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Brooke and Zeke later talk the new guy, Brian, into helping them catch the Phantom in the school. Planning to break into the school, they find no entrance. Then, Brian finds a ground-level entrance; the home-economics room. With the faint aroma of cranberry muffins, the three sneak from the cooking room into the school. Trekking the very dark halls, they eventually come upon the dark, damp auditorium. With a good look at the stage, however, and in dim light, they see the backdrop slowly lowering itself. Aviolently-written message in splattered red paint reads the same as Brooke's mysterious note: Walker coincidentally enters the auditorium and catches the three of them staring at the now badly-vandalized backdrop.

She firstly accuses them of of the crime, but several genuine explanations later, and Ms. Walker almost believes them. As proof, she sees a trail of red paint leading from the backdrop into the hallways. Relieved, the group starts to follow the trail before discovering that the trail leads to Zeke's locker. Walker demands Zeke to open the locker. Flustered, he quickly undoes the lock and as Brooke and her teacher peer in, they see a can of red paint.

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Now, no matter how much protesting Zeke does, he cannot explain himself out of such a purely incriminating situation. He's not only grounded, facing charges, and in deep trouble with his parents Robert Hernandez, Zeke's understudy, takes his place. Brooke thinks he is much too serious a person and is just not the same as Zeke, whom she can joke around with. Walker finds her script's pages glued together. In a fit of pent-up rage, she chucks her script and declares that the play is canceled.

After calming down from her irrational behavior, however, she retracts her former statement and allows the play to continue production, Afterward, Brian and Brooke go to visit Zeke at his house since his parents are at the movies , where he is still grounded. Outraged, Zeke vows to try one last time to catch the Phantom. The trio goes back to the school at night again, and find their way down the trapdoor, this time into a tunnel. Brooke has another one of her long sneezing fits, which scares and alarms them all in fear of the Phantom hearing.

Even worse, the trapdoor starts rising by itself back to the top again They are stuck in the basement. So, they decide to explore the tunnel. Finding a slightly smaller-than-average door, they decide to open it. To their strange surprise, they find a small, but fully-furnished room. There is even a fresh bowl of corn flakes on a table. Zeke figures that since the flakes aren't soggy yet, the Phantom must be nearby. They enter, but discover that they are then locked out. After slamming and pushing on the door with all their strength, Brooke eventually figures out that the door must be pulled, not pushed, The door then opens with ease and, standing in front of them in fury, is Emile.

As it turns out, he's simply a homeless man whose father actually worked for the school many years ago.

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He knew about the underground room, and after losing his actual home, decided to make a clandestine move-in. After finding out that people started fooling around with the trapdoor and getting nearer and nearer to discovering him, he started painting the warnings. However, he does not understand why Brooke keeps referring to the Phantom. As she tells him about the play seventy-two years ago, he smiles bitterly and admits that he is only fifty years of age. The three are astonished as it dawns upon them that it is impossible for him to be the Phantom.

But then, Emile starts moving towards them and telling them that he warned them. Obviously scared, they dash away from him and find that oddly enough, he is not chasing them. They find the trapdoor at the bottom, and as they ride the top, they discover Zeke's father waiting for them.

Asking how he found them, he says that upon coming home, Zeke was not there. Even though still grounded, he figured that Zeke would be back at school fooling around with the trapdoor again. As he says Zeke is still grounded, though, the three begin to rapidly explain the situation.

Calling an officer in to go down and investigate, he finds the room still furnished Zeke gets his part back, as it is now obvious that he was not the culprit. As Brooke prepares her makeup for closing night, she sees Zeke in full costume, and looking impressive. She wishes him good luck, but in a quite un-Zeke-like manner, he simply gives her a very formal bow. The play goes very well It is the real Phantom. In the final scene of the play, after the Phantom dramatically rises in dry-ice mist and from the trap door, Esmeralda really Brooke asks the Phantom a question.

