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When Nathaniel slips on the ice and has to be nursed back to health by Annie, he begins to believe that maybe the stories are true. I thought Donovan did a great job with her small town setting for this one. Bayberry Island really comes to life and readers will find this Christmas season full of surprises. LuAnn McLane's story, "Mistletoe on Main Street," is a classic second chance romance with two former high school sweethearts that find the sparks are still there after all this time. I loved this one.

The story is just very romantic and tender. I like a good Christmas romance and this one really hit the spot. It was evenly paced and had a great feel good atmosphere to it. Alex Morgan's story, "The Christmas Gift," was one of those stories that just felt inspiring. Both the hero and the heroine were so deserving of finding love and Morgan adds a bit of a surprise at the end that was very satisfying. I thought it was a great way to close the collection and keep the readers feeling like Christmas even after the book was over.

Overall this was a well put together Christmas collection. I liked the fact that each story corresponded to the world that these authors are used to writing about, it added a feeling of quality vs. Though the stories were short, they were very good.

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This collection really put me in the mood for Christmas music, cocoa and putting up the tree. It's a good one, you don't want to miss! What a delightful start to my Holiday reading! These 4 stories were packed with love and the joy of the holidays and some even had the magic that only holiday cheer can bring. A cover speaks to me and says a lot about the book and sometimes sets the tone and setting for me. The village in the front with the snow and Christmas tree was so romantic and magical it was the perfect atmosphere to picture the setting for these 4 stories.

Happy Holiday reading ! Dec 28, Valerie rated it really liked it Shelves: All four are sweet stories that make an evening more enjoyable by reading them. Each one is just about the right length to enjoy in an evening. I really did enjoy them all. My favorite was Christmas in Shelter Bay.

Paperback Editions

I haven't read the Shelter Bay series but I didn't need to. Cole and Kelli have a great story to share. She's loved him forever and he's tried not to notice his best friends little sister. I love these kind of stories. Big brother threatens best friend to stay away from his sister and they resist as long as they can before they just can't any more. It's always so much fun.

Christmas in Shelter Bay by JoAnn Ross - FictionDB

The other one that really stands out in this book is The Christmas Gift. I thought it was well written and a great example of how a novella can work with characters that haven't met before. Most of the time, I think novella work best if the characters have some history but this one proved my theory wrong.

I enjoyed these two getting to know each other over coffee and shelf building. There was just the right amount of summary and day to day action to make the shorter story work. He's a little different for a leading guy and that's what I liked about him the best. Gonna have to read it to figure out what I mean. Even with the holiday's over, this is a good one for cold evening.

If you enjoy romance in small town, then this one is a great choice. Sep 16, Carol rated it really liked it. Story 1 was very good and gave us a lot of back story details on characters in Shelter Bay. Story 2 was lame and a bit oversexed for my taste. Story 3 was very good. Perfect plot with minor, but believable setacks. I enjoyed meeting the charming inhabitants of Cricket Creek and may look for more of that series.

Sotry 4 was also good. It was unique to have a hero with a stutter. Oct 16, Sherrill Cannon rated it it was amazing. I really loved this book, especially since my children's play, ABC December, was featured in the story as the play the main character, Kelli a kindergarten teacher uses it for her class holiday play. Nov 30, Saly rated it liked it Shelves: I only read the JoAnn Ross story, about the two characters we have seen together in the series. This one is a prequel of sorts, the heroine has always loved the hero though he hasn't seen her in that vein and this caused problems when he proposed to another woman.

I found his sudden change of heart weird, they both instantly made up and then fell in love. Nov 30, Shelley rated it it was ok Shelves: I only liked the last, by Alexis Morgan. Seth helps Bridey redo her pastry shop and romance ensues. Liked the characters, liked the plot. Made me long for Disney World's gingerbread cupcake, not to mention an almond kringle and plum tart, ha. Jun 14, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Loved finally getting to read Kelli and Cole's story.

Kelli is Cole's best friend's little sister and was told long ago that she was off limits, but they have been friends. Kelli has been in love with Cole for years. Last Christmas when he was home on leave he showed her an engagement ring - and then proposed to someone else, breaking her heart.

