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It instantly improves our mood and can even lift us out of depression. We can also boost our wellbeing by spending time outdoors, eating healthily, unplugging from technology and getting enough sleep. Have you ever felt there must be more to life? Good news — there is. We just need to stop and take notice.

It helps us get in tune with our feelings and stops us dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Learning affects our wellbeing in lots of positive ways.

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It exposes us to new ideas and helps us stay curious and engaged. It also gives us a sense of accomplishment and helps boost our self-confidence and resilience. There are many ways to learn new things throughout our lives, not just through formal qualifications. We can share a skill with friends, join a club, learn to sing, play a new sport and so much more. Feeling good about the future is really important for our happiness.

We all need goals to motivate us and these have to be challenging enough to excite us, but also achievable. If we try to attempt the impossible, this creates unnecessary stress. Choosing meaningful but realistic goals gives our lives direction and brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when we achieve them. All of us have times of stress, loss, failure or trauma in our lives. How we respond to these events has a big impact on our wellbeing. We often cannot choose what happens to us, but we can choose how we react to what happens.

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They also help us perform better, broaden our perception, increase our resilience and improve our physical health. But so often we compare a negative view of ourselves with an unrealistic view of other people. Learning to accept ourselves, warts and all, and being kinder to ourselves when things go wrong increases our enjoyment of life, our resilience and our wellbeing.

It also helps us accept others as they are. People who have meaning and purpose in their lives are happier, feel more in control and get more out of what they do. They also experience less stress, anxiety and depression. But where do we find meaning and purpose? It might come from doing a job that makes a difference, our religious or spiritual beliefs, or our family. The answers vary for each of us but they all involve being connected to something bigger than ourselves.

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For more about the 10 keys to happier living, check out the 10 keys guidebook and take the happy habits quiz. Do things for others Caring about others is fundamental to our happiness. Action ideas Do three extra acts of kindness today. Offer to help, give away your change, pay a compliment, or make someone smile. Anyone can change the world.

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Welcome to join the movement. All over the world actions are taken to make our planet more sustainable. See some of them below and find more in the News and Action sections. We are here to support organizations that are committed to contributing toward the success of the Global Goals. You will find tools, tactics, and actions you can use….

Every day girls around the world are fighting for their freedom. This International Day of the Girl - join them and raise your voice. You will find all media content and graphic assets in the Resources section. The 17 Goals In , world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by Goal 1 1 No Poverty. End poverty in all its forms everywhere. Goal 2 2 Zero Hunger. Goal 3 3 Good Health and well-being. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.


Goal 4 4 Quality Education. Goal 5 5 Gender Equality.

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Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Goal 6 6 Clean Water and Sanitation. Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. Goal 7 7 Affordable and Clean Energy. Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. Goal 8 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth. Goal 9 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Goal 10 10 Reduced Inequalities.

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Reduce inequality within and among countries. Goal 11 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Goal 12 12 Responsible Consumption and Production.