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And is anyone else doing any events? I'm also going to start going around with my school's wind ensemble saxophone section and doing some christmas charoling on our instruments: A duet of John Lennon's Imagine for alto saxophone and piano. It is in F major instead of the normal key of C major so the melody would fit the alto's range better. I have also put up the charts for the individual parts. I did not write this song and I do not own. Serendipity duet for flute and alto saxophone toetowa.

Chloe Watkins - this score was uploaded from laptop, may sound different on mobile phones or devices. Nothing Else Matters for Alto Saxophone duet written with the help of brendanedwards 's scores: Alto Saxophone Duet 2ndTrumpetDude. This is the Mission Impossible Theme arranged for a duet consisting of two alto saxophones. Alto and Bari Sax Blues bigred One of my favorite songs from Disturbed, now composed into a duet for the Eb Alto Saxophone.

This piece, Barissentials or bare essentials is a fun challenging duet for alto saxophone and baritone saxophone. As most British military bands of the day employed between 20 and 30 musicians, the 19 required parts could reasonably be expected to be covered, and the remaining parts could be added or discarded as needed without disturbing the integrity of the work.

The First Suite was a catalysing force that convinced many other prominent composers that serious music could be written specifically for the combination of woodwinds, percussion and brass. The piece was later arranged for brass band by Sydney Herbert, and this arrangement has been used as a contest set test piece on numerous occasions, including for the British regional brass band championships in , and The First Suite has three movements, each with its own character and form.

It is not apparent from the score, but Holst let it be known that the three movements should follow each other without a break.

The complete composition is based upon an eight-bar melody reminiscent of English folk song ; however, the tune is original to Holst. Most notably, the theme statement that initiates the first movement is developed throughout each movement:. This movement, in 3 4 time, is based upon an eight-bar melody initiated by the low brass which repeats sixteen times throughout the piece.

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The rhythm of the theme with its minim — crotchet and crotchet — minim rhythm is believed to be based upon medieval English carols; the " Agincourt Song " from in particular bears a strong resemblance. Holst uses many colourful effects to vary the chaconne theme. These include "band hits" synonymous with the popular term "orchestra hits" in the brass and percussion outlining the notes of the theme while the woodwinds play virtuosic semiquaver runs. The whole passage is marked brilliante or "brilliantly".

Immediately following this is a famous low brass excerpt where they play a quaver line based again on the notes of the theme.

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This section is marked pesante or "heavily" which sharply contrasts with the material directly before. Following this are more variations using mostly combinations of solo instruments including a solo horn, duet between flute and oboe , and solo alto saxophone. This section eventually develops into a minor key.

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Two of the repetitions, the tenth and eleventh, are an inversion of the theme:. Here the mood changes drastically with a funeral march like feel with the dynamics exceptionally soft.

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  • The bass drum and tuba emphasise a hemiola rhythm while a solo euphonium plays the inversion in a minor key. The twelfth repetition, the theme played a third higher, is a famous trombone soli that hints at Holst's earlier years as a trombone player. Then a crescendo poco a poco extends over two more repetitions of the theme.

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    At the height of the crescendo , more hemiola in the brass and saxophones is used to heighten the harmonic interest. The climax is at the top of the crescendo with the theme being stated in almost all of the low instruments.

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    • The higher instruments play soaring counterpoint lines, all of which is marked ff. This powerful coda is difficult to play well, but has very high emotional impact when it is.

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      Nearly all of this movement is devoted to a rhythmic and well-articulated oboe, clarinet and cornet solo. The exploitation of wind band tone colour combinations flavour this movement.

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      While the movement is predominantly light in character, the clarinet has a stirring solo, which is later repeated by other voices:. Then, the euphonium takes us back to the first theme. Finally the second theme is played in a major key while the upper woodwinds play their virtuosic semiquavers, and diminishes to the lowest possible volume. The march is usually played at a march tempo, although many recordings use a faster tempo.

      It opens with a famous bass drum solo, one of the few in the band literature. It features two primary melodies both very contrasting in style. German - English Series: Sonate I Canonic Duet No. Duetto F major M. Suite G minor J. Sonata Eb major W. Duo Bb major, op. Duo A minor, op. Duo concertant G major, op. Duo D major, op. Duo G minor, op. Duo in the Old Style No. Canonic Performance Piece H.