This year he is back home, the engagement long over, and realizing that it's Kelli he really wants. Not sure how to go about winning her, his grandmother sends him off to the family cabin to "plan his mission". Unknown to him, she has also suggested to Kelli that she go to the cabin to get away from the stress of being around Cole. When she arrives, they realize that they've been set up, but decide to go for it as a chance to repair their friendship. Of course, Cole also intends to lay siege to Kelli's heart.

I really enjoyed seeing the two of them together.

Now that Cole has admitted his feelings to himself he just has to convince Kelli. The sparks between them are quite hot, and it was fun to see Cole use that heat. He's determined to be patient, so he works hard to keep it to just kisses at first, which drives Kelli nuts. Once they take that first step to be together things really take off between them. Cole has also reached the point of having to decide if he's going to stay in the Marines or get out. Kelli senses that he has things that he is dealing with and has the love and patience to wait for him to open up to her about it.

I really enjoyed the ending and their pranking of the matchmakers. But when a Christmas Nor-easter lands him in close quarters with local Annie Parker, they see magic at work in matters of the heart. Nat has been sent to Bayberry Island to scope out locations for an episode of the show Truly Weird, focusing on the mermaid legend of the island. He arrives in the middle of a storm and ends up slipping on the ice right in front of Annie's house and store. She gets him into the house - the description of that process is very funny - where she helps him recover from the fall.

I liked both Nat and Annie. Nat is pretty level headed and also jaded about all the so-called supernatural things he has encountered during his job. Ending up flat on his back, surrounded by old mermaids, is pretty confusing for him until he fully regains consciousness. At that point he is fascinated by Annie and very attracted to her.

Annie has been burned by love, so each summer she picks a good looking tourist to have a summer fling with, then sends him on his way at the end of the season, thus preserving her heart. The rest of the time she concentrates on her job of baking naughty mermaid treats and writing erotic mermaid romances. When Nat falls in front of her house, she takes him in. There's something about him that really appeals to her and that makes her very nervous. I really enjoyed the banter between the two of them.

And while the chemistry is explosive, I also enjoyed the fact that they actually spent a lot of time just talking to each other. They discovered that they had a lot in common, which made their mutual attraction even stronger. I loved seeing Annie read him some of her stories and also tell him the legend of the mermaid.

The ending was very good. What neither of them knows is that the mermaid ladies had done one of their ceremonies, asking the mermaid's help in finding a man for Annie. They didn't expect it to work so quickly and they promised each other they would never tell what they had done. These ladies were a hoot and I look forward to seeing more of them in later books.

Cricket Creek Book 5. I liked this second chance story. Clint is back in town after fifteen years away and realizes that his feelings for Ava have never gone away. Ava is reluctant to trust her heart to him again. I really liked Clint, he was a sweetheart of a guy. He came back to town to help his dad who is having health issues. He isn't really sure how long he's going to stay until he sees Ava again and realizes just how much he's missed her. I loved their first meeting as they're playing Santa and Mrs Claus. Ava isn't ready to forgive him for never contacting her again.

She still has feelings for him, but doesn't want to go through that pain again. Clint isn't going to give up, and his attempts to woo her are really sweet. It was great to see Ava take her friend's advice and not push away the chance to be happy. The ending was terrific. This is the first thing I've read by LuAnn, but it won't be the last.

Snowberry Creek Book 1. But in her spare moments, she's perfecting a special recipe to charm the handsome new neighbor—who has his own surprise gift for her come Christmas Eve! Bridey is very busy at her pastry shop, but it doesn't stop her from noticing the new customer who is spending a lot of time there. He doesn't say much but he makes a very definite impression on her.

Seth has come to Snowberry Creek in search of some peace. He's a talented wood sculptor who has been suffering from a lack of inspiration. Being around Bridey gives him a different kind of feeling. I loved both Bridey and Seth. Both of them sort of dance around each other at first, being cautious about getting involved with someone.

