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I'm giving away 3 autographed sets of The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series to the winners of the Goodreads Giveaway! Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. Tricky Nov 08, Available for download now. Seduce My Heart Oct 26, Day , Kristen Strassel. Available to ship in days. All Jazzed Up, Book One: Provide feedback about this page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Normally I don't like surprises. They almost never turn out well, in my experience. But a surprise in something I read or watch on tv makes my day. It keeps me from becoming complacent and really look at what's there. I admit I was nervous when I neared the ending. I was afraid it would end up with the main character changing for love. I will say something happens and Luke ends up hurting someone Anabel loves. And boy is she pissed! She flat out says she loves the guy but I really really hope so!

I want to see if a certain harpy gets what's coming to her! Oct 02, The Book Tart rated it really liked it. Review originally posted on The Book Tart http: I love Anabel Axelrod! This outing finds Anabel adjusting to being in a committed relationship with her guy Luke. So nothing is ever boring around Anabel. Luke comes back to town and smexy times ensue. Some of the discoveries kinda threw me and I was with Anabel feeling maybe things went too far and needed to be fixed. You have it in spades, Princess.

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Love for friends and what you would do to protect or avenge. And love for your partner. I adore Luke and Anabel together. I love that they know and appreciate each others quirks and talents. If you are in the mood for a rollicking good time with some unexpected twists in a first person story told by an independent, strong willed heroine who thinks outside the box and has inner monologues with a sex kitten voice and mean mommy voice. A woman who is exploring her relationship with her Mr. Secretive aka Luke and a town full of interesting characters then go adventuring with Anabel and hold on for the ride.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! You have a very bizarre soft spot for dangerous oddballs, Anabel Axelrod. He glanced over with narrowed eyes. Anabel Axelrod is a woman who knows what she wants and she want Luke. She is a strong, mostly confident woman. She is in love with him and wants him to love her the same way.

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Luke disappears after only one day of being her boyfriend. She constantly worries about what he is doing or who he is doing it with. And now someone is out to kill her. Luke is a strong, loving man. He will do anything he can to protect Anabel. But he is hiding something. Something that could cause him to lose the one person that he loves. When Anabel finds out the truth will she leave him? Will their love survive?

This was a story that had many twists and turns that kept you interested. I loved the characters, the humor and sarcasm from the characters. Anabel is a person who I would want to be friends with. She is loyal and protective to the ones she loves. Luke is the alpha male in the story but Anabel keeps him in line.

I never read the first two in the series but I did need to. I would recommend this book. Sep 29, Kel rated it it was amazing. So prior to joining this tour, I was clueless about who Anabel Axelrod was. I am not quite sure how I survived…. I have read all three books of the series and I can tell you with certainty that I could read them over and over again!

This book literally made me laugh out loud. I would love to have a friend just like her: Someone who is loyal and truly loves her family and friends is a rarity and Anabel is definitely all of that. I especially love how Tracy made her a real woman, one who has insecurities just like we all do. I kept wondering throughout all the books if Luke was real!!

The way Anabel makes him sound, he is just about perfect in every sense of the word. The one thing I really love about him is how well he knows Anabel. He seems to know just what she is thinking and what to do to make everything better. Their love for one another was pretty amazing even through their ups and downs.

In Love by Design, Volume 3, The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod — Romance by Tracy Ellen

I was definitely rooting for them the whole time! Tracy does a fantastic job with incorporating wonderful supporting characters as well. I enjoyed getting to know all of them equally. This story is packed full of great characters who have REAL lives which made the book that much better!

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Trust me, you all need to start from the beginning and read the whole series! I can promise, without a doubt, that you all will laugh, cry and even have your heart rate speed up a little for some of the hairy situations Anabel gets into and definitely for the hot sex between her and Luke…wow. A romantic story with just the right amount of twists and turns that will have you wanting more: Sep 14, Rachel rated it really liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. So here it is, my first book review for Keepin It Real! I was not familiar with the series, so I had to read the first two before I could read the third obviously. It took me awhile to get into the first book, however, by the end, I definitely wanted to keep going to the second and third and now I am patiently awaiting the fourth. This series to me is reministant of the Shopoholics Series by Sophia Kinsella.

