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The book holds little to NO description value what so ever. I don't even KNOW what the main girl looks like, save for the brown hair and that her friend is blonde. The guy who is after her is the most described person out of the whole book, and even then I couldn't really picture him. Again the book is choppy, unrealistic and YES I know it's a fictional book, but to a point you can make fictional books realistically fictionally. I think the woman that wrote this book needs to re-do the book or at least go back to school for a more practical approach for how people interact and what she should write to be more descriptive.

HAD to force myself to finish the book, because the concept of the book was cool. I just wish it was written better. However, vocab and writing shouldn't be limited to a genre. Jun 20, GW rated it liked it Shelves: Received this free on my kindle! It's been on there since January, but I finally got a chance to read it today.

I'm not sure how different the new version is from the version I have, but it's definitely interesting! I really loved the beginning of this book! From the beginning, we already know there's a love triangle. Love triangles are really frustrating, and to be honest, I thought this was a stand alone book. But, apparently it's a series! Anyways, I thought this was a contemporary Received this free on my kindle!

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Anyways, I thought this was a contemporary and realistic read. But, oh was I wrong. This is a paranormal type of book, and it's interesting! The plot is pretty predictable at times, and when Taylor mentioned that she had a view spoiler [brother who died hide spoiler ] , I'm thinking - why would the author mention this! Finally we know his name, Austen hide spoiler ].

Don't want to give too much away, but the ending? It was definitely completely different and just out there. I didn't see it coming at all, and it just came out of no where. And to be honest, I don't know who I was rooting for in the love triangle. They're both great guys. But the only thing is that Cooper's the only one that's view spoiler [alive hide spoiler ].

So, not much of a decision there, is there? A fast paced and quick read! I read this book so fast that I feel like I had a one night stand that took me through every emotion and left me exhilerated but drained. I don't even know where to begin to tell you why I liked this book so much. I was intrigued from the very beginning. I found myself trying to figure out what the heck was going on, then I began guessing at what was going on. Sometimes I was right but there was always a twist that kept me enthralled.

I kept expecting the characters to Fresh. I kept expecting the characters to let me down but they never did. They were wonderful, happy, realistic people that acted in a way that affirms my belief that most humans are basically good. Maybe not realistic but hey, I'm a writer! We live for unrealistic! The ending was very satisfying and only left me sad because it was over.

Like I said, happily drained.

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The sign of a perfect book. I wouldn't change a thing. Aug 27, Sabrina rated it it was amazing. But they feel so real to her that she wakes up from them feeling lost and lonely without him. What happens next is shocking and heartbreaking at the same time for both Katherine and Taylor. Katherine with drawls from real life and Cooper who loves her so much to stay in her dreams with the boy she loves more than she has ever loved anybody.

Until fate steps in and makes the decision that Katherine herself can not make. In Dreams is a wonderfully written book about soul mates and reincarnation. I am looking forward to reading more from J. Aug 22, A.

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Sweeny rated it it was amazing. In Dreams is a perfect paranormal romance with a 'dreamy' enchantment that all of us have wished for. But it is also a mystery and has raw emotions of longing and confusion and heartbreak. Sterling puts forth a literary gem and asks us to choose, along with the heroine Katherine of the story. I read this book in one sitting as it is light enough and at the same time very poignant. The twist and the end left me breathless and in tears. Can not wait to read the next one!!! In Dreams has got to be one of the most amazing books that I have read all year!

Kathrine thinks that she has her dream boy all figured out and while searching for him meets Cooper. Cooper is the guy that everyone wants In Dreams is the book that has you sucked in from the first page and takes you on an emotional roller coaster that you would never want to get off of.

Oct 22, Books rated it really liked it Shelves: The characters are hip and sassy; and the dialogue witty and laugh-out-loud! By the third chapter, you already feel yourself drawn in by the honesty and raw emotions the characters exude; which makes this an overall fun read to be enjoyed on a sunny afternoon, next to the pool. Jan 15, J. Templeton rated it really liked it.

