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The plot was cleverly woven and it just delivered all the right details at all the right times.

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In fact, I think I actually have all of a certain chapter highlighted. It was an incredible reading experience. I have a ton of quotes highlighted in my book, but in case you're wondering why I don't have them included in this review, it's because in retrospect, I realized that given this type of story, they might not make sense out of context.

So I'm just going to let you read the book for yourself and read them that way! I've also read another book by this author, The Husband's Secret, and even though I thought that one was really good, I actually loved this one more because I was much happier with this ending. This one left me with such a strongly good feeling while The Husband's Secret left me feeling a little I highly recommend it! View all 18 comments. Jun 13, Debbie rated it liked it Shelves: I became an avid fan after reading What Alice Forgot , which is about a woman who hits her head and forgets her identity.

I thought it was completely brilliant, and it made me think. High from that experience, I then went on to The Husband's Secret. It was a good book and I enjoyed reading it, but it was definitely lighter. I anxiously awaited Big Little Lies. First off, two of the main characters seemed really superficial. I asked myself, do I have to hang out with these rich, beautiful, and self-absorbed airheads who are taking this kindergarten thing way too seriously?

Plus, there was a stylistic gimmick a sort of Greek chorus that I hated because it made the book confusing. The story is about three moms whose kids are entering the same kindergarten class. We learn right away that there has been a scandalous death. The way we learn about the death is through gossipy conversations, like little asides, splashed throughout the story. Each comment has a name preceding it, and there are too many names to keep track of. It drove me nuts! But wait, was I supposed to actually keep track of them, or ignore which gossiper said what and just concentrate on the gossip itself?

It was just too much work, which made it impossible to have a smooth reading experience. It should be a seamless experience. I was pissed that there were all these unknown and undeveloped characters whispering important secrets. Maybe the author should have made some or all of the whisperers anonymous? It just drove me crazy. As the book progressed, what I thought were shallow characters became way more complicated and interesting—and I did get invested in all of them.

And really, a lot of important issues are addressed: The way the characters handle these issues is realistic and satisfying without being predictable, sappy, or preachy. The ending is very satisfying, and everything is tied up nicely. One final complaint, though: It took me a while to get into it and trust that Moriarty was once again going to spin a good yarn. That little imitation Greek chorus thing made me knock the rating down to 3 stars. March Catch the 8-part HBO series if you can it's on the 5th segment, but some of you with HBO might be able to watch the earlier segments.

I'm loving it; like it better than the book. And the Greek chorus works way better. I even downloaded the theme song! View all 81 comments. I loved how Madeline took Jane and Ziggy in and was a truly great friend. And she's funny too. Madeline has a husband and three kids, one of which she shares with her ex-husband. She's not happy about any of this but it is what it is. And it makes her a bit crazy which is understandable. Jane is a single mom to Ziggy whom she loves very much.

Jane's has a sad story too but I'm so glad she had so many great new friends to back her up! Celeste is living in a world of lies but it all works out in the end I don't care about the murder. I think it was well deserved and I don't care what anyone thinks about that statement. Mel Old Review When I first started this book I was confused and not sure I could get through it because I checked out the audio version from my library. I soon got into it and starting learning about the characters and fell in love with it. I loved listening to these people's lives. Each person had a sad story to tell, just regular life for most people.

I was so upset when little Ziggy was targeted as a bully when he was not, and this in turn made people and children start bullying him! I didn't think that was right. I was so glad to find out the real reason behind all of that and to find out that Ziggy was a little trooper for it. We all know the book starts out with a murder by the blurb and anyone that has read the first of the book. But it doesn't say who or what, it goes right into telling about the people involved on that fateful night and their lives.

I was so shocked at the end. It's not just about trying to figure out who murdered who.. You think you might know what's going to happen by the things being told about these stories of each woman's life, but you just don't. There are several little surprises in the book and a few people you would like to beat into a pulp.

