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Vin asks for advice about love, and about whether she should be with Elend or someone more like her. Vin leaves and Elend appears to ask for similar advice of Sazed. Sazed thinks they were meant for each other and that he must make sure they are not in Luthadel when it is conquered.

Breeze gets a secret request in writing to meet Sazed. Breeze goes to the meeting which is also attended by Clubs, Hammond and Dockson. They discuss the possibility of Straff withdrawing and the koloss attacking. Sazed wants to stay and defend the city but send away Elend and Vin, along with Spook and Tindwyl. Vin goes to the secret chamber within Kredik Shaw where the Lord Ruler spent time. She isn't sure why she went there, however, and leaves. Zane is awoken by a special alarm and kills a would-be assassin. He goes to confront Straff, who attempts to bribe Zane with inheritance and atium.

Zane counters by saying that Straff should withdraw and allow Luthadel to be attacked by the koloss, and that Vin was going to leave with Zane. Zane departs, fetching a never-worn mistborn cloak and some vials of metals and beads of atium. He reflects on the hemalurgic spike in his chest. Vin broods about her perceived failures and listens to a distant thumping which she realizes is the Well of Ascension being restored to power.

OreSeur tells Vin that he doesn't like Terrismen since they are difficult to imitate, but has done so since they are always around powerful people. Vin notices the mists behaving oddly, staying indoors without vanishing for a long period of time. Zane appears and tries to get Vin to leave Luthadel with him. She almost does, but realizes that she values Elend's trust in her, and declines. Zane is angered and attacks Vin. Vin issues a command to OreSeur to give her the atium he was holding for her but he ignores her, and instead obeys Zane who is revealed to be his real master.

Zane calls the kandra TenSoon. Vin realizes that TenSoon is the spy.

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As Zane and Vin fight, TenSoon cries out about how Vin knows about kandra, giving aid to Vin by reminding her of his weakness. She burns duralumin and brass, and is able to use soothing to control TenSoon. She takes the bead of atium from TenSoon though it only had a few seconds worth of atium, and it runs out quickly, as Zane intended. However, she uses Zane's dependance on atium to somehow feint him into revealing where she was going to attack, and diverts her dagger to where Zane didn't anticipate it, stabbing him in the neck and killing him.

Zane lies dying, realizing that Vin somehow tricked him despite his burning atium. He thinks that Vin was special because the voice of Ruin which claimed to be God never told him to kill her. Ruin tells him that of course he didn't want Zane to kill Vin, and that he was never insane. Vin watches as Zane perishes, then tells TenSoon to take his body, since the wolfhound body is critically injured, but TenSoon declines, stating he can patch together this body and another wolfhound body that Vin provided.

TenSoon says that his contract is void since Zane is dead and that he must return to the kandra homeland, and asks forgiveness from Vin for his betrayals. TenSoon says that he has betrayed his people by revealing how allomancers could control kandra, and says good bye. Vin goes to Elend. Elend considers his options for dealing with Jastes' koloss army. Vin appears, injured from her fight, and tells Elend that she killed his brother Zane, which shocks him.

Elend summons Sazed to provide medical care for Vin. Vin speaks of Elend's and Kelsier's capacity for trust and proposes to Elend and he accepts. Sazed performs a brief Larsta ceremony and declares them married. Sazed mentions the Well of Ascension as a solution to their problems and advises Elend to accompany Vin to the Well to the north in the Terris mountains on the Derytatith peak.

Sazed also advocates letting Straff take Luthadel to increase the odds of a peaceful transition while Elend rebels from outside the city. Sazed also thinks that the Synod would assist Elend militarily if he asked. Elend and Vin plan to leave the next day, along with Tindwyl and Spook. Sazed watches Elend and Vin leave, thinking to himself about how he lied about the Well of Ascension to save their lives by tricking them into leaving before Luthadel falls, and wonders about how history will judge his interventionist tendencies.