I loved the premise of this novel. Sterling delivers a fascinating romance! May 18, Holly rated it it was amazing. I happened upon this book while it was a free download on Amazon and I'm glad I got it I would've gotten it even if I had to pay for it. In Dreams is a story about Kathrine who is currently away at college and is roommate to Taylor. Taylor worries about Kathrine when she wakes her up and Kathrine is startled because the dream she had felt so real.

She and Taylor set out to find the dream guy. Later they go to a party and Kathrine meets Cooper, the most popular guy in school. He is attracted to Kathrine and the talk. She is also attracted to him but feels connected to the dream guy too. After some time the two start to date. Kathr In Dreams is a story about Kathrine who is currently away at college and is roommate to Taylor. Kathrine enjoys her new relationship but is torn between her growing feels for Dream Guy and real life guy Cooper. On Thanksgiving break with Taylor she finds out who Dream Guy is.

She and Taylor are shocked by this. Kathrine becomes more distant from reality and grows more attached to her dream world. Kathrine soon has to choose between the Dream Guy she loves or her real life love Cooper. In Dreams in an emotional journey that proves love can span time and dreams. Sterling wrote a beautiful and sad tale about love and loss. I enjoyed this story from beginning to end.

I like the idea that you can have a soul mate out there, the one that completes you. In Kathrine's case her's has such strong feelings for her that he can break the barrier of the dream world to be with her. While reading part of me wanted to dislike Kathrine because she seemed obsessed about the dream guy and she had a real life one standing before her.

I then understood her. I mean the idea of having this perfect dream guy can be tempting especially when dreams seem safer than real life. I loved Taylor's character. No matter how crazy her friend sounded she stood by her and wanted the best for her. That is a true friend. Most people would have ran for the hills. Kylie is a character that I didn't like at first. You think that she is up to something always and she has a big chip on her shoulders.

Then you find out that she is only like that because she hasn't really moved past the grief of loosing her first love to a car accident, well I felt bad for not liking her then. I liked that unlike most books that are similar to this one, the competing suitors are not on the same plane. That takes competition to a new level. You would think that the answer would be a no brainer, but like I said before sometimes the dream world seems safer than the real one.

My main dislike of the book is that I wish Kathrine was a stronger character. She can be wishy washy at times. I wanted her to have more of a back bone.

This was a fascinating read. It did have a part in in that made me go WTH?!. You may need a Kleenex or two. Oct 16, Namratha rated it liked it Shelves: Bright and likeable teenager, Katherine has been dreaming. Said dreamy young man seems to be as enamored with Katherine as she is with him.

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What a perfectly splendid way to spend quality time in the Land of Z-zzzs! And when Katherine is wide-awake, things are even better. Ice Hockey God and all around nice-guy, Cooper Donovan seems to be falling shyly in love with Katherine. M Bright and likeable teenager, Katherine has been dreaming.

In Dreams is a likeable book with a tasty premise. Have you ever woken up from a dream, so heart-wrenchingly solid that you wanted to disconnect from reality and float on the cloud of your sub-conscious? I have had such moments and so instantly connected with that little bit at the start of the story. She was that rare blend of cheeky room-mate, compassionate voice-of-reason and supportive best friend. We definitely need more Taylors in our daily lives. She appealed at the start of the book as a grounded teenager with the right attitude.

But midway, I lost a bit of affection for her. Cooper Donovan , I loved. The guy screams Hero material. I liked his lumbering charm. I admired his flashes of painful honesty when he wore his heart on his sleeve. I loved him for being just a tad insecure. The story is a quick read based on a quirky idea. The author, I suspect, is a happy in her own words: I like that in a book.

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View all 4 comments. Oct 22, Jenna rated it liked it Recommends it for: There are just so many things to be said in this book. In the end, I liked how Austen and Cooper were cool with each other, though sappy, I liked it, it was fitting. Sterling for giving me a copy of her novel, I enjoyed it much! View all 6 comments. Jan 15, Carie rated it really liked it Shelves: Also, seemed to be some plot points e. But, despite all of this, the story was really good! I loved the characters, particularly Cooper.