Bridey has a bad marriage behind her, one that sucked the joy out of her until she got out of it and came home. Her ex also did a number on her self confidence. Seth has had problems with women who are more interested in what he is rather than who he is. He is also rather insecure around people because he occasionally has problems with stuttering. Their romance is slow building as they take the time to get to know each other. I loved seeing Seth's happiness at having the chance to build Bridey's shelves for her. Having the time alone with her as he builds those shelves before the store opens gives them both the chance to get really comfortable with each other.

I loved seeing Seth's inner sexiness start to come out as his feelings for Bridey grew. I also enjoyed seeing the way that Bridey used her baking as a way to reach out to Seth. She starts out a little hesitant, but the more she gets to know him the stronger her feelings get. I loved seeing her get her confidence back as Seth's attentions get more intense.

I loved seeing Seth come to her defense against her ex-husband's nastiness, even though it blew his secret before he had a chance to explain. I was happy to see that there wasn't too much heartache before Seth and Bridey were able to resolve their differences. The ending was really sweet. Four very enjoyable stories, sweet with a hint of sexy, all taking place in small town America making them a delightful holiday treat! Christmas in Shelter Bay by Joann Ross 4. I loved this story of unrequited love that was meant to be and helped along with what seemed like both their families and half the town.

It was easy to see that Kelli held quite a bit of animosity towards Cole from something that happened the year before but even she was unable to deny her feelings and hopes from him. I enjoyed the ploy to shove them together and the fact that once they realized they wanted to be together they went full speed ahead. Their story was far from perfect but it was entertaining and sweet, yet sexy as well. A Seaside Christmas by Susan Donovan 4.

This story had many fun and funny moments as well as some super steamy ones as well featuring a few select passages from some romance books written by the heroine. I enjoyed this quirky town with their strange little beliefs but most of all I really enjoyed watching these two fall in love. They are very different people now and honestly I was a little taken aback by how much hurt the heroine was still carrying after so many years. Despite that, it was hard not to like this story because of the magic of the holiday, the uniqueness of the town, and all of the characters involved.

When Clint left town in hopes of having a shot as a player in the major leagues he left behind Ava. Never in all the years has he contacted her even when he was in town to see his Dad, something that still bothers her until this day. So, when he returns to help his father through a health crisis and finds himself regretting the way he left and wanting her even more than he did back then he sets out to prove he can be the man she needs.

This was a cute story filled with some great holiday moments and centered around a town I think most people dream about being a part of. The Christmas Gift by Alexis Morgan 5 stars This is one of those Christmas love stories that just brings a smile to your face and makes your heart happy. Bridey owns a coffee shop bakery in the small town of Snowberry Creek , WA. I love the way these two kind of tip toed around each other until Seth found a way to spend more time with her and although I was a little disturbed he was keeping a big part of himself from her I could understand why he did it.

It made my heart happy to see this man who was having such a hard time with his art become so relaxed and feeling such a piece of the community that his creativity was unleashed. I loved this couple and the time they spent together both getting to know each other and having sexy fun. Aug 21, Michele rated it really liked it. I only read the Susan Donovan portion of the book Oct 15, Doris rated it really liked it.

Four Christmas novellas, four authors, all with blissful endings. Aug 23, Kimberly rated it liked it Shelves: Of course, both of their families can tell the two of them are perfect for one a 3. Of course, both of their families can tell the two of them are perfect for one another, so with a bit of joint scheming and a snowstorm to aid them, Kelli and Cole will find themselves in a cozy cabin for the holidays.

If the story had been a bit longer, perhaps the progression of their relationship would have felt more natural. Close quarters and mutual desire leads to them burning up the sheets pretty fast. I enjoyed Nat and Annie, but I felt their story could have used a bit more development. Clint and Ava were high school sweethearts whose paths took them in different directions. Bridey is a sweetheart of a pastry chef who has been burned by her ex and has since devoted herself to her bakery.

The two of them have been circling one another for a while, but with a little nudge, their romance begins to blossom. There was something so sweet about Seth and Bridey that I found myself smiling time and again while reading their story. Christmas on Main Street is a wonderful collection of small town romances. As with any anthology, readers are sure to like some stories better than others.