Elend prepares to depart for the Well of Ascension, while Tindwyl berates him for abandoning his people. Tindwyl questions Elend's and Vin's belief in the supernatural properties of the Well of Ascension. Elend grows angry and orders Tindwyl to leave, though he agrees to deliver a package to the Synod in Tathingdwen. Spook arrives, as does Allrianne, and she convinces them to allow her to join their company, stating that Breeze ordered her to leave the city.

They leave the city through the Tin Gate, stating to the guards that they are going for help and will return. A group of archers tries to intercept them outside the city but Vin fights them off. Allrianne then parts ways with them. Sazed tells Breeze that Tindwyl decided to stay, but he doesn't know why. Clubs derides the Church of the Survivor and says that he doesn't like Demoux preaching to his soldiers.

Clubs also states that Sazed's beliefs are situational and inconsistent, a point that Sazed does not contend. Hammond observes there is a large amount of smoke coming from the koloss camp. Straff, feeling ill, receives a messenger who brings news of riders escaping from the city. Straff collapses to the ground, dizzy, and tells the guard Grent to summon Amaranta. She arrives and begins preparing an antidote but Straff realizes that something is wrong, and burns tin to increase his level of alertness.

Straff realizes that Amaranta was sleeping with Zane, and she says that Zane had never poisoned him, but that rather his illness was due to withdrawal from a drug she was addicting him to. Angered, Straff strangles Amaranta and prepares a haphazard antidote by mixing various herbs into boiling water, drinks it and falls unconscious. Allrianne arrives at her father's army escorted by bandits that she used Rioting and the promise of a reward to manipulate into helping her.

She confronts her father and argues that he should turn his army back to Luthadel instead of proceeding to their home dominance to improve their chances of survival. Elend, Vin, and Spook break camp, confident that they have eluded Straff's scouts, though Spook does state that there is something following them, and Vin responds that it is the mysterious mist spirit.

Straff wakes up after being unconscious for almost three days. He issues orders to move their army back to their home dominance to give time for Zane's machinations to proceed. Sazed fills metalminds in preparation for a koloss attack on Luthadel, and learns from Clubs that Straff's army has withdrawn.

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They discuss the dire circumstances of having to defend the city while being outnumbered by Jastes' army. Sazed tells Clubs of a religion of artists that he might be interested in, and presents him with a symbol of the Dadradah faith.

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Clubs says that Tindwyl is looking for Sazed so he leaves to meet with her. Sazed finds Dockson and Tindwyl discussing the deployment of their soldiers under command of Lord Penrod and city nobles. Sazed realizes that Dockson may be planning a rebellion and advises that it is not a good time, and Dockson concurs. Sazed and Tindwyl argue over why they remained in the city while having Elend and Vin leave, then they embrace each other briefly before an alarm sounds.

Vin sees the mist spirit in her tent, hovering over Elend, and tries to stab it with her dagger and makes contact with something, but the spirit vanishes. Elend wakes up from the disturbance, but Vin tells him that she is just feeling anxious. Spook says that they are being followed by five men. Spook laments that he feels useless with only one allomantic ability, but decides to utilize it as much as possible even when it doesn't seem to be needed at the time.

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Clubs reports to Breeze and Sazed that the koloss are fighting a massive brawl, increasing their rage levels to the point where they attack the city. Clubs issues orders to deploy soldiers and archers to defensive positions. Straff receives word of the koloss attack, and orders his army which is still near Luthadel to march back toward the city. Sazed watches from the city wall as the koloss attack progresses, and the koloss move to surround the city while the defenses respond.

Vin invades the camp of the men that are following her party, and finds they are led by Jastes, who decided to abandon the koloss to follow Elend's group to safety. Jastes says that the supply carts with the currency burned down and the koloss became too unruly for him to control them any longer.

Elend grows angry that Jastes left the koloss outside Luthadel without any leaders or control and executes his old friend. Spook reveals that Sazed tricked Elend and Vin into leaving the city so they would survive the coming attack. Vin realizes the Well of Ascension is in Luthadel, and they decide to return to try to aid any survivors of the attack. Breeze consumes great quantities of brass as he soothes the defending human soldiers who await the koloss attack at the Zinc Gate.