I just thoroughly loved this book. I have to say this is the first book I have read by this author but it's not going to the last if they are as good as this one! Melissa Martin's Reading List View all 40 comments. Sep 21, Deanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book: I read this book almost exactly a year ago. I didn't write a review as back then I usually updated that I read a book and gave it a rating.

Plus it had a zillion ratings so I didn't bother. Looking at the reviews it seems to have quite a range of ratings. But recently I decided to write a short one as I recently heard what I thought was exciting news. Well exciting for me as a lover of this book!! I was looking through the new line-up of fall TV shows and came across No lie At first I thought it was a coincidence but then looked on IMDb and it said for the series summary: Things take a dark turn for a group of moms whose perfect lives begin to unravel.

So far not a lot more information but it does say it's starring Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. I love Reese and l am so excited to see her in this. I love the fact that it is a series and not just a movie! Now as I'm typing this I'm wondering if this is old news. I read through some reviews and didn't see it mentioned but if it was oops Murder at a school trivia night I loved the characters and story-line and I was guessing right up until the end.

Full of wonderful brilliant characters, lots of school gossip and politics, drama, mystery and humour. View all 84 comments. I can't NOT give this book 5 stars. There's truly nothing I didn't like about it. It's one of those special books that completely captured my attention—while I was reading it, I was lost in the characters' lives. And that's one of the things that makes this book soooo good: Moriarty is a master at crafting vivid characters from the first page.

I felt like with each introduction of a new character, I had a grasp on their personality pretty quickly. But they weren't boiled down to I can't NOT give this book 5 stars. But they weren't boiled down to that single moment of characterization; they were complex, flawed people who you could root for and empathize with. On top of that was a well-crafted, engaging and suspenseful plot that kept you turning the pages. I was never bored. And her writing style was substantial and had a lot to say about real issues. This book isn't afraid to go to some dark places, but it brings with it a bit of comedy and sometimes even a little sappiness that satisfies your appetite for a little bit of everything in one book.

It's definitely a book that compelled me to read on, and also to want to read more from this author View all 4 comments. Jun 03, Elyse rated it liked it. To My friends I've already had discussions about this book 'while' reading it several of us were reading it together -- You might be surprise to see me giving this book 3 Stars. I'm sure you thought I might give it 1 star --or 2 stars. I was planning on it!!!!

First let me talk about the problems: The author t Note: The author takes much too long about pages too long with ongoing 'mommy-ramblings'. The important issues are being over-shadowed by too much mommy-drama. On the top of page -- Madeline is having a conversation with a friends 'mother' named Di. Di is worried about her daughter, Jane. Jane is 24 years old a mom herself. Jane is friends with Madeline who is 40 years old.

Di tells Madeline that she is happy Madeline is friends with Jane -- looking after her --Jane is a single mom. Di tells Madeline that her daughter is doing a beautiful job raising her son, does not take a cent from them. But that she has changed. Here is the exact conversation now: I don't know if its depression or drugs or an eating disorder or what. She got painfully thin! She use to be quite voluptuous".

I read it to friends yesterday they each felt ANGRY --such as I did It was such a dis-respectful sentence --that I almost threw the book away right there. However I kept reading to give this a fair review --and to share with my friends and because I loved 2 other books by this author. Then WHY the 3 stars?? By page this author is 'on' fire! It becomes the same thrill ride as "The Husband's Secret" It is an important issue We are on the edge!

We even get a couple of surprises! If this book makes a difference in 1 woman's life -- then its really worth 5 stars -- Which by the way If a book makes a transforming experience to a person --then that's powerful. Truth -- for me --I didn't need to read this book -- Yet --I see the value! AND I also think it needed much better editing View all comments. I've never watched the show, but this book gave me a sort of sinister, Desperate Housewives vibe. This story is told in third-person narrative and methodically shifts focus between these three unstable women as the plot slowly creeps up to the night of the murder.

The writing was fantastic: Intelligent, realistic, and held my interest pretty securely. The characters were believable and imperfect. I felt that each of their reactions to the problems they were given were spot-on…maybe even a little too perfect, at times. What I loved most about this story was the natural ease of the dialogue and the truly mysterious plot that kept me guessing straight to the end.

