smile as she listened to some Lawrence Welk or polka music. Thank you for this opportunity to get music into more memory care facilities. My mom's dementia advanced greatly and quickly after two brain bleeds last year.

Now she resides in a nursing home which has been a blessing for her and our family. We have found that she loves to hear music especially some of her favorites like Marc Antony and Bette Midler. A good Latin song with a fun beat makes her smile and she even sometimes tries to move and dance. I've been even blessed further being able to combine my clowning skills with music to share with other dementia patients at the facility. What little we can provide has been wonderful for many there and it would be amazing to learn and share this further.

My mom was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer's when my daughter was born. We are inspired by your movie and always play music with her. AliveInsideStories You can read more of our story at www. I am very close to my father. He is my papa-bear Neil , he would put me on the top of his feet and dance with me when i was little and a song he liked came on the radio.

He has Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Dementia. When I go visit him with my daughters we usually have to wait around until he recognizes us or we just visit him until he gets tired.

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My Father and my youngest daughter have to same birthday They are 64 years apart. I can see it in his eyes. Pero cuando alguien se merece una paliza Me gustan las series policiacas y cosas por el estilo: New York , Castle , Blue bloods , etc. Amo a los vampiros reales, es decir, el estilo de Anne Rice. Detesto twilight con todas y cada una de las fibras de mi ser. Creo en la libertad y la tolerancia ante todo. I'm a PDS sufferer, and the things I did in my untreated state are not my fault. Fucking Jingim fucking Marco. BunnyFrost - - - I'm still wondering how I ended up here.

CesarexLucrezia because I'm a sinner. And because Francois Arnaud's rendition is a beautiful, glorified, fanfictioned version of the actual Cesare and thus is perfectly ok for me to love him. And pretty much everything supernatural written by Anne Rice. Anyone who likes to read this kind of things, and also likes an awful lot the worlds such as Narnia, and the vampires and dark creatures, it would be great if you sent me a PM.

Be careful when you walk on your own and the night falls For you might never be alone Mistery and magic always walk alongside us Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Harry is an auror who works too hard, ensuring his old war wounds never heal. They meet at a masque ball, unaware of each other's identities. In another situation, it would have been love at first sight. But for them, it would never be so simple. Harry Potter - Rated: Lighting tried to find love after the war against the fal'Cie, but every relationship ended in heartbreak, so she gave up.

Now Hope is back, but was six years too long? Do they even know how to love anymore? Such things have a way of bursting in against all odds however, and come from the least expected places. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Jack is the boy next door, and the babysitter. They're just searching for the same thing. Rise of the Guardians - Rated: K Sherlock - Rated: K - English - Friendship - Chapters: