The Vacation
07:54 mins
11th Jun 2018
drama Hindi

Winters early morning. Sarita, in her 60’s, looking for a taxi. She is restless and looking at her watch again & again. As she is busy looking for a taxi, we see the same age man coming towards her, comes and stands nearby. He looks at her and then greets her. Without giving much attention, she greets back and then again shifts her attention to find a taxi. The man, still interested in talks, asks some questions and somehow engages her. Over talks, they come to know that some way they know each other. But the lady was still in hurry to find a taxi and just then, a cab, already booked by man, came. The man invites her for the ride as she was not going to reach the station on time if she waits. Looking at the situation, she boards it after he requests. Discussion inside cab reveals emotional side of theirs.