Instead of answering with the correct lines, the Phantom gives a short speech about how he died on opening night and had been haunting the stage, excitedly awaiting for his chance to play the role. The audience goes wild, as the scene turns out to be very good. While the audience fervently applauds and cheers, Brooke snatches the mask and tries to look at the Phantom's face. Strongly refusing, he covers his face. To his advantage, a spotlight is shone directly at Brooke and she is temporarily blinded.

Not able to see either since he is covering his face, the Phantom slowly walks backward Falling into deep darkness, Brooke runs and peers into the opening, able to see nothing. The audience by now is going insane, since they all think it is part of their rendition of the show. After the curtain closes, Zeke shows up in regular clothes, confused and inquiring as to what had just taken place.

As it turns out, he had been knocked out cold by the Phantom, so he could play the part instead of Zeke. Brooke stops off at her locker with Zeke. As she opens it, another strange thing falls out, but not a note. It is an antiquated yearbook of their school, from the s Instantly interested, they look at the lead role cast picture for the Phantom. The boy who had found the script in the basement, the boy who won the star role May 22, Darcy McLaughlin rated it it was ok.

Phantom really doesn't expect much from its readers, as it begins with a paragraph basically explaining the entire plot to the book and what's going to happen. Hope you weren't reading this for mystery! Our hero is Brooke, and her friend Zeke.

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People judge Brooke for being friends with a boy, because that's not allowed in polite society. Brooke claims Zeke is cooler than any girl she knows, which we will eventually find out is not true. Brooke and Zeke are excited because today they're revealing Phantom really doesn't expect much from its readers, as it begins with a paragraph basically explaining the entire plot to the book and what's going to happen.

It's a play that's supposed to be super scary and cursed and is basically a rip off of Phantom of the Opera except with 12 year olds. Their prayers are answered, as Zeke gets the lead role of Phantom and Brooke is the female lead. This is when a girl named Tina appears, who is basically just a character to be a bitch to Brooke throughout the book for no reason other than to make you assume she's one behind the future ghostly shenanigans.

At the first play rehearsal Their teacher tells them the story about how the original play never was performed, because a kid who was playing the phantom vanished on the opening night never to be seen again. While the teacher tells everyone this thrilling tale, Zeke shows off how "cool" he is by jumping out at everyone wearing a scary mask.

Really he just pisses people off, and shortly after the teacher falls into the trapdoor on the stage. After the play meeting Brooke and Zeke decide to stay behind to ride the stupid elevator down under the stage. I can't believe how fascinated these kids are by a hole in a stage. Anyway they ride the elevator way way down below the stage into a basement. After searching for about a minute for a button to ride back up, Zeke and Brooke give up and decide they're trapped forever.

This should have been the ending. Instead the elevator starts up, and they arrive on the stage where they're accosted by Emile, an old man claiming to be the night janitor. He tells the kids to stop screwing around and they're going to get themselves killed. The next day at school a very convenient new student to the school who loves theatre and wants to join the Phantom play and is totally probably not a ghost meets Brooke.

His name is Brian and is described as kind of cute because he wears black sweat pants or something. Girl you need higher standards. She gets mad at Zeke for screwing with her but he denies any prank. After school Brooke tries to get Brian a part in the play, but he's stuck doing set building. During rehearsal the lights go out and the Phantom jumps down from the catwalk on a rope and then just rides the trapdoor down into the basement.

Everyone assumes ol' cool Zeke is playing his pranks again, but when the door returns to the stage it's empty. After school Brooke finds out Zeke went to a dentist appointment and wasn't at the school at all. The next day at rehearsal the Phantom again rises from the trapdoor and tells Brooke to stay away from the stage, and she assumes Zeke is again screwing around.

Too bad Zeke shows up at the side of the stage waving at her while the Phantom grabbing her by the shoulders. Zeke maintains that he's innocent, as he clearly can't be in two places at the same time. Brooke responds with "it's possible" which means I think the Phantom shook her a bit too hard.

