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It's a great start to a new series. May 31, Joan Arning rated it really liked it. Another sweet, clean romance by Debra Clopton!

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History teacher Melody spends the summer doing research at the former stage coach stop belonging to the Turner brothers. I liked the journals left by earlier ancestors and the handsome cowboy! I recommend Treasure Me, Cowboy to others who enjoy contemporary cowboy stories. Mar 17, Samantha rated it liked it. History teacher Melody spends the summer doing research at the former stage coach stop belonging to the Turner brothers, but Seth isn't so happy she is there.

When melody finds a secret map in a old journal. Seth and melody go on a treasure hunt. I recommend Treasure Me, Cowboy to others who enjoy contemporary, clean cowboy stories. Feb 18, Judi rated it really liked it. A really sweet story I do love when a big tough guy is brought to his knees by love. But just because Seth admits it first doesn't mean he will fall into line. Melody's baggage gives him pause. This sweet tale has a good amount of angst and a little bit of mystery and is a good afternoon read.

Feb 13, Will Decker rated it liked it. The first half of the story was okay. I kept thinking it's going to lead into something, but it just petered out in the second half. The characters were shallow and stereotypical, the editing a tad rough around the edges, and absolutely zero in the passion department. This is supposed to be a romance!

Jun 01, Linda Phillips rated it it was amazing. Love needed Melody Heather Family secret that kept her from seeking relationships. Seth do not trust closeness. But there was a spark between them they couldn't ignore. Clopton handled a tough subject well touching upon how family members are affected by the actions of other members. Feb 07, Beverly rated it really liked it. Very current topic drugs combined with history. Author makes it easy to visualize the main characters.

Even though you know they are going to get together, the book gives good feeling. May 16, Mary Baker rated it liked it Shelves: I have enjoyed many books by Debra Clopton, but I found the plot of this story slow reading at times. The behavior of the main characters wasn't convincing to me either, and the ending seemed to be contrived.

The author's writing is good though which is why I kept reading although the actions in the story seemed hurried. Feb 13, Linda Palmer rated it it was amazing. Enjoyable I liked this book. It was a fun read. I like how the main characters change as the story progresses. Would recommend to anyone who likes stories set in Texas. And I like stories set in Texas.

Nov 02, Phycilla Gable rated it it was amazing.

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What a sweet, fun book to read. You want regret taking the time to read this one. And it has no bad words or explicit scenes. So you can read without fear of having your mind cluttered with filth! Jul 29, elaine m. Treasure of the Heart Thank you for this heartwarming story about Melody and Seth. The storyline was exciting and the characters were interesting. I enjoyed the camaraderie of the folks of Mule Hollow and their closeness to God.

I look forward to reading more of your work. Oct 31, Pat Christie rated it it was amazing. Together they hunt for treasure, finding that love is the best reward of the hunt. Dec 29, Terri rated it it was amazing. Wonderfully written This book has wonderful characters that you can relate to. There is problems that alto of people can understand and have faced themselves.

I can't wait to read the others in this series. Apr 18, Mary Beth rated it really liked it. Aug 07, Alice LaJuett rated it it was amazing. Great read This is truly one of the great contemporary reads! It deals head on with the struggles an addicts family go through. I love the characters. I would like to live in this town. Bestselling author Debra Clopton has sold over 2. She writes sweet contemporary and western romances set in Texas and on the beaches of Florida. Her series are clean and wholesome reads and she also writes Christian inspirational romances too.

She is known for her snappy dialogue, cowboy heroes and spunky heroines. The book was good the think I did not like is poor Nate being led by Sandi and believed everything she had to say as truth. He never questioned her after she cleaned out their accounts and left him. When she comes back for a few days he is lead again by her as she takes over.

It takes Charlie and Doris, another student that shows up for the clinic, to get Nate to face Sandi. I liked the relationship between Nate and Charlie and the other support characters were fun to get to know. I did like seeing Lackaduck back into the book from the earlier books and some characters that was named before bounce around in the book. I'm not one to read romance novels. But I love books about cowboys. I was hesitant to post this review because I'm still slightly embarassed by the fact that I read a romance novel, but I totally enjoyed this book and it would be unfair not to.

That's all I expected, or wanted, from this so I was happy. Every time I felt like Charlie was being a Okay, disclaimer: Every time I felt like Charlie was being annoying, I just forced myself to think of the awful Anastasia and her "inner goddess" and suddenly everything was okay.

Her Unlikely Cowboy

Yes, I hate 50 Shades that much. All in all, a fun and quick read. I'd check out her other ranch romance novel for a vacation weekend or something. Feb 16, Shawna The Crazy Bookseller rated it really liked it. Ok so I'm going to try to say this without giving anything away from this book. I have never wanted to slap someone as much as I did this one woman in this book.

It's not the main character Charlie. Trust me you will know who it is when she pops into the picture. One Fine Cowboy follows a common formula of 2 people trying to fight their feelings for each other. Joanne Kennedy's writing skills made it hard for me to put this book down.

