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The boys received medical attention after being found alive on July 2. An ambulance believed to be carrying one of the rescued boys heads to the hospital on July Rescuers walk toward the entrance of the cave as rescue operations resumed on July Hospital staff and a police officer are seen during a news conference that was held on July The eight boys that had been rescued on July 8 and 9 were being treated in an isolation ward in a Chiang Rai hospital. Thai police and military officers use umbrellas to shield a rescued boy before he was transported to a hospital on July 9.

An ambulance exits the cave area on July 9. Emergency responders surround a helicopter on July 8. Rescue teams arrange a water-pumping system at the cave's entrance on July 7.

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Ambulances wait outside a hospital where the rescued boys were treated. Thai military personnel walk into a cave during rescue operations. Military personnel work inside a cave. An ambulance leaves the scene of the rescue effort on July 8. The caption said, "We Thai and the international teams join forces to bring the young Wild Boars home.

Family members pray in front of a Buddhist statue near the cave on July 8. Emergency workers carry oxygen tanks as rescue operations begin. Thai soldiers work to connect pipes that help water from entering a cave.

Thai forest rangers examine a map as they review their rescue options on July 8. This image, taken from video on July 2, shows the team trapped inside the cave. That was the day divers found them alive.

Thai diver died from lack of oxygen while trying to rescue soccer team in cave, authorities say

Divers were able to bring food, blankets and other supplies to the boys while experts determined the best way to get them out safely. The team was found around two kilometers 1. The team was found alive by British divers. The search brought rescue teams from all over the world. A Thai military medic provides first aid to one of the boys.

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  5. Thai diver died from lack of oxygen while trying to rescue soccer team in cave, authorities say.
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Kunan died Friday as he returned from an operation to deliver oxygen tanks to the cave. Thai police take a break for breakfast as rescue operations continue on July 4. Water is pumped out of the cave on July 3. Workers fix the road leading to the cave on July 3. Divers prepare a light to be used for the underwater search on July 2. Rescue workers wait at the entrance to the cave on July 2. Some of the team's family members celebrate after receiving news that the team was alive.

Lost consciousness deep inside cave

Technicians lift water pumps to the drilling site on July 1. Soldiers and rescuers work outside the cave complex on July 1.

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Monks attend a Buddhist prayer for the team on July 1. Scuba tanks are delivered to the search site on July 1. Rescue workers carry water-pumping equipment into the cave on July 1. A Thai Air Force worker drops near a possible cave opening on June British cave diver Robert Charles Harper explores an opening on June Relatives of the trapped team members pray on June Family members waited more than a week for news of their loved ones.

Thai soldiers bring hoses and additional water pumps as the search for the team continued on June Volunteer paramedics wait near the cave entrance on June A rescuer looks for a cave entrance on June Rescuers search the cave on June Thai soldiers relay cable at the search site on June Viboonrungruang said his son, nicknamed Titun, had told him their coach, Ekkapol Ake Chantawong, had told the boys to run away from the water and go to higher ground. The rescue ended in success, but weeks ago things looked dire. Inside the freezing cave, the coach and another boy hugged Titun to keep him warm, said his father.

After more than week trapped in the cold and dark, they finally saw a flash light. The boys came down from a small hill inside the cave and shouted for help. Parents of the boys have since been advised by doctors not to speak to the press for at least a month, as they recover from the traumatic experience. The governor has said the 13 may not be extracted at the same time, depending on their condition. They've practiced wearing diving masks and breathing, in preparation for the diving possibility.

The boys, aged , and their year-old coach went exploring in the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in the northern province after a soccer game June Monsoon flooding cut off their escape and prevented rescuers from finding them for nine days. The boys, although skinny, have been described as in good health. Authorities have said the soccer players are being looked after by Thai navy SEALs, including medics, staying with them inside the cave.

Cave rescue experts have said it could be safest to simply supply the boys where they are, and wait for the flooding to subside.

Thai boys trapped in a cave mourn Navy SEAL who died during rescue

That could take months, however, given that Thailand's rainy season typically lasts through October. Experienced divers are wary of taking out the boys through the dark and dangerous waters still in the cave, especially since they are untrained. An international rescue team prepares to enter the cave where a young soccer team and their coach remain trapped. He said while underwater, the rescuer passed out and efforts to resuscitate him failed.

The desk of Duangpetch Promthep, one of 13 members of a soccer team trapped in Tham Luang cave, sits vacant in a classroom of Maesaiprasitsart School in Mae Sai district, Chiang Rai province.