Zeke is pissed off because people are blaming him for a bunch of stuff he hasn't done. Soon they find out that Emile the "night janitor" isn't an employee at all, which makes Zeke further think he's a creepy Phantom. The next day Zeke tells their teacher about the Phantom and how real he is, and she apologizes for traumatizing him with her spooky story. Since the teacher won't believe the kids classic GB , they decide the next course of action is to break into the school at night and accost this Emile character.

They manage to jump in through a window, and enter the auditorium. This is of course when the teacher Ms. Walker appears to catch them red handed with this brazen act of vandalism. Brian insists they didn't do it, as why would he waste all his time painting the backdrop just to fuck it up later. They tell her their bizarre story about a haunted auditorium Phantom and the teacher actually says "I want to believe you" which makes me question her competency as an educator.

They find red paint smears in the hall leading to Zeke's locker, where they find the paint can inside. Looks like Zeke has been framed perfectly. Zeke is grounded forever, and gets the worst punishment of all; his parents take away his VCR! After Brooke leaves the school that night, she runs into Tina the bitch girl on her bike and immediately assumes she's responsible. At the play rehearsal Saturday somebody glues the teacher's script together so she cancels the stupid play. No sorry, she changes her mind and they put it back on. Brian and Brooke visit Zeke that night at his house, and Zeke's dog barks at Brian proving that he is indeed a ghost.

Zeke tells them the only way for him to prove his innocence and get out of punishment is to break into the school again at night. The kids again go in through the same open window, which you would think they would keep closed two days after people broke into the school after hours.

The go to the auditorium, ride the trap door down and get stuck down in the basement again. They brought flashlights this time, and travel down a dark tunnel where they find a small room full of stuff like a bed and food. This must be where the ghostly Phantom eats his corn flakes between hauntings. Turns out it's our good pal Emile not-really-the-night-janitor's room, and he's some homeless guy living under the school.

He gets made at them for not listening to his warnings and say they ruined everything. He doesn't even attack the kids, just acts sad that they ruined his sweet hideout. The trapdoor starts to lower, and Zeke's dad shows up. Turns out when they found him missing at home, they assumed their son would be dumb enough to break into the school twice in one week and found him in time to rescue him.

They immediately tell them there's a homeless guy living down there so the police can go beat him up. The cops find the room, but not a trace of the man. Well all's well that ends well, now they can do their play without being attacked by a lonely hobo. He starts rambling off script about dying on the stage years and years ago, much like the original story Ms. Walker told the kids.

Finally Brooke was getting a bit pissed this guy was going off course, so she rips his mask off. The Phantom stumbles through the fog, down the trap door and plummets to his death. The audience assumes this just a great play of 12 year olds performing incredibly dangerous stunts, and they get a standing ovation.

Zeke shows up in street clothes claiming somebody knocked him out. They ride the elevator down, but there's no sign of the Phantom who fell into the hole. After the show Brooke can't find Brian, and wants to celebrate at the after party. Of course, the lead boy who mysteriously died is Brian. This book is really great if you love elevators and trap doors. I swear to god half of the book is either the kids talking about the trapdoor or falling through the trap door. The book tries its best to lead you away from Brian being a ghost, but his convenient existence is pretty transparent lol.

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This again is another GB book where we have a physical "ghost" who just hangs out all day, does normal kid stuff like painting and breaking into schools, then just vanishes because ooh spooky he was dead all along. It's kind of sad that Brooke kills him by making him fall down the trap door again. Also sad is how they basically ruin a homeless guy's life, but I guess you have to start teaching kids young that homeless people don't matter. Det kunne jeg rigtig godt lide, og var egentlig en befrielse da det ellers godt kan blive forholdsvis monoton. Den har var jeg i hvert fald rigtig godt tilfreds med.