Oh how I wish her 3rd book was out now. May 24, Karla rated it liked it Shelves: Not bad, and more of a steamy read then I expected At first I thought, no way am I going to finish this one, then it picked up, Nate grabbed my heart and I was pulling for him. Charlie has some repetitive, gotta go I wasn't sure I would like Charlie at first. I love animals, and I'm all for animal rights, but I don't support PETA and their over the top, at times bullying methods of grabbing headlines. And Charlie sounded like a card carrying member. She's even participated in PETA protests.

Nate doesn't quite know what to make of her either. Especially when she tells him she's here to attend one of his clinics. Because he has no idea what she's talking about.

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Seems his ex-girlfriend flew the coop recently, cleaning out his bank account, but not before printing up a bunch of brochures and collecting four deposits for his non-existent clinic services. But Charlie's car has broken down, and she has no way to leave. Plus her boss would expect her to bring that deposit back with her, which neither she nor Nate have. So the shy, quiet cowboy is forced to come up with a lesson plan and carry on with the promises made in the brochure. Once Nate introduces Charlie to a couple of horses, and she sees his training techniques in action, she chills out with the abuse accusations and becomes quite enamored with one stallion in particular, and of course, despite her disdain for cowboys, with Nate himself.

And I did like her quite well after all. The other three students trickle in one by one, and each individual was quite a character in their own right, though not necessarily who or what they seemed to be upon first meeting them. When the ex-girlfriend puts in an appearance, things get tense and skewered. Nate is the strong sensitive type.

He gets tongue tied very easily and struggles to form a coherent sentence, though the smoldering looks he aims Charlie's way speak loud and clear. I got a little frustrated with him when the ex came back and began taking over his life again, and he let her bully him without standing up to her. But he's a good guy, coming to realize what a crappy relationship they've had, and seeing through Charlie what a real relationship could be like. My only real beef were some inconsistencies that pulled me out of the story.

In one scene, Nate is having trouble sleeping, tossing and turning as he tries to get comfortable on the sofa. He shuffled quietly across the bedroom And then later, he and Charlie are riding together on a horse, him sitting in front of her: There's a bit of humor, some nice descriptions of the Wyoming countryside, a locked attic hiding secrets, some twists and turns in the storyline, and a lot of heart as Nate and Charlie dance around each other, fighting, then being friends, getting closer, then blowing up at each other.

Mar 15, Romancing the Book rated it it was amazing Shelves: The books focus on rough, tough and devastatingly sexy cowboys and the woman who are in someways their downfall but also their saviors. To top it all off she changed his ranch into a horse whisperer learning school without telling him of course pocketing the cash. What I also liked about the book is that you get to learn about horses and how to handle them, I also learned that real love can be found in the most unexpected places with the most interesting of men!

I certainly never knew that keeping my hands behind my back would let the horse trust me in some way, very interesting and amidst it all a story of a beautiful western romance. Watch out for this author she is going to offer many more delicious cowboys for us to feast on! Jan 16, Wendy Hines rated it really liked it. But when she arrives on the supposedly lavish dude ranch, the brochure pictures looks nothing like the reality, she is stuck. Her car breaks down almost there and it will take a week for it to be fixed. The only person on the ranch is Nate Shawcross, a rangy cowboy without alot of words.

Nate's not surprised that his ex-girlfriend Sandi concocted the idea, but Sandi' Charlie Banks, New Jersey grad student and avid PETA member, heads to the desolate plains of Wyoming to research horse whispering. Nate's not surprised that his ex-girlfriend Sandi concocted the idea, but Sandi's recently left for greener pastures. To boot, she's cleaned out all of his bank accounts. He is flat broke and doesn't see how he is going to feed him and Charlie, let alone any other students who may be on their way to the ranch.

Charlie has a plan. Finish school, then get a good job. Falling in love with Nate is not in the plans. Nate wants Charlie to stay but isn't sure how to tell her. But then Sandi comes back, and convinces Nate he'll have to sell the ranch if he wants to keep their daughter Sam. And along the way, Charlie helps Nate with the animals and keeping "house" for all of the other guests that showed up. Charlie knows Nate is not in the plan, but can she work it out? Nate wants Charlie, but he'll give her up if it costs him his daughter.

These two will have to do some fancy whispering of their own if they want a future together. One of my favorite parts was when an older student put her bags in the front of the bed of the truck, just so she could watch Nate's denim clad butt wiggle and squirm to get it. Charlie and Nate have a tender, yet spicy romantic relationship, and it was a delight to watch them together. Joanne Kennedy writes a darn good romance, and I will be looking for her next novel.

May 21, Wendy rated it it was ok. I was so hopeful that this was a good book - an emotionally 'wounded' cowboy, a heroine who comes to his rescue And, now, after reading this, I will never be able to look at another frozen turkey dinner without grossing myself out. Let's start with the hero I get the wanting to bring something new to the book, so we have an emotionally wounded hero - which I know, we all want a man who is so damaged by previous relationships that we want to take him home and keep him, as a stray Nails on a chalkboard would be a more pleasant experience than listening to Charlie.