Breeze tells Clubs that he has tried to soothe the koloss but was unable. Clubs says that he never lost a battle in twenty years of fighting, but that he always had the koloss on his side in the past. Vin races along toward Luthadel on a pewter drag, fearing that she will be too late to save her friends. Breeze and Clubs wonder how a bunch of thieves ended up leading a doomed army as the koloss break down the Zinc Gate and enter the city.

Sazed learns of the breach at the Zinc Gate but feels that the defenses will hold there, and requests that a new noble be sent to his location since he thinks that the defenses here are unreliable. The leader, Captain Bedes , asks Sazed for advice and Sazed responds for him to act like he is in charge. Sazed sees a group of skaa and tells them to return to their homes but they refuse, saying they are there to see the koloss be defeated by Vin. He informs them that Vin was gone, but the skaa remain, stating that they will watch Sazed, who they call the Holy First Witness.

The koloss break through the gate, and Sazed stays to fight, tapping his pewtermind and slays a giant koloss with one punch, and leads the soldiers into battle. Vin, running low on pewter, reaches a village hours outside of Luthadel. She gathers up horseshoes to create an impromptu Mistborn spikeway and resumes her trek after telling the villagers to flee to Terris due to the siege on Luthadel. Straff and his army are just outside Luthadel, and Straff tells General Janarle that they will let the koloss fight for a few hours and tire themselves out before they invade the city to drive the koloss out.

Sazed fights at the Steel Gate, and manages to clear the koloss out of the area sufficiently to reclose the gate and use his ironmind to gain weight to keep the gate closed. This only gives a temporary reprieve as Sazed's ironmind runs out and the koloss break through again, and Sazed learns that Tin Gate, where Tindwyl was in charge, has fallen. Koloss break through Zinc Gate and Clubs orders Breeze and the soldiers there to retreat into the city. Breeze watches as a koloss cuts down Clubs, and he flees to hide in a nearby building. Straff ignores Janarle's entreaties to attack the city, hoping the koloss damage it greatly so that he can remake it in his own design.

Allrianne implores her father to send his army to fight off the koloss, but he refuses, saying that he will submit to Straff instead, and that all the good men died in Luthadel. Sazed manages to fight for hours against the mighty but unskilled koloss until his pewtermind runs out and prepares to be killed, but is spared as Vin arrives. The skaa start chanting as Vin uses allomancy on the gate to smash all the nearby koloss.

Sazed convinces the skaa to flee the area. Breeze despairs over his cowardice as Hammond and Sazed locate him and decide to lead the remnants of their army to Keep Hasting to find refuge. Vin battles against the koloss but realizes that she won't be able to defeat all of them by herself.

Summary:The Well of Ascension

Sazed stands outside Keep Hasting, yelling to get Lord Penrod's attention, eventually succeeding. However, Penrod refuses to flee or allow refugees to shelter inside the keep. Vin runs out of pewter and almost falls unconscious, as the koloss rage and Luthadel burns. As a last resort, she uses a duralumin push on some nearby koloss and is able to control them telepathically and realizes this is the weakness the Lord Ruler built into them.

Vin arrives with her controlled koloss at Keep Hasting and orders Lord Penrod to send out soldiers to protect citizens and locate koloss for her, and he obeys. Sazed updates her on the status of their crew and Hammond gives her some pewter before she heads to Keep Venture. Sazed locates Tindwyl's body after hours of searching, and mourns but is unable to choose a religious rite to perform for her since he doesn't believe in any of the religions that he has studied.

Straff wakes up the morning after the koloss attack, and General Janarle reports that the fighting in the city seems to be over. However, they notice that there are koloss lining up outside the city wall, as well as human soldiers, taking Straff off guard. The koloss and humans charge Straff's army, and Straff suddenly notices Vin hurtling through the air toward him.

