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A doctor figure wearing a white coat went through the charade of a medical. It was that guy Justin who had greeted us earlier. He played with a stethoscope and doing the cup and cough test. A lubed and gloved finger also came into action, probing the desirable body. The doctor pronounced his patient fit for punishment.

The lad was now bent over the trestle and secured with some padded cuffs. A man of stocky build with bare hairy chest and leather trousers stepped forward carrying an implement that seemed to be a series of light canes fastened into a handle. I had never seen one like this. I would not have called it a birch but it was going to mean that every strike had multiple impacts. The room was momentarily quiet as the punisher got into position to the left of the young man. Reaching out he lightly tapped the implement on the unmarked flesh.

The lad looked so vulnerable tied down, legs spread and a tasty pair of testicles on view. The punisher stood back and with a swish the first blow made contact. The victim gave a sharp gasp as the pain registered. We saw the rods splay on impact, leaving behind a whole series of parallel red lines. The third blow was lower still. The whole bottom was red now. The next strike was much lower but aimed upward as if to lift the under flesh it caught. It was accompanied by a howl from the victim as the count of four was called.

The next stroke was lower still but not angled, and punished the top of the thighs.

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Andy whispered to me that a thigh stroke was usually a personal punishment, reserved for the very naughtiest! This was reinforced as the next one was almost in exactly the same point. A lusty scream accompanied it. The count was now at six. The next one whistled through the air. On direction, standing one to each side they rubbed their hands all over the reddened bottom, tracing the multiple ridges with their fingertips.

They were told to get back and the punisher now approached from the right side and had transferred the birch canes to left hand. A broad, powerful sweep followed, landing centrally. The blow was rewarded with another howl. The tenth was back to the upper thighs. The lad screamed, and writhed, almost making the trestle jump about. The same two men were called forward and spread the buttocks apart so that the unmarked flesh in the cleft was visible. The lad realised what was happening and started pleading. The punisher paid no heed and aimed a vertical stroke hard into the cleft!

The victim started to sob. Another stroke and it was back in standard fashion, quite central, with no cry at all this time. The young man was unfastened and helped to stand. Some guys clustered around him, but I headed to collect my clothes. Andy asked if I was likely to stay for dinner and I told him I was in fact staying at the hotel and invited him to come and shower with me! I resolved to time my future trips to coincide with 5M club meetings!

On re-entering the restaurant, Eric was still on table service. He commented that I had timed it well to be with those who attended the meeting! He was probably fully aware I had indulged myself with a furtive visit to the club, but he was being mischievous. Andy addressed him as Martin and asked why he was not around earlier. The reason was a pair of young waiters had both dropped out of shift leaving him desperate for cover and with no time to arrange agency replacement. It turned out that Eric was the Catering Manager, but due to the staff shortages was having to wait tables that evening.

Andy offered to take notes when Eric tackled the absent waiters over their attendance. Both men smiled, which revealed volumes. All in all, this had been a very successful trip. Thanks to the club many of my fellow diners had seen this sales representative in the flesh. Any resemblance to real businesses or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Harry had never married and admitted to David he was bisexual having had several relationships with both men and women. Comments from the original post are here. Comments on this revisited story are here.

Comments on the original post are here. Part 2 is already available here. Part 3 is already available here. Click to see comments. This blog is intended for adults only. All listed sites, pictures displayed or referred to in this blog feature consenting adult models and players over the age of All stories and artwork featured are fiction only and refer to adults in role play.

This blog is not suitable for persons under the age of The owner of this blog does NOT condone, promote OR encourage the corporal punishment of minors or non-consenting adults. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He said maybe I would like to dine later and see what some of the participants looked like, perhaps have a mental game imagining who does what. He dropped his shorts and as he bent over we could see four clear red bands where the tawse had impacted.

It was always ladies I fantasised about until I was about 22, when I made a friend who would introduce me to the world of adult discipline. To set the scene here, I was a young police officer. I met John, who was 59 and a retired teacher or so he told me.

