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For example if Waitangi Day is on a Sunday then the Monday is treated as a public holiday. If you have worked both the actual public holiday and the day it was observed, you are only entitled to treat one of those days as a public holiday — usually is it the day you normally work.

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In the above example, if you worked on Waitangi Day Sunday as well as the observed day the Monday , and you normally work on Mondays but not on weekends, then you should be paid time-and-a-half for the hours you worked on the Monday, and be paid at your normal rate for the hours you worked on the Sunday. You can find more information about how your pay is affected if the public holiday falls on a Saturday or a Sunday , on the Employment NZ website.

What does that mean?

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This is a usual option if you work shifts that start on one day and end on another eg you start work at 10am on Tuesday and finish at 6am on Wednesday. What will happen to my leave entitlement? The use of material on this site is subject to copyright and terms and conditions of use. Go to the site accessibility page Go to home page Go to the Sitemap page Place the cursor in the search box in the search terms entry field Get help On-line launches the virtual bureau application in a new browser window Find out how to search for information nagivate to Search tips content page Find a CAB near you navigate to Location Chooser Page Browse topics navigate to View all topics landing page Show what's new navigate to News landing page Go to the Contact Us navigate to Contact Us landing page Skip links to main content of the current page.

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Do you work more than 39 hours a week? Your job could be killing you

Science is on their side: Is there a healthy and acceptable level of work? Pang argues that the workday could easily be scaled back without undermining standards of living or prosperity. Other studies back up this observation.

The Swedish government, for example, funded an experiment where retirement home nurses worked six-hour days and still received an eight-hour salary. Less sick leave, less stress, and a jump in productivity.

19 things you’ll only understand if you work weekends

All this is encouraging as far as it goes. But almost all of these studies focus on the problem from a numerical point of view — the amount of time spent working each day, year-in and year-out. We need to go further and begin to look at the conditions of paid employment. If a job is wretched and overly stressful, even a few hours of it can be an existential nightmare. Someone who relishes working on their car at the weekend, for example, might find the same thing intolerable in a large factory, even for a short period.

All the freedom, creativity and craft are sucked out of the activity.

How to Find a Work-Life Balance on the Weekends- The Muse

It becomes an externally imposed chore rather than a moment of release. Because there is a danger that merely reducing working hours will not change much, when it comes to health, if jobs are intrinsically disenfranchising. In order to make jobs more conducive to our mental and physiological welfare, much less work is definitely essential.

So too are jobs of a better kind, where hierarchies are less authoritarian and tasks are more varied and meaningful.

Weekly Habit #1: Sunday Evening Meal Prep

I agree with most of the answer, except that "at the weekend" is by far the best phrasing to my native English ear. AndyT, native from where?

I've literally never heard "at the weekend". Maybe it's a BrE thing? Where are you from? Yet another side of the pond issue then! I did intend for "native English" to make that obvious, but I guess it is slightly ambiguous. It suggests that it is some sort of task or chore which you will deliver on the Monday or thereafter e. One would seldom hear Are you going to the football match over the week-end - in fact it wouldn't make sense. I think over implies sometime over and that the timing is loose.