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I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters were well developed and you could see them as they interacted together in a well thought out plot. It kept you interested all the way through. Will be reading it again. Well-written, interesting, fantasy world expressed through several characters. Sadly, it has a cliffhanger ending.

See Tracey Hogan's review so I don't have to repeat the same points with my review. I contacted the author for an ARC and he gave me a copy. If you like books where the characters behave foolishly at every turn then this book is for you. I know often characters need to make mistakes to grow etc but this is painful in its glaringly stupid characters.

Hard to give examples without plot spoilers but essentially the characters all behave so asinine it's hard to like them. Think something like - guy tries hard to kill main character in a horrible way. No plot juts tried to kill him in obvious way. No harm comes to him for the horrible attempted murder. Mc lives, later chats with character like they have had a minor disagreement after his enemy kidnaps an innocent in front of him to use as bait to get him to follow him.

Follows enemy and aka him questions, doesn't draw his weapon etc and listens to what he has to say and is then subdued. What part of guy tried to kill you in horrible way did he forget? The story is full of different characters who operate this way. Made it crazy hard to read. Sam Green has put out a thriller fantasy in a low magic, more primitive than most epic fantasy books and is a refreshing change. Unlike most fantasy books that tend to follow a Tolkien or Vancian style of magic, this world is much farther back into a more post-Roman Dark Ages-like world where dragons, Wraiths, and skinwalkers exist along side of priests and wizards come the Acolyte Hiroc and the Warrior Alfric, twin brother among the 'Fatherless' of Aeirhiem, but the result of one of many secrets about to unravel in a deadly and explosive way.

Green shows a distinctive style of character-driven plotlines that swiftly draws you into the story and enlightens the reader of world detail along the way. The story has enough twists and turns to leave you slathering for Book Two: The Dragon Soul to be released in April A skillful application of action, intrigue, treachery, and magic to satisfy the most hardcore fantasy fan-boy. The orb had been shattered, and the monster who had done such a thing had escaped.

The people who believed that the orb held the God Aern, were not told that the orb had been shattered, for fear of their reaction. However, now that the protection of the orb was no longer, the wraiths that roamed the desolate lands, would now be able to reap havoc amongst the people who were no longer protected. Wards could be used, but they required blood, human blood, at least, to be effective.

The background intrigue is the crux of this book. The relationships of people who were striving for power, bidding their time to take full advantage of the situation. Then there are those that will do the right thing, regardless of the consequences for them. Then, we have the innocents, those that are part of the intrigue due to their birth or personality. An awesome tale, which continues to book two. Hiroc is one of the Fatherless and acolyte to Aern. Hiroc discovers that Orb of Aern is shattered and its guardians are dead.

Hiroc battles for his life and a new power erupts from him but doesn't know which god bestowed. Fryda is a novice of Enil and in love with Alfric. Alfric wants to be a warrior more than anything else. Alfric is chosen to go on a quest for Hurn's help against wraiths. Can help be gained?

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What will Hiroc do with his new found power? Your answers await you in The Shattered Orb. This new to me author really showcased all the elements in the fantasy novel. The characters and story were raw, real, compelling, complicated, and intriguing. I look forward to my next adventure in this series. See all 28 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. The Shattered Orb Vagrant Souls.

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Set up a giveaway. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Historically, vagrancy in Western societies was associated with petty crime, begging and lawlessness, and punishable by law by imprisonment , forced labor , forced military service, or confinement to dedicated labor houses. The word vagrant is often conflated with the term homeless person , which does not necessarily include the wandering component.

In modern societies, anti-homelessness legislation aims to both help and re-house homeless people on one side, and criminalize homelessness and begging on the other.

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Both vagrant and vagabond ultimately derive from the Latin word vagari , meaning "wander". The term vagabond is derived from Latin vagabundus. In Middle English , vagabond originally denoted a criminal. In settled, ordered communities, vagrants have been historically characterised as outsiders, embodiments of otherness , objects of scorn or mistrust, or worthy recipients of help and charity. Some ancient sources show vagrants as passive objects of pity, who deserve generosity and the gift of alms. Others show them as subversives, or outlaws, who make a parasitical living through theft, fear and threat.

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Some fairy tales of medieval Europe have beggars cast curses on anyone who was insulting or stingy towards them. In Tudor England , some of those who begged door-to-door for " milk , yeast , drink , pottage " were thought to be witches. Many world religions, both in history and today, have vagrant traditions or make reference to vagrants. In Christianity , Jesus is seen in the Bible shown having compassion for beggars, prostitutes , and the disenfranchised.