I had been schooled in Scotland and he had taught on both sides of the border. I met him as a result of a call to assist with some children that were causing a nuisance.

He did ask me if I was disciplined at home and in school, and did I think I was better for it. The following day I called him and spoke nervously about the comment. Nervously I showed him the plastic bag and then its contents. John then went on to try to relax me, which was impossible. He told me he had friends who he spanked, and not to think I was unusual in any way.

It had a desk with leather chair, a hard-backed chair in the corner, and a small cupboard on one wall. He smiled and pulled the hard-backed chair out, told me to go over his lap and then he spanked me over my shorts for a while. I left that night disappointed, to be honest. The next time I visited, we chatted about it. I had brought my kit again. He asked me how it had been. I always felt as if I had been punished then. This caused my erection to stick out and be ignored by John. I was then pulled over and I got the hardest spanking I could remember.

That was the way it went for a few months until one day I turned up without my kit. He touched it and it stood even more erect. He pulled back and then had me over his knee, spanking that erection out of me. It was a harder than usual spanking and I nearly cried. Afterwards he put his hand between my cheeks and made me erect again. So it was that I was wanked for the first time by another guy. That became the norm and I would visit for a spanking at least twice a week and I started to visit him on my days off.

It was only a short while before I started to wank him off as well. This story is currently exclusive to The Canery! All the characters are aged 18 or over. It was a fortnight after that spanking that David broached the subject and commented how his bottom had taken a long time to get back to normal.

Inside there was a desk and hard backed chair and a cupboard, and when the cupboard was opened what David saw inside made him gasp. There were a few belts, or tawses like the one that had been used on him so painfully, along with several crook handled canes. Mr Harrison took a cane out and handed it to David. I engage in some spanking play with a few other lads and they come here occasionally for a spanking or caning.

In your case, you are in my charge and as and when you deserve it I shall spank you, use a tawse and possibly cane you. However, as you found out two weeks ago, I do not do that in a fainthearted way, and when I thrash a lad I do it for real. David was inspecting one of the canes, and swished it a few times, much to the amusement of Mr Harrison. Nothing was said and a tap on his bottom told him the stroke was coming soon and then WHAAAAP and a sting went through his bottom that made him yell and stand up to rub his bottom! Over the next few weeks, the events of that day were mentioned a few times, but never in much detail.

But you have been good David, that spanking taught you and I think the fear of the cane helped? You said other boys visit you, Why do they come? Some it helps to lead a good life and others just need it. But be warned David…you know at first hand what I can do. And what kind of discipline do you need then? David had expected Uncle Harry to take over and just get on with it, so was taken aback.

They both went to the spare room and Uncle Harry drew out the hard backed chair. Uncle Harry came over to David and stood in front of him. You are thinking about the afters last time, but believe me there is a lot of starters and main course first! He was pulled over and a spanking was administered that made him yell and apologise and all those things you say under such circumstances.

He was then taken to the bedroom and laid on the bed and given a real roasting with the tawse. He bucked and jumped and got 24 strokes over his arse and back of legs before being allowed up and sent to wait in the other spare room. When Uncle arrived he had left David standing for 20 minutes and found him still erect and up for an adventure. You have twelve strokes coming and no doubt you will jump up, but for every time you do, or or if you swear, I will add another two strokes.

We can be here all night if you want. The second stroke caused him to yell louder and the third the same. By the time he had taken the first six he was sobbing and regretting everything, but scared to get back up. The next six strokes covered his entire bottom and the tears just flowed. There were still the two extra strokes and these were placed on the top of his legs, just under the bottom. David howled and cried loudly. You want treated like a naughty lad then your bedtime is as soon as you have been thrashed.

David trooped off and ran a bath and when he entered the burning of his bottom and the water almost brought new tears. His Uncle entered the bathroom and helped him wash and then tenderly dried him before taking him to his room. You were ever so eager to sample it. It was worse than I imagined…but at the same time it feels lovely now. David had eyes for the hairy manly cock that stood erect before him and as his Uncle guided his hand to it. David opened the drawer and took out a foil-wrapped condom. He knew all his dreams were about to come true.

