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Not bad, considering that photography has been in existence a century and a half longer than Slovenia itself. Long Beach police won by eschewing the crude truncheon-based approach to photo prevention so beloved by law enforcement colleagues elsewhere; instead officers are now required to supplement firearms training with courses on the history and theory of art and photography.

Harking back to the heyday of the avant-garde, the Russian entry surpassed all others in its — ahem — creative approach to the art of wedding photography. Guardian Eyewitness, for Pro Tip — Affordable underwater casings are now available for most cameras, while space travel remains prohibitively expensive.

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Just as digital technology has made everyone a photographer, so the Internet has made everyone a photography commentator. The web is awash with photo advice, but no other entrant came close to the Guardian for consistency and regularity: The Mail Online, for Media Scum.

But the Mail got one thing right, with a telling typo in one of their photo captions for the story. Olympus, for Overcooked Books. As Kodak losses mounted, company executives did their bit by regularly splashing on private jets to Las Vegas. Mark Zuckerberg, for Comedy Of Errors. Sienna Miller, for Tired And Emotional. Johnny Depp, for Photography Is Rape. Sigma Deutschland attempted to kick-start sales of the SD1 by charging 10, euros for a limited edition version with wood trim styled after a s Morris Minor Traveller.

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In tasteful racing red, and boasting specs including horsepower and a motor-drive with a speed of under 5 seconds, the H4D Ferrari was aimed squarely at a previously ignored niche market: A follow-up, the Jeremy Clarkson Limited Edition, is rumoured to be in the pipeline. Siegfried Kauder, for Double Strike.

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Cory Doctorow, for Boing!!! Grand Prix de Folie Photographie Winner: In the ensuing firestorm Hawk displayed his much-vaunted commitment to transparency first by abusing and censoring anyone who disagreed with his frankly expressed convictions, then by quietly removing his offending posts.

When does stock photography become microstock photography?

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Can it be cheaper than microstock? And what happens when a supposedly non-microstock agency offers the same images as a microstock site, but for less? Stock agency Alamy found themselves facing a forum firestorm last week when a leaked marketing email revealed the existence of a previously unknown Alamy product called Premium. As at iStockphoto, contributors took to the forums to denounce the Premium deal: Alamy staff made several attempts to calm the situation, but these seemed only to add fuel to the fire. He stressed that advertising use was excluded from Premium, but does the deal include the far more common editorial usage?

Although described as a test, West claimed that some Premium clients had already upgraded to high ticket advertising licenses: Premium was described as only one of a number of tests, some at a higher price point: It was stressed that there is no opt-out from Premium, but contributors quickly found a loophole: So would Alamy move to prevent contributors placing restrictions on their images? These questions are a bit tricky Alamy CEO James West When these questions were put to West on Friday he declined to answer, meaning that — at least in theory — all the above are possible. But the most intriguing question — which West also declined to answer — is prompted by his most startling claim: People unfamiliar with the microstock market will instinctively buy that: Once a client buys and uses a microstock image in the way Alamy are pitching Premium — maximum size, no subscriptions and virtually unlimited usage — microstock prices rise dramatically.

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This is really hard For a direct comparison take the casino image above. This is not an isolated example carefully chosen to browbeat Alamy. As at other microstock outlets, prices at iStockphoto are dictated by three factors: In practice most prices will be somewhere between those two extremes. But one thing is clear: There is of course one key difference between Premium and microstock licenses: But this is the photo agency as lottery: Given the sheer number of Premium images available — some 25 million — the odds of any single one being upgraded is infinitesimally tiny: We are a business not a charity to our contributors.

We have serious contributors whom we have contacted and agree in principle to the need to change. You can, of course, opt out of Alamy whenever you like. We provide the marketplace and set the ground rules, but it is entirely your decision as to whether you want to participate or not.

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  • So the lessons are clear for punters who want to try their luck in the Alamy Premium casino. The management sets the rules — and the house always wins. In common with all Internet photography specialists I have written extensively on the recent Jay Maisel — Andy Baio legal controversy. I am now shocked and distressed to learn that some readers may have misinterpreted these posts to imply that Mr. I have further become aware that I may have inadvertently led people to believe that I somehow disapprove of the legal settlement between Mr. Why, I myself in the past have campaigned long and hard to be paid with a byline in Forbes magazine.

    I also wish to stress that my description of Mr. Maisel cannot match my 60, publications on flickr, I recognise that his year career shooting annual reports, magazine covers, advertising and more for clients worldwide is an accomplishment in its own right.

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    The seats are very limited! What you are going to learn in this free Webinar: December 22, , December 15, , Only 60 Seats left. Thanks for the notice. I will fix it right now. I will take any advantage to learn something new in an arena for which I am delving. I will say that I downloaded the templates and they are very basic, maybe because it's the kind of thing I do at my day job. What I really am hoping to get out of this is "what about the guy who is solo and shoots out of his house? I hope this is at least part of it. If it's a sales pitch, I'll drop off line quickly.

    Cheers for your thoughts here Mantis, really appreciate them. I highly recommend to write down your thoughts on the Webinar worksheet you have hopefully downloaded. OK, I'll bite - only 49 seats left, plus my girlfriend will probably watch it with me. I'll have to steal that one for the next time I'm asking someone to do something for free.

    I read Crocker's book. Lots of nice chunks of valuable information and worth the read for those venturing into stock video. Leans toward higher production shoots. Much of the instruction is obvious but a good reminder nonetheless.

    Does not drill down into topics like cameras, export formats etc, but has nice overview of lighting. Makes point that you have to find research a niche and shoot it VERY well with production crew, creative brief, story boards, talent search, wardrobe, etc to really make any money at stock video. Which makes me question the ROI when selling low priced clips.

    What I like about Robb is that he is honest and admits his mistakes. His company has perhaps earned a million dollars over the past few years but clearly his net profit is MUCH less than that considering his overhead and expenses for the shoots. So the book title is kinda misleading.

    Still worth buying and a good concise read from a nice guy with good intentions albeit lacking detail in certain areas. December 16, , Thanks Holmes for your kind words about the book. No worries we will not try to sell you any of his book in the webinar.