There should have been a warning somewhere on the book that she was a card carrying member of PETA - refer to comment about turkey dinner There was no redeeming qualities I could find to make me even start to like her - and for the life of me, I could not understand why Charlie was any better than his ex-Sandi. A clinic with a horse whisperer? That was the hope of four or five people who ventured into an out-of-the-way place in Wyoming, who found a run-down ranch and a discouraged rancher with empty coffers thanks to an ex-live-in-girlfriend who decided to "clean him out.

It is a rather complicated story because of the background characters, all of whom are really different, and the on-again-off-again appearance of the ex-girlfriend who is trying to take even more cash out of the ranch. Add in the rancher's daughter and you have kind of an emotional soup. It certainly kept my interest because the cast of characters was rather bazaar, but there were times that I didn't feel the story flowed very well. That being said, it was not boring, nor was it simplistic. Joanne Kennedy has a number of cowboy romance novels to her credit and she is definitely not a novice.

This is really about the clash of cultures: Jun 22, Jacky Faber rated it really liked it Shelves: Joanne Kennedy has a great sense of humor. Her portrayal of Nate, the cowboy and Charlie the New Jersy city girl psych grad student I thought was right on. Two wounded people who needed each other. I also totally understood Charlie's reluctance to get involved with Nate. Charlie wanted a career, she wanted to make a difference in the world, she wanted and needed more than just to be married and have Joanne Kennedy has a great sense of humor. Charlie wanted a career, she wanted to make a difference in the world, she wanted and needed more than just to be married and have kids.

She was trying to remain true to herself. I think that is unusual in most romance books. The HEA almost always involves the two people getting married, having children with the conclusion that this will certainly be enough to make the woman ecstatically happy ever after. The reality for most contemporary women is that yes, having a family is great but we need more than that to be truly happy. Also, Charlie being a vegetarian was a great touch. A tough thing to be in beef country Wyomming. Oct 15, Jenn Baker rated it really liked it. In her debut novel, Cowboy Trouble my review is here , I felt there was a little nativity to the story.

Not in this one. Joanne knocked my socks off! I loved this book. I have reread it many times since I finished it two weeks ago. I love the characters, Nate and Charlie. I wanted to be in that stall with Charlie when she connects with Junior. When Nate gets injured, I wanted to be there to help him out.

I love connecting to characters like that. I think I also loved this novel because when I was in High School, my best friend and I wanted a horse training center of our own but we also wanted to work with at risk kids.

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So this novel also hit an emotional cord with me, and very few novels do that. Jan 01, Trudy Dowling rated it it was amazing. I can't believe I am saying this but Keiffer's story was worth the wait. I am no longer pouting. I am no longer frustrated. He is such a troubled should You have read the other books right? He has been running for so long. Going to help his sister seems the answer --a few weeks around family, get them off his back --and then run again. Keiffer and Caitlin had a thing, twice before.

The solution-avoidance, after all he i I can't believe I am saying this but Keiffer's story was worth the wait. The solution-avoidance, after all he is good at it. She touched his soul when he had one. She held his heart before it shattered. Nothing is ever that easy. Her sister lives on the ranch Keiffer will be working. She works as a vet tech, visiting the ranch frequently. There is love within the darkness. You just have to be open to it.

Feb 23, Katherine Horvath rated it it was amazing. Loved all the emotions that were put into this story! There were a lot of Hot Cowboy's with a lot of Steam. Love all the characters because they work so well together. Dec 30, Debbie Collins rated it it was amazing.

I have always had a soft spot for Keiffer Wyne, and so wanted him to have a happy life, and I have to say that Donna Michaels did not disappoint with this one. Not only did a lot of the characters from the series make an appearance in this book but Keiffer meets up with a woman from his past, Caitlin Ryan. A woman who makes him feel and that is the one thing that he doesn't want to do.

When Keiffer agrees to go to Harland County to watch over his sister Brandy while her husband Kade is out of town, he knows he will probably see Caitlin, but he never expected to see her on his first day back. Caitlin has always been a "fixer" but Keiffer wants no part of that and cannot wait until it is time for him to leave. I give this book five amazing stars,but is really deserves more, it was a very touching, heartbreaking and emotional read.

Donna Michaels did a fantastic job writing Keiffer's story, I could feel his pain, guilt and suffering. The scenes with Benny the horse will tug at your heartstrings too! Dec 13, Emily rated it it was amazing. I have been anxious to see what happened with Keiffer. This story does not disappoint. I loved Keiffer and Caitlin's story!

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Packed full of hot cowboys, passion, emotion, overcoming tragedy and loss, entertaining and interesting characters, and so much more. I loved catching up with everyone in Harland County. This is a wonderful addition to these two awesome series. Highly recommend to all fans of romance, hot cowboys, series, and close family and friends. Jan 05, Cynthia Gallaher rated it it was amazing.