The cattiness between this cast of women was well-executed, as was the degree of competition amongst them. There was plenty of drama to go around. Murder mystery that follows the lives of three school-moms who've become friends. View all 86 comments. I didn't think that I would ever finish this audiobook. I liked this story, but it took a long time for me to get into. Initially, I had a hard time keeping the mothers and their children straight. Once I had finally got that straight, the story seemed to move a long a little faster, but not by much. I know a lot of people loved this book, but I guess it just didn't knock my socks off.

I had high hopes for this book and feel a little let down. It was good, but not as great as I'd been expecting. This book tells the story of several mothers whose children attend the same elementary school. When one of the children, Ziggy, is accused of bullying a little girl, a war is waged between the parents, who seemed to be the biggest bullies throughout the book.

One of the parents ends up dead and the story is largely told through flashbacks, as the other parents provide their statements. I couldn't get interested in some of the catty, hypocritical chatter among the moms about one another. As a result, I never felt like I connected with any of the main characters. I think I might have enjoyed this one more if it weren't so long and redundant. This story serves as a good reminder that things aren't always as they appear on the outside.

I was pleasantly surprised by the ending, but wish it would have arrived sooner. All in all, it was okay. It won't be a story I reread, but I've read far worse. View all 44 comments. View all 14 comments. An emotional joy-ride and an absolute favorite! Based in a small exclusive coastal town in Australia. A full complement of emotions are cleverly weaved throughout. Laughter, tears, smiles and pain. Three wonderful friends Madeline, C 5 huge stars.

Three wonderful friends Madeline, Celeste and Jane brought together on that orientation day by their children. The adventures they share together as well as their private struggles at home. Broken dreams, broken hearts and broken families. And the healing of hearts and souls.

It's ups, its downs. Then a situation arises that has both police and media questioning everyone present. The responses from the interviews are hilarious! I was always on the look-out for more of these little gems as a tasty bonus, near the end of every chapter. There are two distinct sides to this book. The fun, whimsical side that leaves you with a permanent grin on your face, desperately wanting to be part of this group of friends. Even between the closest of friends. There are three sides to every person…the side we show to everyone else, the side we show to friends and loved ones, and the side we show only to ourselves.

In other words, this book is simply about life. Those we love and those that make us crazy. Very often, one in the same! I loved every minute of this book. Occasionally shaking my head at the silliness. Never expecting a twist in this story I got a delicious jaw-dropping moment! Like icing on a cake. I absolutely adored this book! I am so sad it's finished.

Now onward to the TV series! View all 67 comments. Jun 19, Susanne Strong rated it it was amazing. Liane Moriarty wrote a book I actually liked. It was believable, captivating, compelling, hilarious and sad all at the same time. Little Big Lies is about Women. Women who take sides against each other, sometimes for good reason, som 4. Women who take sides against each other, sometimes for good reason, sometimes for no reason at all. The three women are at the heart of this wicked novel are: Madeline, Celeste and Jane. What binds all of the women together is that they are mothers of Kindergarteners at Pirriwee Public School.

Tensions ensue and lines are drawn. Madeline loves fighting for a cause and helping Jane is a nice distraction. She is losing her fourteen year-old daughter Abigail to her first husband Nathan and his new wife Bonnie who she sort of hates. All Madeline can think is How. Celeste has always been the beautiful, rich and generous one. People are completely enamored of her. She and her husband Perry are the epitome of class and their twins Max and Josh make them the perfect family.

Little does anyone know, their lives are far from perfect, though Celeste is one heck of an actress. Jane is a young single mother and she is new to Pirriwee. Even before the move however, the Kindy orientation makes a mess of things for Ziggy and her. Hoping that everything will be forgotten by the time the move happens, Jane goes through with it. Luckily for her, she has both Madeline and Celeste on her side. And thank goodness for that — because Renata and most of the other mothers have it in for her and for Ziggy and the claws come out. Immediately upon Jane moving to Piriwee, a trivia night is scheduled and something happens wherein the police and the media question all the guests and the storyline switches between the past, when Ziggy is accused of bullying, and slowly moving forward to the present day.

