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Tell me, how does a high-school dropout become one of the brightest minds at Roman, Inc.? Historically, I've had this problem with — with authority — no offense — so I realized the only way to get away with being me was to be as indispensable as possible. You have that spark, that thing that makes humans so special. Not everyone has it, you know. Those people — they can be replaced.

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But people like you Thought he could bring down the whole company. Let's keep him wrong. Break it open and bring it to me. They know your mugs. What if we mailed in the flask? Then I could ghost through the joint. I mean, it's not like Dick can kill me twice. What, you got a better plan? Just because I'm dead doesn't mean I don't know how to do my damn job. You know it's not something you can just shake off.

The screen reads Access granted! Roman said to bring it right to him. Sodium borate — commonly known as Borax. Decapitation… Splash them liberally. Then put that head in a box. These are the Superman of monsters. Send it to the moon if you can. Take your face, your memory — the works. The top boss is Mr. He runs the show. We're through the looking glass.

Blood is black, and black is blood. Don't turn your back. Get out of the building. Get out of the county. PETE is walking to his car. I'm gonna want a watchful eye kept. Bruce Springsteen, Eli Manning, our own little Charlie — you know what they are? You're more of a Tim Tebow, Joe Biden type. You got no spark in you. In fact, there's nothing in you She pauses and looks around, then shakes her head and continues packing. No, I just wasn't I will be in first thing. Got to go — cramps. The head of the Darth Vader figurine is moving. As she opens it, DEAN slams it shut.

You want us to prove it? You know what borax does to them? And, rest assured, no one works harder for you than Sucrocorp.

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Here at Sucrocorp, your well-being is our number-one priority. Sucrocorp — eat well, live well. So, there are other monsters? Okay, I get how you tracked the drive — straight GPS — but it's still at the office. How did you find me? So you're telling me everything he had on his drive is true. The desktop background is Arwen from The Lord of the Rings. DEAN All we know is that Dick has been digging all over the world, and we need to know what he's looking for. I met someone, downloaded the new Robyn album. Everything was coming up me. Dick's e-mail isn't on the company server.

It's on a private one, in his office. But I sure as hell ain't doing it. I am doing my job and What are the chances I see everything on that drive and Dick lets me live anyway? Then I go back to my old life, right? DEAN It's not that easy. You're on Dick's radar, which means you don't have an old life anymore. Might as well break into Dick's office, too.

But these things are gonna eat everyone I know. What kind of douchebag stands by for that? However, I have never broken into anything in real life before, so I can put each camera on a prerecorded loop. Once I do that, she'll have 15 minutes. DEAN Hitched a ride after we told him to cool his jets? What the hell's he thinking?

7.20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo (Transcript)

DEAN Yeah, no problem. Look, that's, uh, kind of a family heirloom. It's a good-luck charm, okay, so don't lose it. No, I can't do it. I can't do it. Well, uh, all right, did Hermione run when Sirius Black was in trouble or when Voldemort attacked Hogwarts? She actually saves Harry in practically every book. And then she ends up with the wrong —.

SAM hits a button on the laptop so that the footage of the empty elevator will play on a loop. The security guard in the foyer looks at security footage. The shot of the elevator flickers and he taps the screen. CHARLIE gets back into the elevator, takes the strip off her security pass, puts it onto another one pass she is wearing and hits the button for level The security guard sits back, apparently happy with the footage. DEAN Okay, when you've seen him, does he look at you, or does he just kind of slide his eyes by? He always kind of smiles a bit.

I don't really —. What you're gonna do is you're gonna walk right up to him, and you're gonna flirt your way past. Do you have any tattoos? Give him a little sneak peek there. All tattoos are sexy. What, do you work out with all your free time? Y-you don't know that bar — Stop Laughing Sammy? Hey, can I ask you a favor? The ladies' room downstairs is nasty. Can I use the exec washroom to powder my nose? Um, it's right down the hall. It's the first door on the right.

Doofy the Dragon - Season 2 Episode 3 - The Electric Chair (SML)

After she walks away, BILL covers his mouth with his hand to check his breath. She plugs in a thumb drive and runs a password generator. BILL uses his key to unlock the door. I am always forgetting things. Do you know what else I forgot to do? She grabs her thumb drive from the computer. DEAN You know what? From now on, we just stay in the van and send in the pound girl. SAM Dean, every chomper on earth knows our face.

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How many do you think are in that building? We wouldn't make it past the lobby. Doesn't mean I got to be happy about sending in freaking Veronica Mars. She starts to transfer the contents of the thumb drive to a WiFi I. Hit that deadline, right? Looking at travel reports, expenses Something in his suitcase left Iran last week. Spent the last 72 hours in armored cars and private planes. Whatever it is, it's coming here for Dick tonight.

So, w-what the hell is it?

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DEAN I don't know. Whatever it is, he wants it bad, which means we got to grab it, end of story. A courier's set to pick it up. DEAN We can try. Uh, all right, Charlie, one more favor, and then get the hell out of there.

She gets up to leave, then gasps: A suitcase slides along the ground and one of the pilots picks it up. He shakes hands with the pilots. Suitcase still en route, but diverted by weather and will be 30 minutes late. This time we see a close-up of his face: SAM takes a blue case from the baggage cart and puts it on the ground, and puts the gray case on the baggage cart.

SAM takes the gray case off the baggage cart and walks away with it. He is joined by DEAN. DEAN That's a good question. Why don't we answer that a few thousand miles away from here, though? Now where is Charlie?

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What's the thought process? Walk me through it, and ix-nay the jargon. Nothing's safe if you poke at it long enough. But that isn't what I'm asking, Charlie. Your spark — it's one in a million. Believe me, but when you got it, you invent guns and iPads and viruses, and, holy crap, you can be crafty. What is that, Charlie? Bring it up to my office. I'll be right there. Stay here, will you? I'll be back in two shakes. Inside is a bottle of Power Clean, hooked up to a bomb. The bomb ticks and goes off.

His face is also burned. She reaches them to find them locked. BOBBY puts his hands against the doors. The security guard from the foyer approaches. PETE yells and brown smoke rises from his face. SAM punches the security guard. PETE continues to sizzle and scream. I'm gonna pass out now. Now get it back, before they figure the damn thing out! Worst good-luck charm ever.

You think my name is really Charlie Bradbury? So, good luck saving the world.

SAM But if he really goes there, he won't be anymore, and then we won't be able to pull him back. And then what are we supposed to do? Look, let's just figure out what that thing we stole is, and then we'll figure out what the hell to do with Bobby.

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Robbie Thompson Directed by: Johnny MacCarthy Air Date: The wall behind him is covered with research. SAM Yeah, I hear you. Well, thanks for looking. SAM sits down on the sofa. DEAN Yeah, 'cause they got nothing in common. DEAN sits on the arm of the sofa. Sorry for the jump scare. DEAN So how does this work, huh? I leave the cap off and you just genie your way out?

SAM Uh — uh, April. They're getting ready to build something. And we're the beef.