Oct 12, Cocktails and Books rated it really liked it. Christmas on Main Street is an anthology that mixes small town living with and Christmas romance to start the holiday season off right. Four seasoned authors with four different romances all work together to bring a book that is sure to bring Christmas cheer. All four authors provide the reader with an enjoyable, if a bit fast paced, book about the holiday season, and the power of love within a small town. Home on leave from the Marines, Cole is at a loss of what direction he wants his life and career to go, but he knows he wants to make up with his former friend Kelli because the previous Christmas ended in an argument.

A conspiracy by the town matchmakers leaves the two stuck in the same cabin, and both friends are forced to work through their differences and try to figure out what their relationship will be. Kelli reminds me of one of those old souls who knows exactly what she wants, mainly Cole, and shows a maturity beyond her years to try to get it. Although Cole has feelings for Kelli he fights them for several reasons, and has to determine whether he is better off with her or without her in his life. Although both are struck dumb by their instant attraction, their previous relationships and current career goals serve as stumbling blocks.

Annie is well known for her short affairs that generally only last through a season, while Nathaniel struggles with his restlessness with both his life and career choices. Both have to overcome their own insecurities to see if their relationship is worth having, but their story will grip you until the end. Add to this as colorful cast of characters, including a mermaid fan club, and you have a Christmas story sure to entertain.

His plan to woo her is touching, and his reasons for staying away for so long will make your heart break for him.

Book 7: Shelter Bay Series

The two try to muddle through past hurt and previous mistakes to see if their love is worth saving. Seth Kyser is in Snowberry Creek to take a much needed vacation after his artistic muse seems to be gone. All he wants is to reclaim his talent, but what he finds is Bridey, the local bakery owner.

Excerpt: "Christmas in Shelter Bay"

He desperately needs a friend away from the artistic world, and you can really feel his yearning for some normalcy as he connects with someone else. Bridey understands that desire for something more, having stepped down from her fast paced prestigious restaurant career for the slower pace of Snowberry Creek, but she is unaware that the guy she believed to be unemployed is not so.

The only issue I had was the fact that he did not disclose his identity to Bridey until almost too late because of his own insecurities and his lack of trust in a woman who had proven herself to him several times already.

Despite that, it was a book sure to brighten the holiday spirits. Reviewed by Lucy for Cocktails and Books Nov 23, Book Reading Gals rated it really liked it Shelves: But when the local matchmakers conspire to send them to a seclud Title: I'm a sucker for a good Christmas story. Some of my favorite authors I've found because of reading them in a Holiday Anthology. So when I got this anthology I knew it was was going to be good.

I normally break up the individual stories when reviewing an anthology because sometimes there is one book that is just meh, but I have to say that I loved all the books in this collection. They flowed almost seamlessly into each other, even though they all tool place in different parts of the country. There was a recurring theme through out them all, that of second chances. Oh and they all took place in a small town. Which was why his brother Sax ragged him about becoming a Marine desert rat instead of joining the Navy so he could go to sea.

Of the three of them, Sax had always been the one to buck tradition. Not to mention the rules. While Cole, as the eldest, had been the Eagle Scout in the family. The first person in the Douchett family to graduate from college. What neither of his younger brothers, who were always ragging him for being Mr. Perfect, realized was that it was damn exhausting always trying to live up to expectations.

But time was running out; he needed to make a decision. A bit slyly, Cole thought. Cole felt a tug of interest. In his case, due to his service years, his degree was eight years out of date. Maybe form a cooperative with other fishermen, one that could not only result in stronger marketing power and territory, but also fight for environmental issues that would ensure a bountiful sea. Could they put any more damn lights on it? Maybe you should spend some time alone at the cabin. The two Douchett men had built the cabin themselves at Rainbow Lake during summer weekends back when Cole had been in elementary school.

There were times, more and more often lately, when memories of those carefree summer vacations had helped Cole survive deployments. Although Recon Marines were no cowards, Cole was more than a little tempted to take his father and grandfather up on their offer to get out of Dodge.