All of the women in this story are highly emotional, sometimes crazy, yet completely believable. Parts of this story had me laughing out loud, mainly those chapters having to do with Madeline, who is a crazy attention seeking woman who has an intense love for her friends and for those things she is passionate about.

As for Jane, she is a sweetheart. The novel was fantastic — it held my interest, and the writing was stupendous. So, for the first time, I can honestly say that Liane Moriarty wrote a book that I absolutely loved. So why the 4. There were a few little things that I thought were a implausible and I also thought that the ending wrapped up a little too nicely, but all in all, I thought that the book was pretty darn fantastic.

I am looking forward to seeing what Ms. Moriarty has up her sleeve next. Sabrina you were right, I admit it! Published on Goodreads and Amazon on 6. Dec 02, Luffy rated it it was amazing. I thought, first off the bat, that the three main characters of Jane, Celeste, and Madeline sound a bit like one person. Sure, Madeline curses a lot, but the inner emotions of each is not so different from the others. This hiccup aside, the rest of the inhabitants, their relationships with each other is presented with almost scientific relish.

The author is very much on top of her game, and I don't know how can she top this book. It's an original take on an old idea which is an endorsement, make I thought, first off the bat, that the three main characters of Jane, Celeste, and Madeline sound a bit like one person. It's an original take on an old idea which is an endorsement, make no mistake about that. The pages just flew by, like that.

Pacing does a lot for me, so I was thrilled when not only the denouement is presented with a bow tied to it, but the way we reached the end is breathtaking. Take a bow Liane Moriarty. I'm late to the scene, but I'm your newest fan. View all 41 comments. I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would! Can't wait to watch the TV series!

The TV series isn't as good as the book. The ending was disappointing compare to it! View all 6 comments. View all 19 comments. Jul 08, Wendy Darling rated it really liked it Shelves: If you had hoped for something more from the much-lauded Landline , look no further than Liane Moriarty. She writes well-plotted, engrossing, and incredibly funny stories with believable women that also happen to put marriage and friendship under a microscope.

Every book I've read by this author has been terrific. View all 11 comments.

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Oct 21, Suzanne rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was perfect. Yes, I had a couple of reservations initially. Lunches and coffees at the cafe, almost daily?? Only cause I can't do it! All the chatter about heels and fashion and this and that. Liane Moriarty captured the internal dialogue perfectly, amazingly.

PAYPAL CART: US Media $3.50. For Priority/ Outside US see Terms.

So many times the mums were thinking things that do happen. The internal thoughts were spot on. Image, rivalry, one-up-manship, self perception and the shakey ground that so many girls and women find themselves in in reg This book was perfect. Image, rivalry, one-up-manship, self perception and the shakey ground that so many girls and women find themselves in in regards to how we see ourselves.

Yes many were a million or a zillion times exaggerated, but this is a piece fiction and fiction is fun! We all like reading about people that are similar even semi similar to us. I can relate with sooo many things in this book. Buying shoes off ebay that I wouldn't be able to afford at full price being one of them! Maybe even an ankle twist or two, just not on the first day of kindy in stilletos though!! This epic story tells us about the messy, intricate, and full of lies stories of new found and firm friends, Celeste, Jane and Maddie as they battle the crazy world of school mums in a well to do area.

Ok, a lot of the goings on sound over the top, but the nuances and insecurities are there in every school yard. Albeit mainly in our heads.. I've read many comments here that some of the dialogue in the book are inappropriate, but it is my firm opinion that the author is so skilled in her writing and knowledge of everyday 'mum' nuances that in doing so she has created the best story of friendship that you could find. Another very cool feature was the dialogue of the mums, dads and teachers involved in the mysterious death of someone that dies right from the start.

Who could it be? Who were they rivals with? This mum kicked that mum in the sandpit. You may think this sounds trite but it's what makes it the perfect book that it is. I loved it, I loved the honesty, the trivial parts, the serious parts, the characters, the setting who doesn't love the Northern Beaches! I think Ive lost my mind, but I know the book exists. I remember him walking alone on a frozen snow-covered lake in a blizzard perhaps?????

