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Gale University of New England. Gale University of Canberra. University of Canberra Library. Gale University of Wollongong. University of Wollongong Library. Gale Catholic Institute of Sydney. Gale Western Sydney University. Gale Show 0 more libraries Library View online via University of Canberra. Library View online via Charles Darwin University. Library View online via Bond University. Library View online via Australian Lutheran College.

Library View online via Deakin University. Library View online via Edith Cowan University. Published in Bundesgesundheitsblatt - Gesundheitsforschung - Gesundheitsschutz, v. Set up My libraries How do I set up "My libraries"? These 16 locations in All: Not open to the public Held. Barwon Health Library Service.

May not be open to the public V. Not open to the public ; Springer Standard Collection. Available for document delivery. Open to the public. Open to the public ; Online: May not be open to the public Electronic Resource; v. Carl de Gruchy Library. Not open to the public v. University of Queensland Library. Open to the public ; Online version, access restricted to UC staff and students Periodical; Journal, magazine, other English; German Show 0 more libraries This single location in Australian Capital Territory: These 4 locations in New South Wales: Open to the public ; Subject to licence conditions Periodical; Journal, magazine, other English; German Show 0 more libraries These 3 locations in Queensland: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Chest , 1: Health situation of migrant and minority nurses: PLoS One , In Arbeitsmedizin im Gesundheitsdienst - Band Ein Leitfaden zur Begutachtung und Vorsorge. Hamburg tredition GmbH; , 61 S. Leadership and employee well-being.

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Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. In Handbuch der Arbeitsmedizin. Edited by Letzel S, Nowak D. Eine explorative Interviewstudie mit Pflegedienstleistungen in Kliniken. Consequences of tuberculosis among asylum seekers for health care workers in Germany. J Occup Med Toxicol ;11 4. Eur Respir J ;47 2: Working conditions and mental health: Arch Environ Occup Health ;71 3: Job-related resources, leader-member exchange and well-being-A longitudinal study.

Zum aktuellen Stand und Handlungsbedarf. Machbarkeitsstudie zur messtechnischen Analyse. Use of moulded hearing protectors by child care workers - an interventional pilot study. J Occup Med Toxicol ; Vaccination against hepatitis b virus: Prevalence of latent tuberculosis infection in healthcare workers at a hospital in Naples, Italy, a low-incidence country.

Arch Environ Occup Health Work-related outcome after acute coronary syndrome: Implications of complex cardiac rehabilitation in occupational medicine. Der Einsatz von Atemsystemfiltern bei Atembeuteln. Infektionsrisiken - Nadelstichverletzungen im Krankenhaus: Z Orthop Unfall ; 5: Zentralbl Arbeitsmed ; 66 6: Atemwegs- und Lungenkrankheiten ;42 3: Gewalt und Diskriminierung am Arbeitsplatz: Gesundheitswesen Jun 14 Prevalence of CMV infection among staff in a metropolitan children's hospital - occupational health screening findings.

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Are female daycare workers at greater risk of cytomegalovirus infection? Zentralbl Arbeitsmed ;66 4: Hepatitis C among healthcare personnel: Health behaviour, health status and occupational prospects of apprentice nurses and kindergarten teachers in Germany: Does the use of small aids during patient handling activities lead to a decreased occurrence of musculoskeletal complaints and diseases? Int Arch Occup Environ Health. Influence of the Kinaesthetics care conception during patient handling on the development of musculoskeletal complaints and diseases - A scoping review.

Standardized assessment of psychosocial factors and their influence on medically confirmed health outcomes in workers: Erich Schmid Verlag; Tuberkulose als Berufskrankheit - ein besonderer Fall der Begutachtung. Arbeitsmedizin im Gesundheitsdienst - Band Gesundheitsverhalten, Gesundheitszustand und Zukunftsperspektiven von Auszubildenden in pflegerischen und sozialen Berufen. The long-term immunogenicity of recombinant hepatitis B virus HBV vaccine: BMC Infect Dis ; Diel R, Nienhaus A.

Usage of gloves for hair shampooing in German hairdressing salons.

ALLOHEIM - Rundgang durch die Senioren-Residenz "Märkisches Viertel'"

Zentralbl Arbeitsmed ;65 4: Dulon M, Nienhaus A. Arbeitsmed Sozialmed Umweltmed ;50 1: Arbeitsmed Sozialmed Umweltmed ;50 Zentralbl Arbeitsmed ;65 1: Ergonomisches Patientenhandling in der Pflegeausbildung. Medical work assessment in German hospitals: J Occup Med Toxicol ;10 1: What do healthcare workers in elderly care know about occupational health and safety?

