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Thank you for your support! It requires simple tapping processes without long scripts to memorize. Join now and start learning. Send me an e-mail: This episode is all about howt to make it happen - a kind of a manifestation masterclass with Bri Seeley the author of "Permission To Leap". Grab a book from Bri "Permission To Leap": Gift tip of today: Aromatic Candle for your home so release stress an tension: In this episode we discover how our brain is connected wiht your body and how we can change it but changing our thoughts.

We also talk about public speaking and the two podcasts of Bill Monroe. Gift tip of today - Amazon Alexa. Save time with total voice command, now as special Christams offer: You have this nagging feeling that you are sitting on a goldmine with your passion, wealth of knowledge, and ideas for programs, and you just need a plan to make it all work. You might even have unused copy, images, or videos that are just sitting there waiting to be used in your awesome online business.

You are getting increasingly frustrated and feel left behind when younger and less experienced versions of yourself have more success in less time than you. In this episode Sigrun tells you how to turn your passion into profit. Many people have the wrong idea as it relates to both the modern science and the ancient teachings about the Law of Attraction.

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Sadly, most misunderstandings of the Law of Attraction is due to the mass popularization without the historical knowledge of it. In this episode Robert Zink explains more about the law of attraction and how to work with it. This is an excellent E-book Not because it is free but The value of the book itself is overwhelming Every starting magician should read this e-book also Strong Magic also a great accompany for this e-book since its all theoretical and very useful to professionals or beginners that are very in to magic not only as a hobby.

Vanishing inc is definitely the website for magicians. I just open the pdf file This is one of the greatest and most inspirational collection of essays ever! Do yourself a favour and download it. What are you waiting for? Navigating one's way through the formidable back catalogue of writings on magic can be pretty daunting - so if someone would only put together a selective reader… and now they have! You have no excuse! This is an amazing resource. It will make you think and even question the hows and whys to your approach and performance. Oh, and it's free so get it.

You won't regret it.

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I can't believe this collection of essays is free. I wish my fifteen-year-old self could have read this. He wouldn't have dropped out of magic for lack of direction, understanding and confidence. This collection contains everything you need to be aware of if you want to understand what performing magic is really all about.

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You will feel as if all those performers are there in the same room with you, giving you their advice, building on what others have said before. You will realize that you are not looking for answers. You are looking for questions. The way you answer those questions will shape who you will become. I'm 35 now and I don't know where my answers will take me. What matters is that the kid who loved magic finally has the thinking toys aka tools he needed to start his journey.

Here is another historic addition to the contributions of great and generous magicians that I hope will stand the test of time. This is an incredible "gift" to the magic community from an incredible gentleman. This page book is essential to magic. This knowledge is what separates magicians from: The book is divided into different chapters and contains collected essays from some of the most influential thinkers in magic of all time. There's something in here for all performers. I'm a mentalist and I've benefited greatly from every essay. This is a book you'll read and cherish and study for a lifetime.

A lifetime worth of knowledge is here and all for the price of FREE!!!!!! Why don't you have it yet?

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Maybe because they are not the authors of the content inside, but I can not be more thankful for giving this to the magic community free. This is a terrific book that is a must read for not only magicians but for all involved in the performing arts.

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I am a musician, music teacher by trade and I enjoy magic very much as well. There is so much carry over between the two art forms and within this book you will find so many things that will help you be better at all performing arts. Thanks so much for putting this together and offering it to the performing arts community. One thing I have noticed over the years is that people involved in the performing arts have a wonderful desire to share with others. This book is positive proof of that! We ship to you directly from within the UK.

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