He looks so sad I LOVE that book. Hi, Thanks but that's not the book I DO have that one I'm trying to remember the name of a book I read in the early s, about a Plains Indian boy with a club foot. He was left behind when his village had to move, and he along with possibly an elder caught and tamed a wild horse. One phrase that sticks in my mind is "Faster than any man can run," which may have been the subtitle, or perhaps part of a cover blurb.

I've tried Googling to no avail. There's a chance it was a school library or Scholastic book sale book. Perhaps it is Amee-Nah: It is still available. I'm hoping to find a book from possibly the late 70's to the early 90's. The only thing I can remember is that it was about a man or boy who had a hole or tear in his clothes and kept taking other parts of his clothes to patch it This is from 50's or 40's.

Mother Goose with a big red hat on cover with other animals. I'm looking for a book that I thought was called '' Return to The Sea''. It's about a wooden toy shaped like an Indian in a boat and it travels thru rivers and streams until it turns into driftwood. I haven't seen a copy since the 's. See if the artwork on this looks familiar. You can Look Inside the book http: Paddle-to-the-Sea by Holling C.

Hollings We have collectible copies in stock frequently, but there are modern reprints with trimmed margins. I remember a book from my youth would have been from 's - probably later 70's rather than earlier about a girl who goes into a quiet and elaborate mansion. Inside, she discovers portraits of approximately 7 to 9 beautiful women, one was named Mavis. The portraits come to life. It was purchased at a book fair when I was in elementary school probably 4th grade or so. They used to make themselves into swings and slides and other fun things. Looking for an old children's story about a girl visiting a chateau and enters the basement somehow and can't find her way out.

I am looking for a picture book, maybe from the 80s, about an ant. The local giant saw it and had to teach the ant the importance of puntuation. I'm also looking for this book! Google has been less than helpful and no one I talk to know what I'm talking about. I remember it being in one of those 'textbooks' issued in elementary school. Hopefully someone will answer this post soon!

In one of the books I can remember it was four or five teens going on a trip to an island. Before they went they had all gotten their own colored backpacks. I can't remember any names and don't remember any details whatsoever from the other books. I have been looking for years and its bugging me not being able to find them.

Looking for a Childhood Book? Here's How. | Old Children's Books

I know its not much but anything will help. I also recall the four children receiving coloured suitcase to take on their adventure. They solve mysteries and live with their grandfather. I had a set of books, may have been little golden or something Okay so there was this girls book i read in elementary school. It was a like a series. It was about two best friends. I am searching for a book that I know I read in It is a children's picture book. It came from the library and was wider than it was tall. The story is about a cat that walks along a wall. I'm sure there must have been something else that happened, but I don't remember that.

What I remember is the grey stone wall and the bright, bright, bright pink and red flowers along the wall. I've been looking for this book for years and have not found it yet. I remember reading it to my grandmother as a 5 year old and have always considered it the first book I read independently. I am looking for a book that I read in about year 4 or 5 it was called Stolen I think, the cover was dark with the title written in white.

It was about an old woman who stole girls and tricked them into giving her their youthful bodies. It was British; it was a series of stories that were non-traditional and funny. One was about a boy named Peter who found a very small mermaid. He brings her home and she proceeds to wreak havoc in his house - climbing the curtains, roasting his goldfish, etc. Another story is about a little girl who finds a pair of magic spectacles which, once on the wearer, starts making demands and pinches her face when she doesn't comply. The other story I remember is about a girl who finds a magic wand and wishes herself long eyelashes and long golden curly hair.

The gnome who owns the wand sees her and, having seen her before, realizes that she must have his wand. She tries to run but the golden hair gets caught in the bushes and she trips and falls and loses the wand. I loved this book and would love to have it for my daughters.