The Catholic church also teaches compassion for people living in vagrancy [4]. Vagrant lifestyles are seen in Christian movements in notable figures such as St. Many still exist in places like Europe , Africa , and the Near East [ citation needed ] , as preserved by Gnosticism [ citation needed ] , Hesychasm [ citation needed ] , and various esoteric practices. In some East Asian and South Asian countries, the condition of vagrancy has long been historically associated with the religious life, as described in the religious literature of Hindu , Buddhist , Jain and Muslim Sufi traditions.

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Examples include sadhus , dervishes , Bhikkhus and the sramanic traditions generally. From 27 November , a vagabond could be jailed. Vagabonds, beggars and procurers were imprisoned in vagrancy prisons: Hoogstraten ; Merksplas ; and Wortel Flanders. There, the prisoners had to work for their living by working on the land or in the prison workhouse. On 12 January , the Belgian vagrancy law was repealed. At that time, vagabonds still lived in the Wortel colony.

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In premodern Finland and Sweden, vagrancy was a crime, which could result in a sentence of forced labor or forced military service. There was a "legal protection" Finnish: Legal protection was mandatory already in medieval Swedish law, but Gustav I of Sweden began strictly enforcing this provision, applying it even when work was potentially available.

In Finland, the legal protection provision was repealed in ; however, vagrancy still remained illegal, if connected with "immoral" or "indecent" behavior. Forced labor sentences were abolished in and anti-vagrancy laws were repealed in In the Weimar Republic , the law against vagrancy was relaxed, but it became much more stringent in Nazi Germany , where vagrancy, together with begging, prostitution, and "work-shyness" arbeitsscheu , was classified " asocial behavior " as punishable by confinement to concentration camps.

In the Russian Empire , the legal term "vagrancy" Russian: Russian law recognized one as a vagrant if he could not prove his own standing title , or if he changed his residence without a permission from authorities, rather than punishing loitering or absence of livelihood. Foreigners who had been twice expatriated with prohibition of return to the Russian Empire and were arrested in Russia again were also recognized as vagrants. According to Ulozhenie, the set of currently empowered laws, [ clarification needed ] a vagrant who could not elaborate on his kinship, standing, or permanent residence, or gave false evidence, was sentenced to 4-year imprisonment and subsequent exile to Siberia or another far-off province.

This continued until 5 December , when Section was repealed and vagrancy ceased to be a criminal offence. At present, vagrancy is not a criminal offence in Russia, but it is an offence for someone over 18 to induce a juvenile one who has not reached that age to vagrancy, according to Chapter 20, Section of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The note, introduced by the Federal Law No.

The Ordinance of Labourers was the first major vagrancy law in England and Wales. The ordinance sought to increase the available workforce following the Black Death in England by making idleness unemployment an offence. A vagrant was a person who could work but chose not to, and having no fixed abode or lawful occupation, begged.

Vagrancy was punishable by human branding or whipping. Vagrants were distinguished from the impotent poor , who were unable to support themselves because of advanced age or sickness. On the other hand, [there should be] whipping and imprisonment for sturdy vagabonds. They are to be tied to the cart-tail and whipped until the blood streams from their bodies, then they are to swear on oath to go back to their birthplace or to serve where they have lived the last three years and to 'put themselves to labour'.

For the second arrest for vagabondage the whipping is to be repeated and half the ear sliced off; but for the third relapse the offender is to be executed as a hardened criminal and enemy of the common weal. In the Vagabonds Act , Edward VI ordained that "if anyone refuses to work, he shall be condemned as a slave to the person who has denounced him as an idler. The master has the right to force him to do any work, no matter how vile, with whip and chains. If the slave is absent for a fortnight, he is condemned to slavery for life and is to be branded on forehead or back with the letter S; if he runs away three times, he is to be executed as a felon If it happens that a vagabond has been idling about for three days, he is to be taken to his birthplace, branded with a red hot iron with the letter V on his breast, and set to work, in chains, on the roads or at some other labour Every master may put an iron ring round the neck, arms or legs of his slave, by which to know him more easily.

In England , the Vagabonds Act passed under Elizabeth I , defined a rogue as a person who had no land, no master, and no legitimate trade or source of income; it included rogues in the class of vagrants or vagabonds.

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  8. If a person were apprehended as a rogue, he would be stripped to the waist, whipped until bleeding, and a hole, about the compass of an inch about, would be burned through the cartilage of his right ear with a hot iron. A rogue charged with a third-offense would only escape death if someone hired him for two years. The Vagabonds Act of decreed that "unlicensed beggars above fourteen years of age are to be severely flogged and branded on the left ear unless someone will take them into service for two years; in case of a repetition of the offence, if they are over eighteen, they are to be executed, unless someone will take them into service for two years; but for the third offence they are to be executed without mercy as felons.

    Those who returned unlawfully from their place of exile faced death by hanging. The Vagabonds Act banished and transplanted "incorrigible and dangerous rogues" overseas. Any one wandering about and begging is declared a rogue and a vagabond.