I wanted to yell at him really, both him and Kat! If you love her, let her live and be happy without you!! Feb 05, Suzanne Williams rated it it was ok. If I forget for a moment the plot of this book, which I do not believe in, and simply concentrate on whether or not the author pulled off the story, I must say "no. The grammar, punctuation, and capitalization from start to finish was terrible, causing me to ask if it was edited at all.

Simple sentence structure and comma usage was entirely ignored. Several sentences had dangling modifiers that left me giggling - in particular, the sentence where Kat was applyi If I forget for a moment the plot of this book, which I do not believe in, and simply concentrate on whether or not the author pulled off the story, I must say "no. Several sentences had dangling modifiers that left me giggling - in particular, the sentence where Kat was applying mascara to her eyes. This sounds painful to me. As to story structure, the author repeatedly indulged in "head hopping," leaping from one point of view to the next at random.

I was eternally confused by who was speaking. Within the same dialogues which were often unnatural sounding two people would both speak. After a while, I longed for the author to show me the story instead of telling so much of it to me. More than half the book was "he felt this" and "she felt that. Lastly, the vocabulary of the book was a bit juvenile.

There are more words to describe a guy than "hot" and more ways to indicate quantities than "a lot" or "lots of. However, for me it was a miserable failure.

Jai Jagdeesh - In Dreams

I do not think people would be so understanding of Katherine's dreams, nor would two guys loving the same girl get along that well. I was a bit surprised by the ending and glad the author tied up the loose ends. However, given the lack of proficiency at writing and the absence of a good editor, I cannot recommend this book to anyone. I am a bit sorry I read it myself, except for what I learned about how not to write. Sep 18, Tara rated it really liked it. This book is intended for YA readers 12 and up, but I love J. I read Chance Encounters and liked it and decided to buy whatever others books she had on amazon while anxiously awaiting her new release The Perfect Game.

I only feel this is important to tell you in light of some of my other 3 — 5 star review books that contain a lot more of the physical aspects of a relationship, this one does not. Katherine Kat Johns is a freshman in college who moves all the way across the country for school really Jenn, she traded Cali for Jersey? She is a good girl from a good home just wanted something different. She is rooming with Taylor who is from around the area the college is in and they become immediate friends.

Kat has a dream about a mystery guy who she feels an instant connection to in her dream of course and when she wakes up the feeling of him is all around her. Taylor is sure that this guy might actually exist and they set out to find him. Instead of the dream guy the girls found Cooper Donovan a dreamy guy! Or keep hoping to meet the dream guy? In Dreams came at the perfect time for me. Now I just have to sit back and wait for the sequel, which is actually a prequel! I would like to thank the author for giving me an ecopy of her book for review purposes.

Say something intelligent, Katherine! I feel like if I continue reading I will turn into a shallow, love-obsessed teen. There is too much tell in this book and almost no show. How am I supposed to feel, smell, hear, or even see anything if all I get is: She was a bitch. How can I tell if the character is beautiful or gorgeous or a bitch or sexy if all I get are these words, which can't even give me a clear image of the character. Update I cannot! I just really cannot stomach this book! The writing is too much! The unrealistic plot and characters are too much! If I were Dr. Macario Tiu a panelist from the writers workshop I recently joined I would say what he usually says to stories that don't even make sense, "Ilabay ni sa Bankerohan river.

Throw this to the Bankerohan river. I've read so many badly written fan fiction. And I can group In Dreams with them. Probably, shallow, mindless teenage girls will love this. But I am not a shallow and mindless teenager. I am a year-old woman, who is taking up Management Accounting, who is dead serious in passing all of her subjects but still tries to have fun , and who does not have time for love I rely on YA books for me to feel the love-tingles. I suggest to the author to read more and to practice writing more.

Oct 22, Gayatri rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Okay so I just finished your book In Dreams. Its pretty late here in India but I wanted you to know what I am thinking and what I have to say about this book. I am very picky about the books I read. While choosing a book I like to think that it might be one of those books which I will read again and again.

When I started reading the book I was just curious about Cooper, I hadn't given thought to Austen's character. Then as I came to know Katherine further in the book I realized that this book had major love triangle scenes coming. I am great fan of Love triangles because its tricky for the author to choose one over another. Obviously then I realized that I loved both Austen's character and Cooper's character so I couldn't read further when I knew there is sad part coming when Katherine has to decide. So I took a half hour break and then realized I had to know what happens in the end.

