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Since Blindsighted, Karen has published 17 other novels in the past 13 years. Karin has been awarded and nominated for several local and international awards throughout her career as a writer. Blindsighted was nominated for major awards including a Dagger, a Barry, and a Macavity. She also won an award from the American Association of People with Disabilities for having her character, Will Trent, have dyslexia. Karin is well known for her brutal and bloody novels, and she responds to the question of why in the Frequently Asked Questions page on her website.

For how many years, women were silent about these crimes despite the fact that we were most likely the victims. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Scott Bolton is an indie author who after 14 years away, returned to his H. Scott Bolton has a lot of plans for new books this year and the first book in the H. Fist series is free on the Kindle. Give it a Try. Will Trent Books In Order.

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Let us know - we're continually adding new authors and characters daily. Monthly Poll How often do you recommend the books you read? So I would just say that if you're considering reading this series, definitely don't start with this one. They should be read in order anyway I put the order in my review of the first book, Blindsighted , and the others are much, much better. I'm still a big fan of this author's work, but for the first time, I'm going to be anticipating the next one with muted expectations. Fingers crossed she returns to her usual excellent form next year.

View all 25 comments. When a college student goes missing and Amanda Wagner refuses to let Will Trent participate, ensuing events resurrect the case that launched her career and expose the roots of his parentage. Their early obstacles faced as the first women in a police department run rampant with sexism and racism were daunting.

The fact that they not only persevered but s When a college student goes missing and Amanda Wagner refuses to let Will Trent participate, ensuing events resurrect the case that launched her career and expose the roots of his parentage. The fact that they not only persevered but succeeded is more than admirable. That first case was awful because of the nature of the crimes, the underbelly of the part of the city they were investigating and the rotten politics of their own department. Now, the man they captured for the crimes has been released from prison and young women are disappearing again.

However, I really liked how it all unfolded and I wouldn't have appreciated it as much without that background. And, I now understand Amanda's relationship with Will, its origins and reasons behind the current dynamics. Sara also plays an important role and I loved how their relationship evolved. The narration was solid, never overpowering the story, which would have been easy to do.

Another outstanding story in the series. View all 11 comments. Aug 16, D. Woodling rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The sheer fact that Will Trent survived birth is a miracle in itself. Dyslexic, uncertain, and orphaned from day one, he is banished to a rudimentary orphanage. Will beats the odds and becomes a gifted agent for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Forty years following the kidnapping, rape, and murder of several Atlanta prostitutes, the ho The sheer fact that Will Trent survived birth is a miracle in itself.

Forty years following the kidnapping, rape, and murder of several Atlanta prostitutes, the horror begins again with the abduction and slaughter of Georgia Tech sophomore Ashleigh Snyder. The novel, though occasionally tedious and lackluster, does awaken readers to the sexist battles endured by female law enforcement officers some four decades ago. View all 6 comments. Aug 23, Scott Archer rated it it was ok Shelves: Slaughter needs to rethink the series going forward.

I had many problems getting through this book. The actual criminal plot takes forever to get moving. Too much of the first half is devoted to the ongoing personal sagas that are pretty much identical for each character as in earlier novels e. Will's inability to articulate or share problems with Sarah, Will's dyslexia, Will's absurd attachment to his witch of an ex-wife. It's like a broken record. A good police thriller should at least Slaughter needs to rethink the series going forward.

A good police thriller should at least devote half of the novel focusing on the investigation and story. The rest of the book is devoted to the soap opera among the characters and Ms. Slaughter impressing us with her knowledge of Atlanta roads, buildings and news events. The author knows Atlanta inside and out.

I live in these same neighborhoods. But much of what she shares is unrelated to the story. It is just filler.

Publication Order of Will Trent Books

Did she really need to weave in the story of Atlanta's "Runaway Bride"? And did I really need a description of the linoleum pattern on the floor in some 's apartment of one of the characters? The back and forth between the 's and current time was confusing and just not necessary. I really think Slaughter did this just to work in more tangential stories about Atlanta in the 70's. Slaughter needs to focus on one or two central characters in each book.

And if there were not enough female characters to keep track of, Slaughter then introduces the POV of a half dozen or more female prostitutes and their histories. I just could not keep them all straight and by the time the book returned to a character, I had forgotten what was going on with them. If you have not read the other Slaughter books, you will not have a clue about these characters. No attempt is made to bring the reader up to speed, or let you know that Sara and Will are a couple, or the familial relation between Faith and Evelyn, etc.

Some of the police behavior is this book was truly unbelievable and unprofessional: One police officer goes to a dangerous building with her partner to interview a drugged out dangerous pimp. The officer allows her partner to be sexually molested by the pimp without intervening, but then she finally musters up the courage to hit the pimp with her purse, a tactic she had to resort to because she never loads her gun as her husband doesn't approve of guns in the house. A police officer would lose his or her badge if such an event ever happened.