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Novellierung der Verordnung zur Arbeitsmeizinischen Vorsorge. Hospital physicians' work stressors in different medical specialities: Woltjen M, Stranzinger J. Association between work-related biomechanical risk factors and the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome: BMC Musculoskelet Disord ;16 1. Tuberculin skin test and Quantiferon test agreement and influencing factors in tuberculosis screening of healthcare workers: The prevalence of hepatitis C among healthcare workers: Occup Environ Med ;72 Arbeitsmedizin im Gesundheitdienst - Band Arbeitsmedizin im Gesundheitsdienst - Bande Gesundheitsverhalten und Gesundheitszustand von Auszubildenden in pflegerischen und sozialen Berufen.

Occupational accident and disease claims, work-related stress and job satisfaction of physiotherapists. J Occup Med Toxicol 9 1: Cost of multi drug resistance tuberculosis in Germany. Respir Med Costs of tuberculosis disease in the European Union: Eur Respir J 43 2: BMC Infect Dis 14 1: The effect of working position on trunk posture and exertion for routine nursing tasks: Ann Occup Hyg 58 3: A comparison of leadership constructs. Journal of Leadership Studies 8 2: Predictive values and other quality criteria of the German version of the Nurse-Work Instability Scale Nurse-WIS - follow-up survey findings of a prospective study of a cohort of geriatric care workers.

J Occup Med Toxicol 9: Zbl Arbeitsmed 64 2: Psychological stress and strain on employees in dialysis facilities: Evaluation of the Back College for nursing staff. Musculoskeletal pain and effort-reward imbalance- a systematic review. BMC Public Health 14 1: Trauma und Berufskrankheit 3: Tuberculosis in healthcare workers - a narrative review from a German perspective.

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Multiresistant pathogens in geriatric nursing - infection control in residential facilities for geriatric nursing in Germany. Six simple questions contra the delay. Eur Respir J 43 1: Novellierung der Verordnung zur arbeitsmedizinischen Vorsorge. Zentralblatt Arbeitsmedizin Arbeitsschutz Erogon Burnout intervention studies for inpatient elderly care nursing staff: Int J Nurs Stud 51 1: Psychologie der Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheit. Arbeitsmedizin im Gesundheitswesen - Band Instruments for diagnosis of psychological stress. Psychologie der gesunden Arbeit. Validierung der Nurse-Work Instability Scale.

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Tuberkulose in der Region Hannover, Hannover, Nienhaus A, Schablon A: Leadership in work and health protection. Zbl Arbeitsmed 63 1: Involvement of occupational physicians in the management of MRSA-colonised healthcare workers in Germany - a survey. J Occup Med Toxicol 8 1: Work-related complaints and diseases of physical therapists - protocol for the establishment of a "Physical Therapist Cohort" PTC in Germany.

Lumbar-load analysis of manual patient-handling activities for biomechanical overload prevention among healthcare workers.

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Ann Occup Hyg 57 4: Instrument for stress-related job analysis for hospital physicians: A Systematic Review Based Analysis. Radiation exposure and adverse health effects of interventional cardiology staff. Rev Environ Contam Toxicol Psychosocial work-related predictors and consequences of personal burnout among staff working with people with intellectual disabilities. Res Dev Disabil 34 1: The effect of introducing IGRA to screen French healthcare workers for tuberculosis and potential conclusions for the work organisation.

IFN-gamma release assay versus tuberculin skin test for monitoring TB infection in healthcare workers. Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther 11 1: Nienhaus A, Dulon M: Arbeitsmed Sozialmed Umweltmed 4 Nienhaus A, Costa JT: Screening for tuberculosis and the use of a borderline zone for the interpretation of the interferon-gamma release assay IGRA in Portuguese healthcare workers. Comparison of different non-invasive methods for detection of allergic asthma.

Adv Exp Med Biol Serial IGRA testing of trainees in the healthcare sector in a country with low incidence for tuberculosis - a prospective cohort study. Koch P, Nienhaus A: Muskuloskelettale Beschwerden und berufliche Gratifikationskrisen. In Baars S, Wittmann A eds. High effectiveness of pandemic influenza A H1N1 vaccination in healthcare workers from a Portuguese hospital.

Das ist eine Verbesserung im Vergleich zu — die erforderlichen Prophylaxen wurden damals bei 75,6 Prozent umgesetzt. Gleichwohl ist noch kein zufriedenstellendes Niveau erreicht. Dies ist eine Verbesserung zum vergangenen Berichtszeitraum Die Beratung ist bei 80,9 Prozent erfolgt Bei 83,3 Prozent Hier besteht deutlicher Verbesserungsbedarf.