So here I am after finishing the book. Let me tell you I have read very few books on soul mate concepts and then some on reincarnations and old souls. Now it may sound crazy but I believe them to be true, So I like reading books about them. This book was like a chocolate to a chocolate addict for me.

I loved the book. I felt I was one with the characters. I laughed and cried with them as they went through the good parts and the not so good I mean sad parts. The icing to the cake was the perfect ending of the book. There could not have been a more perfect ending than the one you provided with.

Normally I don't regret bad endings if the book is good. Good endings though are much more satisfying for me. I am more than satisfied with how you ended the book. I am dying to read what you have got next in mind for this series. Absolutely loved the book!! Jun 21, Amanda Nemec rated it it was ok. I almost gave up on this book at the beginning. I had a hard time getting into it, and I think it was mostly due to the dialogue and the shifting POV which I think is a common problem with a lot of writers, btw.

I imagine the author pictured it more like how a movie is filmed, you know, in one room with one character, and then jumping into another room to give us a view of what someone else is up to. That's a little rough on a reader though. I think I had the biggest pr Hmmm I think I had the biggest problems with the conversations between the two female leads. They come off as a tad ridiculous and not believable in their interactions. I think the roommate should have told her she was crazy the first time and then slowly come around to the idea.

Or maybe she doesn't come around at all until Kat sees the picture, and then Kat remembers all kinds of things that Austen told her and realizes they were about Taylor, and THEN Taylor believes. I liked the idea of this book, I really did. And I found myself invested in feeling bad for Cooper, so it didn't totally have zero effect on me.

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She steals the vehicle of a security guard, and tracks Vivian to an abandoned fruit factory situated along the lake. Upon arriving at the factory, she is met by Vivian and the young girl, Ruby. Vivian, driven mad by his own severe childhood abuses, holds Claire hostage at the factory.

Police manage to track Claire to the factory, where they have a face-off with Vivian, holding a gun to Claire's head. While a SWAT team attempts to snipe Vivian from a helicopter, he chases Claire along a bridge crossing a tributary waterfall, knocking both her and himself over the guardrail.

Claire and Vivian plunge below the falls. In the water, Claire has a vision of being reunited with her daughter before drowning. Later, Vivian, who survived the fall, is committed to the same psychiatric institute where Claire had been incarcerated. While lying in his bed, he has a horrific vision of the phrase "Sweet dreams, Vivian" scrawled in blood on the ceiling.

The phrase emerges across the walls of his cell, and he screams in horror. Film scholar Maria Pramaggiore notes In Dreams as one example in Jordan's cinematography in which popular songs are employed to "disestablish time and place to convey the notion of time as a cyclical process. I think that's what a lot of stories I've told have been about.

How people try and make sense of their own lives with the tools available like logic and a sense of consequence, and these forces erupt into lives that make no sense. Filming took place in multiple locations in New England , including several Massachusetts cities: Cinematographer Darius Khondji applied filters on the camera lenses to achieve lush accents on the film's autumnal imagery, noted by critic Nick Pinkerton as "hysterical and hyper-real.

In Dreams was released in the United States on January 15, , [12] across 1, theaters. But Neil Jordan has directed it furiously, with a lush, insinuating visual style that gets right under the skin. She also survives three falls from very high places two into a lake, one onto apples , escapes from a hospital and a madhouse, has the most clever dog since Lassie and causes a traffic pileup involving a truck and a dozen cars.

In Dreams (Roy Orbison song)

It's a courageous, anti-glamour effort, one of those sweat-and-drool "Snake Pit" performances that drives hair and makeup crazy, not to mention mental-health-care providers. Co-writer Robinson criticized the film the year after its release, stating: I thought Jennifer Eight was a low point, but Christ almighty, this hit the floor and dug. The soundtrack to In Dreams was released on January 12, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Dreams Theatrical release poster. United States Copyright Office. Retrieved November 8, Retrieved August 30, Archived from the original on July 1,