Jul 22, McKenzie Richardson rated it liked it Shelves: Growing up, I didn't read much of R. Stine, because I was an easily frightened child. I found this in the Lending Library and wanted to see what my adult self thought of it. I'll start by saying it's not scary. It's a bit suspenseful, but for the most part the chapters end with a cliffhanger that then turns out to be nothing at the start of the next chapter. Read reviews that mention phantom of the auditorium brooke and zeke written by my favorite author stine phantom living good book read this book zeke and brooke school play like phantom plays the phantom scary brian ending happens age creepy girl leaves name.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Using my godfather's account. I love this book. It was and still is my favorite from the series.

Goosebumps: Classic Collection (#1-20)

I checked it out so often that the library staff knew me by name. One person found this helpful. I didn't think it looked scary but they really enjoyed. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I read this book for the first time when I was in the third grade.


I loved it then and I love it more now that I'm an adult. A cult classic for me. Arrived quickly and as described. A really good read. See all 34 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 10 months ago.

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You Can't Scare Me! The Haunted Mask Classic Goosebumps 4. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? Click here Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? Click here Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? And scaring the other members of the cast.

Brooke thinks Zeke's getting a little too into it. But then really scary things start happening. A message appears on a piece of scenery: Is someone trying to ruin the play? Or is there really a phantom living under the stage? The writing in this section is based off of someone else's work. Please help the wiki by rewriting this material. Brooke and Zeke are aspiring thespians, having appeared in the previous school year's production of Guys and Dolls. When Brooke and Zeke go to look at the cast list for the new, scary show that they tried out for, Brooke discovers a note pinned to the board telling her that she has been suspended.

Upon whirling around, Zeke laughs and reveals he set up the joke. Zeke receives the lead role as the Phantom and Brooke is cast as Esmerelda. A seventh-grader named Tina who does not much like Brooke , discovers she is Brooke's understudy and also is in charge of scenery. At the script reading the next week, Tina reveals that the play is cursed. Tina starts to tell about how there is an actual phantom in the school. But she is interrupted by Ms.

Walker, the director, who tells her that the story is, "Very scary The legend reveals that seventy-two years ago, a student found a copy of the play called The Phantom in the basement. The boy showed the play to a teacher who decided the school would perform it. On opening night, however, the boy disappeared and was never found again. After that night, all copies of the script were destroyed except one, which was kept locked in a safe. The play was never performed again. Walker tells the class that they will be ignoring the rumor that the ghost of the boy - the 'Phantom' - will not let them perform the play.

She then disappears out of nowhere. As students worry and scramble, Ms. Walker reveals that she had used a trap door below the stage. She has the children help her up and then excitedly tells them that they will be using said trap for theatrical effect during their play, but to not use it before it is fixed, due to safety reasons.

Brooke gives us a brief synopsis of The Phantom. A man named Carlo owns a theater. Beneath the theater lives a phantom with a scarred and hideous face. Esmerelda-in the original book, Christine-the daughter of Carlo, falls in love with the Phantom, but her handsome boyfriend Eric finds out and kills the Phantom. Esmerelda runs away and the Phantom haunts the theater forever. After everyone leaves rehearsals, Zeke and Brooke stick around to try out the trap door in secret.

They go down the trap door, but instead of stopping at a certain height, they keep going Suddenly, the platform begins to move up again and the two jump onto it as it goes back up. The platform stops a little short of the stage, so the two have to hoist themselves up. Once on the stage, they run into Emile, the "night janitor", an old man with a big purple scar on his face. He chides them on using the trap door and tells them to leave. He compliments Brooke on starring in the play and tells of his past theatrical, albeit small roles; she finds him attractive.

Brooke runs out to her locker after talking to Brian and inside her locker there is a note written in red crayon, written:. After school, Brian asks Ms. Walker if there are any parts left in the play. She tells him that unfortunately, there are not; however, he can work with Tina on the stage crew. Suddenly, the lights go out, and there is a terrifying scream in the auditorium. A masked man comes swooping down from the catwalk and disappears down the trap door.

This time, Brooke is absolutely certain it is Zeke. Walker lets rehearsals out early and Brooke goes out to the parking lot, where she sees Zeke in his mother's car.