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Crystal never condescends and never lectures: This book is wonderful. If you love language, you need to read this book. The author did an immense amount of research and put it together in a clear and enjoyable way.

The Axemaker'\s Gift: A Double-Edged History of Human Culture

From the deep past to the most recent, he describes how English grew and developed. One of the most amusing passages is where he quoted a serious poem written before "fart" was considered a word not suited for literature. I am reading it again and find that it helps me understand my own mother tongue I used this book in my university course "History of the English Language" which itself was a wonderful course.

Today, a great majority of people speak the English language. Few, especially in my country USA know anything about its origins or history.

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So many struggle with its apparent contradictory rules and baffling words. Why do we have words like through, though, and laugh which have a string of seemingly unimportant silent letters? Why is i come before e except after c a rule when there are so many exceptions?

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Why are double-negatives a "no-no" when other languages use them to emphasize the negative connotation? Why do some speakers have such trouble with syntax?

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Why did we used to have words like "thee" and "thine" but no longer? Many of the answers are detailed within.

I encourage anyone whose native tongue is English to read it. This is a really great book and as there is a lot of material here, it takes quite a while to digest. Very absorbing and fascinating. Only criticism might be that it could have been a little shorter, and the print a little bigger! He covers a huge amount of ground and makes Melvyn Bragg's book look pathetic!

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The Stories of English Author: Synonyms and antonyms of Jeanne in the German dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the German literature, quotes and news about Jeanne. Da schrieb ein Kritiker aus Mainz in den zwanziger Jahren: Gestern war Premiere der 'Jungfrau von Orleans'.

Aber begraben wurde sie erst gestern in unserem Stadttheater. Anke Jeanne Toleikis, Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr im Fachbereich Geschichte Europa - and. Die Moreau wirkte in mehr als Filmproduktionen mit. Stephanie Wodianka Reflektierte Erinnerung: Funktionen und Funktionieren des Mythos: Was bedeutet es aber,