The Lying Carpet

I would be happy for any information you can find. I posted this elsewhere in the site but I'm not sure if it was the right place so I'm posting it here. I hope that's ok. That's fine to post it on both pages. I think more people see it here, but there are quite a lot of posts on Fairy Tales, too. Im looking for a book my mom used to read to me.

It was about unicorns and a little girl. Dont know the name of the book, i believe the cover of the book was night sky blue. Im trying to find out what book it is. Hi these might be what you're looking for, two unicorn books I know of. In both books the girls go to other lands where unicorns live in residence.

I hope this helps and if they are not what you're looking for I'd recommend them as a good read anyway. I have been looking for a boxed set of fairy tales from my childhood. I believe there were 3 hardcover books in the set and they fit into a box with the spines facing outward, each book had stories in them. Some stories were about princesses and their princes, others were not.

I know my set was given to my cousin in approx and I had them for at least 5 years before that. I have no other information so any direction would be great. It was a thin hardcover book that my Mom repeatedly checked out of the library. The book is about various different household objects that have been thrown out because there is something wrong with them. They are walking down a country road and pick up more objects as they go, with each new object asking where they are going.

The book ends with the objects finding an abandoned old house and settling inside. We used to read a christmas book in the library, we would all gather around and the teacher and she would read to us.. Its a Christmas story about a little boy that gets a blanket for christmas.. But you could always check some of those in case.

If you do a Google search on it you'll find a picture of the cover and maybe it will ring some bells. It does involve Christmas but it is different from your description. A poor old couple don't have a lot to eat, so the woman takes some yarn from her husband's sweater to knit a pair of socks. She trades the socks for some cheese.

Kirkdale Bookshop

She continues to do this until the husband no longer has a sweater. The woman who was buying the socks was unraveling them to make a sweater for her own huband's Christmas gift - but it's too big for him. The sweater is red, there is a mouse peeping out in some of the illustrations, and there's just something so enjoyable about Jack Kent's work that it does leave a lasting impression. I used to read a book constantly in the 60's--it was about a play on words.

One page was "Have you ever seen a fish bowl, a fish bowl, a fish bowl? Have you ever seen a fish bowl on a Saturday night? And it showed an illustration of a fish bowling. Would love to know the name of the book or how ot get ahold of a copy! Would love to use it with my students. I purchased it for my son in the late 's early 's. It disappeared in a move and I'm trying to replace it so he can have it when he has his first child. I think the book you are looking for is called: The Big Golden Book of Poetry. The one I have was printed in The poems you mentioned are in it.

It does contain "The Duel" the poem about the gingham cat and the calico dog" and "Wynken Blynken and Nod". You can see Loganberry's site http: I'm desperately trying to find the following book, which my dad read to me in the 80's. Skip to Main Content Area. More Tips for Searchers. What are Rare Children's Books? View your shopping cart. Looking for a Childhood Book?

Please try the links below before contacting us: Loganberry Books Anthology Page , It's in there somewhere: View the discussion thread. Comments by Anonymous not verified - I am looking for a book that I am looking for a book that I think was from the early 80's. Unfortunately I don't have much info, but here's what I remember: Book about 12 brothers in the woods representing the 12 months Book is from the 70's's.

Scary stories with funny endings This book has quite a few stories and they all have unusual endings or something funny. Book I read back in the early 90's Ive been racking my brain for days about a book that I read in my third grade glass in The little lost pony Indian boy with club foot tames wild horse, s or earlier I'm trying to remember the name of a book I read in the early s, about a Plains Indian boy with a club foot.

Zuni Perhaps it is Amee-Nah: A book from the 80's or 90's I'm hoping to find a book from possibly the late 70's to the early 90's. Mother Goose Book This is from 50's or 40's.

Spooky book about a mansion where portraits came to life I remember a book from my youth would have been from 's - probably later 70's rather than earlier about a girl who goes into a quiet and elaborate mansion. Any idea what this book may be? The Wicked Pigeon Ladies in the Garden. Looking for an old children's Looking for an old children's story about a girl visiting a chateau and enters the basement somehow and can't find her way out.

I'm also looking for this I'm also looking for this book!