Yet in this novel thee is no investigation, discipline or even any criticism. Instead the characters just joke about it. Also, I work in a field where I am around Atlanta police officers. The officers I deal with speak to each other in a professional manner, especially at crime scenes and when actually performing their job duties. Good friends on the force may tease each other, but I just do not believe that police officers are so rude and aggressive with each other at crime scenes, etc. Slaughter is falling into the old cliched plot device that requires all cops in police procedurals to behave and act rudely to each other.

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Its like Slaughter has been reading one too many Harry Bosch or Mikey Haller novels and is employing the rude dialogue seen in Connelly's books. I wanted to give this 1 star but did not want to be the only reviewer marking it that low. I have liked some previous books by Slaughter, but she is developing some bad habits. This book was an annoying stinker.

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View all 24 comments. Oct 19, Mo rated it it was amazing. Sometimes it's criminal what a woman has to do. But, it had to be done to get to the in's and out's of the matter. Will's background, Amanda and Evelyn's early years in the Police Force. No one wanted Will, either. He'd spent most of his early life being checked in and out of the children's home like a dog-eared library book This book has a dual pers "You know how it is with men.

This book has a dual perspective. Honestly, for most of the book when we were in the 70s, I wasn't that interested. The story was good but I want to be with Will and Sara. Will stared into her eyes, wishing he could read her mind. He didn't understand Sara Linton. She wasn't storing up information to later use against him. She wasn't jabbing her thumb into open wounds. She wasn't like any woman he'd met in his life. There is a lot going on in this book. A lot of information to keep up with. We see a younger version of Amanda.

Did it change my opinion of her. Yes, I suppose it did. She has to be a tough nut to survive in a "man's world" but there were some moments where I could see the "softer side" of her. She is still a bitch though. Better off going in blind. The story will weave it's way into you.

Will Trent

Could she love this man? Could she see herself being part of his life? Anyway, better shut up. This is a great series and the author has said there is more Will Trent to come! What about Angie, I hear you say? She is still in the picture.. They'd been connected to each other for nearly three decades. Their anger was like a magnet between them. Sometimes it pulled them together. Most times it pushed them apart.

Off to start the next one This might just be my favorite in the series! I really enjoyed the back story, getting to see where Amanda and the girls started, how they had to fight to get acknowledgment. I must say the research Slaughter put in to make this book so amazing was just astonishing. You get to live in , that's how good the portrayal is. This series is really one of my all time favorites! Slaughter kind of dedicate each book to a different character and we get to know the in-depth story about them.

This book fo This might just be my favorite in the series! This book focused on Amanda and Will. And boy was it good to get to know and love these characters even more - lets be honest we all loved Will, Amanda was not so easy to like let alone love. But Criminal shows us we can love the villain if provided an excellent back story. I can't wait to see where Slaughter will take us next! This was the best in the series so far the characters never seem to lose their genuine appeal. Their case in the past ties into the case being worked in the present, and it all involves Will.

Both cases were pretty engrossing. I now know why Amanda is a tough bitch, and I don't blame her one bit. It's appalling if that's the way women were treated on the police force back in the early '70s. Criminal sheds more light on Will's history. The dreaded Angie makes an appearance. Thank goodness it was a short one! Whatever comes out of her mouth is poison. Sara is the complete opposite, as Will is happily discovering. Love Will and Sara together!

I love Karin slaughter books,for me this one was lacking I would give it a 3. Mar 29, Linda rated it it was amazing. I have read Karins books from day one. I love the characters so much they feel like old friends. We also find out about his boss Amanda's early life in the police force where it was obvious women weren't welcome. Told in present and past time, this was, to me, yet again a wonderful piece of story tel I have read Karins books from day one. Told in present and past time, this was, to me, yet again a wonderful piece of story telling.

Jul 20, Jean rated it really liked it. The Vietnam War ended. Gerald Ford was President. Margaret Thatcher was chosen to lead the British Conservative Party. Women and blacks in the Atlanta Police Department — and probably elsewhere in the US — had an uphill climb. In the unhurried double story line, Ms. Slaughter constructs two paths, brick Slaughter constructs two paths, brick by brick, laying out the details of two similar cases.

For Slaughter fans accustomed to seeing a shocking murder on page one, this book may be frustratingly slow. Her twisted killer certainly has a unique approach to controlling his victims. Through Amanda and the two cases some forty years apart, Will finds the missing links to his past. The story begins with Lucy Bennett in She is bright, inquisitive, and independent. Eventually, her desire for independence gets her into trouble with drugs and prostitution.

There are more young women like her, perhaps more than we need to see, because it makes the plot quite complex. No one takes them seriously, so when they attempt to investigate the murder of one of the prostitutes, the male officers on the case become enraged. As for Will, he is distraught, angry, and anxious. Forbidden by Amanda to be involved with the case, he nonetheless inserts himself whenever and wherever he can.