To Be Continued …. David was 32 years old and struggling to find suitable employment. He stayed at home with his mother and father but resented the strict upbringing that had kept him there. His personal freedom was not really his own. His father in particular always appeared to want to know where he was, with whom and what he was doing. But now at 32 he was leaving home and moving miles away to Birmingham. He was starting a six month contract with the hopes of a full-time contract, and was eager to do well. His father had put him in touch with an old friend who they knew through the church and who would provide the lodgings for David.

On that Sunday afternoon David arrived at the lodgings and introductions were made by his father, who had driven him down. The landlord was Mr Harrison, an older chap about 60 years of age, who lived alone. He had a spare room and was letting this out to David. His father gone David and Mr Harrison sat down for a chat.

I am not a late-nighter and expect silence after 10pm. If you are about I do not expect to be awoken and you will behave in my house, or I will deal with it. You are paying a pittance compared with other rooms round here because I know and respect your father. In turn I expect you to show the same kind of respect to me. No swearing or drinking in the house. No girlfriends in your room and keep the noise down.

David agreed to these and for the first few weeks all was well and they got on. David was careful and respectful, till that Friday night. David had just received his first full pay and went out straight from work for a pint…and that stretched to several and he got home just after midnight. Mr Harrison was in the living room and not happy. Get to your bed and we will deal with this tomorrow. In the morning, with a sore head David was suddenly awoken by Mr Harrison just after 7am. David had never heard Mr Harrison swear like that and was embarrassed about being seen naked.

Once d ressed, David went downstairs and found Mr Harrison not very happy. Do you want to ask him? Now get back up to your bedroom and I will be up shortly. David took his jeans off, feeling foolish. Had the two friends been talking? David was left in just his shorts and socks, looking at the floor. It has been a while, but I am sure I can still teach a lesson to a naughty lad like you.

You have a choice, you can run away and tell your father or you can apologise and ask me to punish you. If I do it then it goes no further than thee and me. David was becoming strangely excited, which caused him more embarrassment. I will accept whatever punishment you give me. David was soon over Mr Harrisons knees looking at the duvet and after some moving about a hard hand started to rub his bottom cheeks. David shouted out, he apologised, he begged for it to stop…but it continued for a good five minutes. He was stood in the corner while Mr Harrison left the room and when he came back David turned round to face his chastiser.

To his shock, Mr Harrison held in his hands a length of leather split in two halfway down. It looked about quarter of an inch thick and David knew its purpose. David relaxed a bit and also noticed that there was a growing bulge in Mr Harrisons pants as well. Now, get yourself on the bed face down while I teach you another thing or two. Laid on the bed his uncle started to use the tawse on his bared buttocks and David reacted as one would expect. He yelled and begged for it to stop and eventually after about 24 strikes it did.

David was sniffling and sobbing and Mr Harrison sat on the bed and held him close, comforting him. The lotion was soothing and soon the burning was becoming more bearable, and the rubbing in of the lotion was a good feeling. This encouraged his uncle and soon a finger was caressing the bum hole and then slipping in and out.

Nothing was said and as his hand slipped to cup his balls David found himself erect again. What were you made to do? There was silence and the wanking stopped. David thought to himself. He got me to confess that I fantasise about sucking guys off and being shagged, and then he wanked me off.

Fuck me, that was amazing! What have I let myself in for?

The answer to that question was to be an educational whirlwind over the next few months. Although the smoke of the steam engines engulfed the platform, the two figures recognised each other instantly. It will help with my finals. Just be a good lad for me. I think your uncle threw it out just before he died. Most of all I miss having a man around the house. So it will be a comfort having you to stay for the week.