Vin strikes down both Straff and his horse as she lands from her duralumin steelpush, and begins attacking the officers of the army. Allrianne urges her father to help Vin's army against Straff's but he refuses, until she forces his hand by charging alone toward the battle. Sazed watches the battle from a safe distance, and mentally reviews the prophecies about the Hero of Ages. She leaves Sazed in charge and leaves to rest after her ordeal. As Elend and Spook travel to Luthadel, Elend encounters the mist spirit.

It points north and apparently tries to mentally push Elend, but then vanishes when Spook shows up. They encounter a group of Terris refugees, who were fleeing from Tathingdwen toward Luthadel because a group of Steel Inquisitors appeared there and attacked the Synod, killing them. Elend and Spook decide to accompany the Terrismen on their journey, and Elend states that he believes that Vin has prevailed somehow in Luthadel. Sazed listens in as Penrod, Cett and Janarle impatiently debate on their future courses of action, while they await Elend's arrival and Vin's return to consciousness.

Sazed reviews the journal that he wrote along with Tindwyl, and reminisces. He reads their notes on the Hero of Ages, and has a premonition that something doesn't seem right. He notices the phrase "Holy First Witness" and realizes this is what the skaa called him, but never made the connection before. Vin appears and tells Sazed that the Well of Ascension is in Luthadel and that she feels it pulling on her. She also speaks of how she pulled on the mists to defeat the Lord Ruler. Sazed counters that the Well was in the Terris Mountains but Vin says that the Lord Ruler changed the world's geography.

They are interrupted by shouts that the King has returned. Elend, Hammond and Spook walk through a crowd in the Luthadel streets and meet with Vin, who informs Elend that he is now Emperor, and he sheds his previous misgivings about governing. Sazed notices a ripped piece of paper with his handwriting that says "Alendi must not reach the Well of Ascension for he must not be allowed to take the power for himself" and wonders why Kwaan thought this since it seems to contradict what he knows of Kwaan's opinion.

Elend observes that the mists seem to be pulling away from Vin. Vin thinks the Well is pulsing more strongly now that its power has reached its maximum capacity. They enter the keep, and Vin finds a secret allomantic door, using a duralumin pull to open it. Sazed reads Kwaan's notes and observations that he was incorrect in proclaiming Alendi as the Hero of Ages. Sazed is confused by an apparent contradiction that he can't pinpoint.

The mist spirit appears suddenly, startling Sazed, and points toward the center of the city. Sazed deduces that it may not be a good thing for Vin to find the Well, and starts heading toward Kredik Shaw as people start screaming in terror outside. They continue their search for the Well. Sazed finds the body of a skaa who died painfully as he follows the mist spirit which is urging him toward Kredik Shaw.

The spirit denies killing the skaa. Sazed enters the keep as the spirit stays outside in the mists. Sazed encounters Marsh, who says that Sazed should not have come there and that he wishes he knew why he had to kill Sazed. Marsh then allomantically pushes on Sazed's arm bracers, causing him to slam into the wall. Vin, Elend, Hammond and Spook find a second, larger cavern, with a lot of smoke, and they go towards a light.

Sazed gets severely injured by Marsh, suffering a broken rib and broken arm as he is pushed around. Marsh picks up a pouch that Sazed dropped, and uses a steelpush on the metal rings within to cause them to get embedded in Sazed's flesh. Sazed taps into these metalminds to heal and improve his senses, and confronts Marsh. Elend follows Vin toward the source of the light, which turns out to be a glowing white pool.

Vin says it is the Well of Ascension, and worries that she won't use the power properly if she takes it, but Elend reassures her. Elend finds a small bit of metal embedded in a disk of clay. Sazed and Marsh fight, and Sazed manages to injure Marsh, but his metalminds run out and Marsh gains the upper hand. Marsh tries to finish off Sazed but he is attacked from behind by someone who cracks a dueling cane into his skull.