He desperately wants Sara in his life, yet he pushes her away, not trusting that she can truly love him if she knows everything about him. You can read that in the summary or in other reviews. I barely noted any information about the book before I started reading. I simply jumped right in. I soon found myself immersed in this journey. I admit that I felt more invested in the past more than in the present. Getting there was more like travelling an unsavory version of Lombard Street than North Dakota Highway 46, but, like Agent Trent, I am relieved to have answers. While it does have tension and suspense, Criminal is not the edge-of-your-seat thriller that Slaughter often gives us but a carefully paved road to somewhere different.

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Yes, I enjoyed the mystery. I also came away from it respecting the history of the struggle for equality for women and people of minority groups and thankful for the courage of all who fought — and still fight — for opportunity and fairness. Today, when we read of police officers who are abusing their authority, it is good to remember that there are many, many more in public service, like the fictional Amanda and Evelyn, who care about the people on the fringes of society.

Thank you, Karin Slaughter, for another top-notch experience. View all 5 comments. If you're a fan of the gang from Atlanta, you'll have to read this. It tells about the history of Will, his boss at the GBI Amanda, his partner's mother and Amanda's friend Evelyn, not to mention Will's mother, father, and uncle. The story takes place during several timelines, one of which is "the present". It gets confusing at times, especially with an audiobook, and takes a little getting used to.

There is the ever ongoing backstory of the evolving and devolving of the romance between Will a If you're a fan of the gang from Atlanta, you'll have to read this. There is the ever ongoing backstory of the evolving and devolving of the romance between Will and Sara. I'm looking forward to reading the next books in the series while I can remember this story.

Oct 26, Piper rated it it was amazing Shelves: It took me forever to read it- but only due to personal circumstances. I may come back with a full review later. Right now though- I'm moving on to Unseen. View all 12 comments. May 21, Ariana Fae rated it it was amazing. All her signature strengths are amplified a hundredfold by the past explaining the present. Even better this formula: In each instalment of this series we learn more and more and unwrap layer by layer these characters' lives..

For such addictive reading and great story telling, I'll even put up with horrible crimes and heinous killers! Lisa - Aussie Girl Thanks ladies. It was a fantastic book. Jun 13, Angela Risner rated it it was ok. I love Karin Slaughter's books and her characters. I was excited to receive this book before the date of publication. This book focuses on way too many storylines and characters: We have Will Trent, who is still married to Angie, still in love with Sara, still in angst over his childhood.

Both are featured in present-day chapters as well as flashbacks to We have five prostitutes who have disappeared or were murdere I love Karin Slaughter's books and her characters. We have five prostitutes who have disappeared or were murdered. That is a lot to keep track of, my friends, a LOT. Will, I get the whole I had a crappy childhood and my father is a monster thing. And for the love of all things holy, get Angie out of your life. She breaks into Sara's house and leaves creepy notes.

I mean, hello, if you love Sara, you should be protecting her from your crazy ex. It was interesting to see the background of Evelyn and Amanda's relationship. I didn't know that women were treated like that, as I was just born around that time. I didn't have to break any glass ceilings. It's disgusting that men thought it was okay to talk to women this way. The five prostitutes who have disappeared or were murdered. No one cared about them because they were women. Today, no one cares about them because they are prostitutes. But throwing 5 of them in there just confused the crap out of me.

I still am not sure who was related to whom and who lived and who died. There were just a lot of continuity issues with this book. Too many characters and not enough of the ones we have grown to love. I wouldn't read it again. Jul 14, Debra rated it really liked it.

I know I am most likely in the minority here, but this book was just okay for me. It did not move as fast as previous books in this series. Plus, I wanted more of Will and Sara. This book does give us a lot of information on the back stories of several characters: Amanda, Evelyn and Will. We, the reader, are shown how Amanda and Evelyn started their careers as police officers. How their friendship evolved, how the investigated their cases, what it was like to be a woman officer in the Seventies. We also learned more about what happened to Will's Mother and of course, his father.

The book begins when female college student goes missing. Amanda tells Will he is not on the case and to stay away. Perplexed, he agrees and takes Sara on a walk to show her where he grew up in an attempt to open up to her, unexpectedly he runs into Amanda at his own group home. The past and present collide in this book.

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  • I think the information provided is important but it just did not hook me as much as the previous books did. I am thankful for the backstories but this book just wasn't a page turner for me. Liked it - didn't love it. I'm still going to dive in the next book in the series! See more of my reviews at www.

    Jul 04, Dotti Elrick rated it it was amazing. I love this series and this author. This new book is no exception. And Will finally gets some of the answers he's been looking for. He learns a little more about the strange relationship he has with his boss Amanda Wagner. This story is told in two parts. Two crimes that take place 30 years apart. Both involving Will and Amanda. Atlanta, , women are not a welcome or wanted part of the Atlanta Police I love this series and this author.