There was real electricity between them. Aunt Penelope nipped out to the outhouse. She rummaged around and eventually found what she was looking for — the old leather tawse. She picked it up and stroked it with affection. The brown leather twin-tailed strap was capable of severe punishment. The happily-married couple had used both it and the cane regularly to spice up their sex life. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the cane. He had always been a bit of a tease! She decided to take both items in to show Gregory.

She placed both items on the kitchen table. Gregory was sat there still, daydreaming, but the arrival of the cane and tawse brought him back down to earth. And that beastly tawse? I think you deserve a good thrashing for all those times you took advantage of me.

But you should have declined. I had a devil of a job keeping it secret from Robbie. I felt so guilty though. Anyway, you can take advantage again this week, but only if you accept your punishment first! Meet me in the bedroom. I want the full outfit too, please. Gregory looked smart in his traditional Scottish wear, and Aunt Penelope looked severe in a black girdle. She flexed the cane menacingly.

I will be alternating strokes between the cane and the tawse. She had a good feel of his generous, meaty rump. The smooth surface was about to become marked by the lash of the cane. He heard the clatter of the cane being put down on the side table. Now the tawse lashed down. A different kind of pain followed.

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A bruising, hurtful pain. It was the cane again and a sharp line of fire assaulted his arse. The whippy cane struck down. The tawse crashed down even harder than before! The tawse struck again, unexpectedly, as the cane had been due. Six of the best with the cane! Both were really getting into their stride. Aunt Penelope stopped to feel his manly cheeks. They were hot and inviting. She made a mental note to find something suitable to push up his arsehole. A quick feel of his semi-erect penis followed. Yes, it would serve her well once again. Your penis is betraying your true feelings.

Six more, then you can mount me. She tucked the cane under her arm again and groped his arse and cock once more. Do you think you can take six more with the tawse? In for a penny, in for a pound! Comments welcome Comments from the original post are here. She was scathing about his lack of achievement and inability to provide, as she thought, what her daughter deserved.

A lawyer by calling, she had an authoritative tone and dominant nature, that in truth David had often admired. He saw much of that in her daughter, his wife, and this was one of the reasons that the couple had lived so happily in their ten years together. In truth, she was well off the mark and David was a thoughtful and hard-working individual devoted to his wife, who, in their private life, was every bit as dominant as he perceived her mother to be.

It was one of the bi- annual visits to the house that she made her discovery. As usual David had spent the week making sure the house was cleaned and ready for his mother-in-law to arrive. His wife had ensured, with two sound thrashings that he had done so. Hidden from all the family was the fact that David was subservient to his wife and had been since early in the relationship. On the second night of the four night stay the alarm bells sounded as David, with bravado and too much wine, had argued with his wife over something quite silly. Never the less, if looks could kill, David would have been collecting his insurance premium, or rather his wife would have.

Is that the case? That is the secret of success! Much the same dear as I recall doing to you with the same hairbrush! The wine continued and eventually all retired to bed. In bed that night David apologised, but as they cuddled, he was obviously excited about what his mother-in-law had revealed and pressed his wife for more intimate details about how she herself had been spanked with that brush. I got it till I left the house at 21 and it was a most humiliating experience, but I suppose it was never given unless deserved.

I suggest we send David home and we continue to the shops. After that we can join David and you can do whatever you would do to him as punishment for his intolerable behaviour last night. I suggest if the boy wants to be disrespectful in front of his mother-in-law then I deserve to see his punishment? It was a lonely wait of mixed anticipation and fear for the three hours before they returned.

Go and get ready for me now David, and we will be along when we are ready. A cane, three-tailed tawse and heavy bath brush were laid out on the bed. His mother-in-law tried not to look amused, but she was. And then your usual? I deserve this thrashing. I also want to apologise to you, Alison, for having to be a witness. He bent over the edge of the bed, grateful not to be exposed any longer. The magical sentence of 36 was announced.

The caning started and David yelped and the next landed shortly afterwards. The tawse was administered to his backside 36 times too, and each blow brought a yelp from the ever-suffering David. He was amazed at the strength of the woman.