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  • Anabel is not a shopoholic though, she is an independent, sassy book store owner. She is fiercely devoted to her family and friends. In Love by Design picks up 2 weeks later with Anabel getting madder and madder at Luke because he has not contacted since they had decided to be boyfriend-girlfriend. And this is where the trouble and fun begin! Then she is truly kidnapped by Luke for the weekend and they end up doing their own things for one of the days. Next Luke and Anabel attend a dinner function with another friend and oh my goodness, at this point I wanted to smack Luke in the face!

    Luke declares his love for Anabel and asks for her forgiveness and then drops the biggest bombshell of a story on the crowd. At first I was thinking that Luke had been using Anabel to get to this moment, and he does admit that he did, however he did grow to love her and even asked her Nanbel if he could marry her!!!! Of course, Anabel forgives Luke and she says I give this book a solid 4 stars. It is light hearted with just enough sex, intrigue, and suspense to keep you interested, though this is not a mystery book at all. By the end it was a definite nail biter for me as I got to the ending.

    I look forward to reading more in this series!!! Nov 17, Jule rated it it was amazing. I so loved this book, it held up to my hopes of being better than the last. It was well written, it was a joy to read especially with all the surprises that popped up in Anabel's life. I did not see them coming. I won this book via goodreads giveaways from the Author herself. Thanks Tracy Ellen for writing about a kink I so loved this book, it held up to my hopes of being better than the last. Thanks Tracy Ellen for writing about a kinky enjoyable character like Anabel.

    Her ability to baffle, confound, and otherwise wrap such a smooth operator as Luke drake around her finger should be considered legendary. The chemistry between them practically melts my reader. Love this series I have found my new obsession! I dove into the world of Anabel Axelrod about a week ago and I don't want to leave. The humor and passion with which this author had written these books has me reading them as fast as I can.

    I have decided this girl wants to permanently live in this small Minnesota town amongst Anabel and Luke and all of their crazy family and friends. I am quickly writing this review and than I an off to book four. Addictive, adventurous, funny and filled with romantic angst I can not stop reading this series! I am enthralled with this clan of perfectly flawed and wonderfully compatible characters. Never a dull moment and it propels me into the next chapter even at 3 am when I know I have to get up for work soon.

    Mar 19, Emma Cronin rated it it was amazing. Sep 18, Hooked On Books rated it it was amazing. This book was brilliant! Its the 3rd in a trilogy and not having read book 1 or 2 I got a little lost in places but it had no negative effect on the story at all and can be read perfectly well as a stand alone. This book has everything you could possibly want, its got action, suspense, adventure and a twisty plot. It has a super hot, talented, but sneaky secretive boyfriend that is as good in bed as in combat by the sounds of things and a lot of great relationships thrown in for good measure.

    An This book was brilliant! Anabel Axelrod has a hectic life and is always getting herself into bother. At the same time she's helping friends with relationship problems and being super ninja and investigating her sister's husband, for a girl that owns a book store that's a lot of stuff to do and somehow finds time to talk with the voices in her head about where her super secretive boyfriend is and what he's been doing for the two weeks he's been AWOL. The voices in Anabel's head help get her into and out of a lot of the situations she finds herself in and I have to admit they are really funny and the 'mean mommy' voice has to be my favourite, she's snarky and to the point.

    I found myself chuckling at the discussions Anabel was having with herself in her head. Luke the elusive secretive boyfriend is hot as hell itself and seems to show up at just the right time to help Anabel, he tells her repeatedly to trust and react, well I didn't want to like or trust Luke for most of the book.

    I felt like he shouldn't be trusted but couldn't help falling for him just like Anabel did. The plot twist is fantastic and I never saw it coming. I find that those are the best. So all in all this is 5 stars for me and i've only read this one. I think its time to read book one and two. We find Anabel as always sassy and sexy. Being in love is a …witch more so when you have a boyfriend that is all secretive and stuffs. Yes a fairy tale of epic proportions.

    This is the 3rd book in a 3 book series. Ellen creates characters that you can identify with. Com We find Anabel as always sassy and sexy. I did mention family and friends, wow a lot to keep up with, that said you will find yourself smiling, gasping and downright pissed off throughout this awesome story. Luke he will leave you shaking your head.

    Walking sex on a stick, secretive because of work, hot passionate mmm rawr.. Can I marry Luke? The plots, the intrigue the danger and still Anabel and her camp crazies rise to the top. I love how she makes people squirm and gets her point across. Long Gone Lonesome Blues.

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