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  6. Vin and Elend arrive at the Well, and the mist spirit shows up and stabs Elend in the gut, mortally wounding him. Marsh falls unconscious from Hammond's attack. Sazed and Hammond continue downstairs to find Vin. Vin absorbs the power of the Well, removing her earring due to a flare of pain, and feeling like she is on fire from the power that she is taking in. A Voice tells her that she knows what she must do. She sees across the world and the Voice says the Deepness is the killing mists and that is has returned now, and that if she tries to stop the Deepness along that the world will be ruined.

    Vin holds Elend as he clings to life, and despairs, as the Well is drained and the thing is gone. The mist spirit urges Vin to pick up the metal bead then leads her back to Elend, and she realizes that she must feed the metal to Elend. She gives him one of her metal vials to wash the bead down with, and watches in shock as Elend burns pewter and returns to full health. Sazed arrives at the Conventical of Seran, and compares his rubbing to the metal plate and sees that the two don't match. The metal plate states that "Alendi must not reach the Well of Ascension for he must not be allowed to release the thing that is imprisoned there".

    Sazed reads the final section on the plate, which references prophecies that are altered by a malevolent force to cause Alendi to release the power of the Well, leading to disaster, and Kwaan's contingency plan of Rashek killing Alendi to prevent this from happening. You need strong attacks like Trigger Happy or Darkness. You need an Alchemist for this.

    If you have a Haste Bangle or a way to cast Haste, do so on the Alchemist. You could also use a Chocobo Wing. For most of the fight, Yojimbo is barely past easy. However, he has yet to pull his douche move.

    When he holds on finger in front of his face, he is preparing Zanmato, his ultimate attack. Those of you who've played FFX probably fondly remember it as a one hit KO to every enemy in the game, including Penance. It reduces the entire party to 1 HP and 1 MP. As soon as the attack is done, use a potion of some kind. Preferably a Mega-Potion, but not from the stash.

    The stash will take too long. You should have the Items Level 2 augment which allows you to heal long before he can kill your team off. You should be able to defeat him before he manages to pull that move twice. If not, rinse and repeat the strategy to live. After defeating him, return to the Chamber of the Fayth and get the Star Bracer before the end of Chapter 3. Time has marched onward, changing the world in many ways. However, when the White Fang stumble upon a mysterious cave, they will unleash upon the world a powerful being from a time long forgotten.

    Regardless of how much time has passed, he still retains his moniker; Darkeater Midir. T - English - Chapters: Pyrrha Nikos, having endured the hell that was Lothric, suddenly finds herself back in Remnant, back with her friends and in her old home. But she has kept everything that has happened to her in Lothric, and her home is not with her. Midir in Remnant by onepiecefuckboi reviews Midir after being slain was brought to combat the dark in another world will his arrogant persona drive away people or will it bring people closer and will break down the cold walls the dragon faunus has set up Rated: Dying Flames by CaveMan26 reviews His past long forgotten he awakes within a mysterious world.

    Seeking answers to questions he himself does not know, he embraces this new world but fate can be a cruel mistress. Happiness and sadness, love and hate, friends and enemies all this he shall experience: Dark, Bloodied characters in Remnant by warp-speeeed reviews Some characters from dark souls 3 made to fit in some scenes in RWBY, will mostly feature fight scenes as oneshots, but not limited to it.

    Rated T plus to be safe. Will have characters from both rwby and dark souls mostly dark souls 3, haven't finished first two. But I am open to suggestions. No pairings, updates will be fairly slow. One undead can experience the same as another and never cross paths.

    Walkthrough:Final Fantasy X-2/Gantt5/49

    Forever brought back to life, an undead can always be brought to a place they would never expect. A former Lothric Knight is brought back to life after he is slaughtered by his own, and tries to keep his sanity afloat after he wakes up in a new world. Remnant's Embers by SacredEuphoria reviews Fendrel was just ash. Not even fit to be ember. After linking the flame, the warrior finds himself in a land named Remnant. However, with him have come some of the Lords of Cinder.

    Fendrel may be a chosen undead, but even he does not have the power to save this world. It looks like he's gonna need the help of a few hunters and huntresses From Embers to Dust by Warrens94 reviews Remnant. Once bustling and defiant, now it has waned and only it's ashes remain.