Jonathan's Introduction to the Cane and Tawse

I am sorry I did not mean to, just it is so sore, and it slipped out! But he did not swear and despite tears welling he managed not to cry for real. The thrashing over, David stood up and his wife raised her eyes to the ceiling. You my darling for taking charge, and you David for accepting the need for a strong woman to lead you.

I shall help out again if needed, and this is obviously our secret. It is, I am sure, the secret to a very successful marriage, so long as you my dear never forget that David requires discipline, and plenty of it! It had been almost two months since my son had received the hiding of his life. His former Headmaster administered a hard caning before I smacked his bare bottom almost blue. That had finally restrained his laddish behaviour. As a reminder, hanging up in his wardrobe, taunting him every time he opened the door, was the very same cane that had whipped his bottom. It was there as a warning that should his behaviour slip, he would find himself bending over for another hiding.

I saw Ted in the garden on a couple of occasions. He smiled at me with a knowing look. But for how long Tom? David will need a reminder before long. You let me know if I can be of any more help. I shall be only too happy to cane him again. I sensed Ted had enjoyed thrashing my son. It must have brought back memories of the many boys he had beaten over the years.

This last time, there had been a distinct advantage. He had caned David on his bare bottom; something that would never have been allowed at school. Ted proved to be right though. In spite of the threat of future punishment, David gradually began to slip slowly back into his old ways. Dirty socks and pants left in his bedroom for days on end was just the start. I opened his bedroom door one morning to find him masturbating furiously while watching porn on his computer. As soon as I entered he tried his best to hide his throbbing cock with one hand while attempting hopelessly to switch off his computer.

His bedroom reeked of dirty socks and other unpleasant young male odours. He hollered at me.

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I stared at my son trying to hide his deep embarrassment at being caught wanking. No David I will not get out. You seem to have forgotten the promise Mr Wilson and I made to you a few weeks back. I walked to the wardrobe opened it and extracted the whippy rattan that Ted had given me. I think you need another reminder son.

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I promise I will clean up my act. Please, that caning hurt like fuck. Mr Wilson could cane hard enough at school over trousers but on my bare arse it stung ten times worse. Please give me a break. One last chance David. Clean up this room, move your washing into the bin and if you need to masturbate do so when the house is empty or go to the bathroom.

Is that clear son? David looked relieved at the reprieve and eagerly nodded his agreement. I knew of course that he was walking a tightrope. In spite of his assurances it was not long before David began to slip again. I received a phone call late one night, which proved to be the final straw. On the other end of the line David slurred out that he was at the police station. He had been arrested for peeing in a doorway as he walked home drunk.

The police decided not to press charges but to let him off with a warning. When I arrived at the station to pick him up, the desk sergeant looked at me with pity. What that lad could do with is a bloody good hiding. Even lads his age could do with it every now and then. The sergeant was obviously serious, so I said to him as I left, that tomorrow that is exactly what was planned for this big lad. The old man opened the door still in his dressing gown. Tom you are early, what can I do for you?

Can I come in for a minute; I need to talk to you? I was shown into the lounge and offered a cup of tea which I declined. Does the young pup need another thrashing Tom? This is a revised edition of the work first published in Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Jonathan's Introduction to the Paddle. Dancing Under the Cane. Bite of the Whip and Cane. Product details File Size: October 31, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The author provides an excellent and believable scenario and characters that place the reader in a story any lover of BDSM fantasize about.

The settings of an old Victorian home with locked doors and an attractive eccentric owner with a strict set of rules keep the reader dreaming of the possibilities. Annie Bee did not disappoint this reader and if this scenario intrigues you do not hesitate to add this story to your library. I loved this read! And I'd love to be in Jonathan's place I fell in love with these cruel women! Miss Bee has a wonderful way of building the scene I love the attention to detail One person found this helpful. Any fan on the subject of Female Discipline will enjoy this ebook.

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Jonathans Introduction To The Cane And Tawse by Annie Bee

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